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The wht review team takes a look at the modernly Zen new line

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Some of you know that I have a fondness of and weakness for tea, so it’s no wonder that I am the chosen one to bring you ladies word of a new line, h.wood beauty that loves their tea just as much! Inspired by teas served at the exclusive Tea Room at h.wood in Los Angeles, h.wood beauty products contain not only the finest of ingredients and essential oils, but most of the line contains TEA!

First up for review are the Lip Tea Scrubs ($20). These potted products are all-natural and made from ingredients including organic raw sugar, extra virgin coconut oil, raw honey, jojoba oil, and shea butter—and is infused with organic tea.

The yummy “flavors” available include Coconut Chai (with coconut chai tea), Green Apple (green and white teas), Gingergrass (with yerba mate, lemongrass, and ginger teas), Peppermint Anise (teas of mint and anise), Pom-Rose (white tea, pomegranate and rosehip teas) and Vanilla Caramel (with houjicha tea; a green tea that has been roasted and fired at high temperatures turning it from green to a reddish brown {I totally had to look that up!})

I received the Pom-Rose lip scrub and found that I had better luck combining this fairly loose scrub with the lip tea balm (review coming up next!) I slicked on some lip tea and then smoothed on the scrub–the balm gave the sugar granules something to adhere to. Not only does this powerhouse of a scrub remove any and all lip flakes, but with the faint fruitiness of pomegranate, it’s downright yummy, too!

Next in the line of h.wood. lip products are the Lip Tea Balms. These lip balms are packaged in a standard plastic tube – but the product is far from the “standard” – it’s made by hand, is rich in anti-oxidants and contains organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, calendula, beeswax, jojoba oil, and good-for-you tea.

The Lip Tea Balms ($10) are available in the same tempting flavors as the Scrubs and contain the exact same organic teas, so these two products work in a complimentary manner.

I received the Vanilla Caramel lip tea and this was a fairly basic, colorless balm with the delicious scent of vanilla with a hint of caramel to it. The balm applied thickly, but smoothly, and did a fairly good job of keeping my lips moist. This is great to prep your lips for lipstick–it really helps smooth out fine lines, something 30-something me appreciates.

Last, but not least, our team took a look at h.wood beauty’s Lip Shine Tubes ($16). These beauties are sheer to softly tinted lip balms available in five shades Sheer (zero tint), Poppy (sheer peach), Rose (soft pink), Ruby (very sheer red) and Plum (sheer purple).

They are are encased in a gold lipstick bullet or small, plastic pot (identical to a wht beloved brand, Julie Hewett, but not related). These lux looking and feeling tubes contain camellia oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, avocado butter, shea butter, and mango butter. As you can well imagine, they are VERY moisturizing and make your lips feel soft and smooth.

I received the Ruby shade and this has the barest hint of red. It was very close to my natural lip color. While these are not very pigmented, they are very moisturizing and definitely leave your lips with just the right amount of sheen. I am dying to try out the Plum shade right now because it’s the darkest shade and I love a pigmented lip balm.

We’ve had these for review for some time, and were excited to see h.wood beauty recently added more makeup and body products to the line (and threw in some candles). So keep your eyes out for more tea-inspired goodies from this new brand!

Anybody else excited about tea-inspired beauty?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Hey neighbor! I just saw that you’re in Nashua. I’m in Bow (southwest of Concord for those of you not in NH).

    Sorry, I’m a cretin. I don’t like any tea except the normal Lipton type stuff. Now if this was coffee based stuff I’d be all over it!

    I also think that Lip Shine Tube is sneaky. I’d be annoyed that my lipstick turned into a sheer balm on me.

  2. Okay, this line looks way cool! I want to get my hands on all of it! Great review! I am a HUGE fan of teas of all sorts. Drink it every day at 1:30 and at 6 pm. with my hubby-with no interruptions! He’s even more of a serious tea drinker than me! We already know the many major health and beauty benefits good teas can bring. That’s a whole other topic! This just really looks like a great line! :)

  3. As a lip balm fanatic, I had to test one of the so simple it’s fancy looking, lip balms. I recieved the peppermint anise lip tea and it gets a solid 4 stars from me. I like the simple packaging (without any extras that just gets thrown away)and the handmade attention to the smooth, creamy formula with just a hint of shine.

    Like Krista said this is a great balm for prepping lips and smoothing in little issues before gloss or lipstick application. And worn alone or underneath something else, the balm forms a create protective coat on the lips that lasts.

    My only complaint is that while I know this balm contains organic teas, I can’t smell/taste it. As a matter of fact, the scent is pretty tame (I could go for a bit more oomph)- I first noticed a small pop of mint when I applied and then the anise drifted to the top during most of the wear time. If they added just a bit more pizzazz (tea scents, minty tingle, etc) to these balms, they would be in 5 star territory!

  4. I tested the Lip Shine Tube in Rose and give it a solid 5 stars! I give it the full 5 because I’m not looking for color out of this – it’s very light pink so you can barely tell it changed the shade of my lips. It slides on silky smooth – no pulling or tugging at the lips at all, which is essential to me in a good lip balm. It feels cool and incredibly moisturizing at the same time. The moisture lasts a good couple hours. The scent is light but reminiscent of our old fav JH camellia balm – and the best part to me is that it’s in a tube, not a pot! I’m very happy with this and rank it up there with my favorite, more luxurious balms – and it’s cheaper than my all-time favorite, fresh. I will use it throughout the winter and buy it when it runs out!

  5. I’m like you, @krista, a tea lover, so this line is intriguing to me! Vanilla Caramel Lip Tea Scrub… ooh that sounds nice! Great review!

  6. This does look like a great line. I am obsessed with all manner of lip products. So I would like to try it all. I am a lip balm junkie. And I have recently found love for lip scrubs. My lips can get so darn cruddy. These are the perfect remedy!!

  7. @donnaj – Howdy, neighbor!!!
    As a tea lover, you should check out The Republic of Tea–I did a review on them a while back–Best. Tea. Ever. I used to be a Lipton person, too, but then I converted :)
    For those of you intrigued by the Vanilla Caramel flavored lip tea…it’s VANILLA and CARAMEL–how can that be anything but awesome?
    This line gets a solid 4 stars from me…I would have given more but I hate when lines have a tinted balm that really isn’t. I haven’t seen the plum shade, but ruby is one of the darker ones in the tube and I can barely tell I’m wearing it. If it was more pigmented, I would be collecting all shades :)

  8. I’m interested in the lip scrub too… my lips become something of a disaster in the winter months and balm just doesn’t cut it alone! I like the idea of working this in with the balm to give my lips a good scrub.

  9. Mary Jo Eustace says:

    This addressed to the reviewer who said H Wood Beauty was familiar to Julie Hewett Brand – That is because they stole her company and she is suing them for fraud and embezzlement – please do not buy or endorse this brand – they are thieves –

    Mary Jo Eustace
    Studio City California

  10. I really want that lip scrub. I saw a version from Fresh at Blue Mercury last year, then couldn’t find it. I guess I didn’t look that hard but I’ve been thinking about it for a year. My lips don’t get super-dooper chapped but how nice a little sweet exfoliation would be!

  11. Mary Jo Eustace—Wow! I had no idea!!! We had questioned the similarities…
    As a fan of Julie Hewett, it’s very good to know. Thanks!

  12. Mary Jo – that’s sad to hear. We couldn’t help but notice the similarities, but that’s the first we heard of anything like that…

  13. I received the H.Wood Beauty Lip Shine Tube in Poppy and I love it! The scent is wonderful- a great mix of peach and citrus scents. The formula is very moisturizing and as a person who rarely wears lipstick I love that it’s more of a balm in a lipstick tube. It totally makes me look more grown up in the ladies room than taking out a stand-by lip balm! The color is beautiful- just a hint of sheer peach and perfect for that effortless beauty look. Five stars from me!

  14. I mostly prefer lip balm than the conventional lipstick. Organic balms that helps the lips to be protected from harm mostly on winter times. Lip balms is a must for me.

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