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Welcome to another Green Monday readers! Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to a true pioneer and visionary in eco-conscious, natural and organic beauty, Horst M. Rechelbacher and his new line Intelligent Nutrients (IN). Horst’s lifelong dedication has lead him to this line, the ultimate in green beauty; products containing 100% food-based and certified organic ingredients. Before our review of the products, we have a fascinating interview with Mr. Rechelbacher himself, not only the man behind IN, but the founder of the plant based line Aveda.

we heart this: What originally lead you to the natural beauty industry?
Horst M. Rechelbacher: It was a physical disorder that led me to study natural medicine, particularly the medicines of India, Tibet, Nepal, the rainforests of Brazil and Peru, the Native Americans and European apothecary traditions.

Information affects our psychological and physiological state. Many of us have had life experiences where the fear of maintaining life was very dominating. This definitely leaves an imprint and will always be present in similar existing situations, causing us to judge fearfully or through feeling nurtured and safe. Learning how to manage our psychological state is definitely related to the physiological state.

It is medically documented that extreme stress causes extreme inflammation so we need to learn how to manage stress a daily basis. We are governed by information and information is accompanied by frequency. Frequency is then transmitted throughout our organs and their cellular system. We can change the meaning of information so that frequency responses can be absorbed through practicing interpretation of information and self-observation.

In my case, the fears experienced in my life, through my parents and through myself, brought me to the understanding that self preservation is linked to planetary preservation. I am the planet – I am made of same ingredients: soil, water, sun and air. This is why We are the Planet. Business has the opportunity to restore the Planet and serve its species so there is longevity and sustainability. This business interests me.

One of the biggest reasons I became an Aveda fan is “that smell”, like the smell of pure goodness! I was happy to get the same sensation with Intelligent Nutrients. How important is aroma when formulating your products?
It’s everything. It is the soul, the spirit of the product. Since ancient times, plant manufactured aroma molecules have been aides to humanity up until the time of petrochemical chemistry discovery. We began to synthesize and artificially mimic nature. However, plant manufactured isomers cannot be synthetically duplicated. Rather, Intelligent Nutrients’ interest is cultivation of nature in a nonpolluting way. Plant aroma molecules carry an amazing molecular activity which can instantly affect the way we feel physiological and psychologically. They carry properties of anti-bacteria, anti-fungi, anti-insect, anti-parasite, anti-viral, and anti-yeast; it is a purification system. However, we still need to observe them in the realm of toxicity because not all plant species are safe to digest and some are extremely toxic. This is why at Intelligent Nutrients we have only selected edible, food grade essential oils in our aroma and flavor therapeutic systems. I think to achieve the highest purity in delivery it is essential that they are organically grown and certified. Insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides have the ability to affect the plant molecule in a negative way. I have personally studied essential oils from all over the world, including 175 essential oils used in Indian Ayurvedic medicines, and these play a big part in making medicines in powder and oil forms. I use this information to make Intelligent Nutrients products.

There seems to be a lot of companies these days touting themselves as natural or organic, but upon looking at the ingredients list you start to see words you can’t pronounce. How is IN different, and truly organic?
Truly organic is being certified organic. One cannot obtain a certified organic certificate without following the strict rules of food rulings in the United States and the rest of the world. The main reason we are committed to certified organic is because we understand from the ground up the dangerous side effect of insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides.

I’m personally an organic farmer and studying soil nutrition with the University of Minnesota Organic Agricultural Department. We researched seeds, which are used in our products, have a tremendous ORAC (define Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) reading versus conventional grown seeds. The certified organic oil showed a significantly higher level of antioxidant properties. It is also documented that certified organic foods contain higher vitamin and mineral content. I don’t think organic is holistically understood how it relates to planetary preservation now and in the future. When soil lacks nutrition, so is the food that is grown it. Eventually when all living organism no longer exist in the soil, it becomes dormant and become sand-like dust that is easy to blow away. At Intelligent Nutrients, we look at organic as a necessity for planetary preservation and restoration. It has been scientifically verified that organic agriculture will grow equal amounts of foods to conventional farmers who use insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides.

What are your absolute favorite products of the line?
I have several favorites: I only use the Intelligent Nutrients cleansers because they are do not strip the body of its natural oil and nutrition. On the contrary, the cleansers are nourishing to the skin and provide great nutritional value.

I use the seven multifunctional aromatics because they are made to function and create a hygiene system. Each of the seven aromas is designed for different activities. I can use them on my body and in my environment for peace and purity. Total Body Elixir is a product line recently launched incorporating the seven multifunctional aromatics. On a daily basis, I give myself daily self-treatment massages after I cleanse. I use them at different times of the day from morning to evening before bedtime. Also, during my weekly massage session, my professional massage therapist uses the Total Body Elixirs.

For hair, the Volumizing Hair Spray is a personal favorite. I think the industry has not realized the contributions I have made with these products to the cosmetic industry. Plasticizing agents in styling and conditioning products are petrochemical and silicone charged substances that are non-digestible. In many cases, they are affiliated with toxins. I created an alternative to these toxic plasticizing ingredients and use food grade gums that are used in food product manufacturing. These food gums completely water soluble and digestible and give an amazing body building elements and holding agents for hair. Another great benefit of foods gums is that if one doesn’t want stiffness or hold, simply brush the hair and it will leave the hair with beautiful feel and aroma.

If someone were to try just one product as an introduction to IN, what would you suggest and why?
The ones they like to smell the best. I believe that what we love is what we are lonely for. This is something I call ‘sensory testing.’ If we really love and connect with an aromatic, so deeply that we are conscious of that connection and in a state of self-contentment, our body produces a chemical known as endorphin. Endorphins have the ability to actually strengthen our immune system, literally light up our cells energetically. To me, loving an aroma is the most important thing to those who are being introduced to the product.

What do you think is THE worst ingredient that traditional hair and skin care companies use, and why should we avoid it?
There are many and I think as a collective are linked to cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, liver, kidney, gallbladder and other inflammatory diseases. Toxins create inflammation and inflammation creates diseases in the body. Chemical components such phthalates, a byproduct of synthetic perfumery, are known cellular damaging agents, and have the ability to penetrate the female egg and male sperm. Babies are born with them because it’s in their mother’s body.

Preservatives, namely paraben, in personal care products have been prominent in news. Intelligent Nutrients has been very lucky to have a preservative made purely from herbs. It consists our extractions from spices from foods around the world. Surfactants and sulfactants are petrochemical detergents and foaming agents. Petrochemical small dust particles found in styling products and makeup ingredients such as heavy metals, iron, coal, cobalt, and sulfite, and mica minerals and other microdust ingredients have the ability to coat lungs. The list goes on.

There is so much information on your site, it’s amazing. It’s like a starters guide for a green lifestyle! But while we have you, what would you say to someone who is thinking about making better beauty choices, but is on the fence about why they should?
Making this decision is very personal. Often, whether inherited culturally, and inside and outside our family dynamics it has to do with our belief systems. You need to get involved. Become an intelligent, educated consumer. Go for the best. Look at personal and ecological impact.

And no wht interview is complete without a reach in our potluck question vault…

Me in a nutshell: I try to be useful and to enjoy myself while doing it.

I heart: Nature and everything in it.

I’m a do-gooder because I… study cause and affect.

What book do you think everyone should read? Be Here Now, by Ram Dass

You can have front row concert tickets to see anyone, who do you choose? Bob Dylan with his guitar, singing solo

My favorite room in my house and why: My meditation room

Five people alive or dead I’d invite to a party: Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein

What’s your sign and do you fit the traits of it? I’m a scorpio, born November 11, 1941, and from what I’ve read I’m a true Scorpio.

What are 3 things you can’t live without? My daily fiber, breathing and eliminating.

What characteristic do you admire most in a person? Which one do you despise? I like people who don’t judge and whenever possible, I like to look at the good within everything.

Tell us some your guilty pleasures… Esthetics, art, food, wine and travel

Thanks to IN and Mr. Rechelbacher for sharing their time and these thoughtful answers with the we heart this readers!


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  1. Wow, Tyna, thank you for this post on a subject I knew nothing about (even though I have purchased Aveda products in the past). I feel enlightened! I especially love that Mr. Rechelbacher took on your wht questions– SO cool!

  2. Great post Tyna, I enjoyed reading your interview very much. Mr. Rechelbacher’s passion is wonderful and refreshing to hear about- especially in a world full of a lot hubbub over nothing!

  3. Fascinating interview, so great to read about the person behind the wonderful products! So glad he’s doing what he is doing!

  4. I have to add to the question and response about the “smell good.” There are not too many things in nature that smell bad — so I just don’t think natural products have an excuse for smelling bad. This may be part of the reason that I’m not to enamored with Khiels. To me, their products always small like the plastic bottles they are sold in.

    And Kudos for believing in the good in people. We have to!

  5. Very interesting! I love the emphasis he places on the product’s scent. I think that scent is very important and I hate when it is sacrificed for other benefits. This line proves you can have the ‘best of both worlds.’ [Thanks to Miley, I will never be able to speak that phrase without humming a tune in my head. Geez. ;)]

  6. Many thanks again to Horst for speaking with us. We were beyond thrilled! How do you ever thank someone who introduced you to not only quality hair care, but natural and sustainable beauty? (Aveda was me and Tyna’s first high-end love AND the first natural line that wowed us!)

    We wish him and the Intelligent Nutrients line nothing but the best!

  7. Hello,
    thank you for this interview. In Germany we like the products by Horst Rechelbacher, because they are pure naturaly.
    best regards from germany

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