InviCible Scars Advanced Scar Treatment Review

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Our reviewer puts this buzz-heavy scar treatment to the test

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We’ve all got scars, some more visible than others. Whether your scar is from a childhood spill off your bicycle, a C-section, or acne, InviCible may just make that scar invisible forever. Invented by Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, an accomplished plastic surgeon who has spent years helping women heal their scars from breast reconstruction surgeries following mastectomies, InviCible is his formulation after years of study and real life application.

If you have any scar new or old, I highly recommend you check out their incredibly informative website for an education on what to look for in a good treatment, why their cream works, answers to many questions, and a wealth of testimonies. I’m here to tell you that in my personal experience, even on a 20 year-old surgical scar on my cheek, it works!

InviCible Scars Advanced Scar Treatment

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. C says that Vitamin E and petrolatum-based creams, as well as creams with preservatives and fragrances will not help your scar and could actually make it worse by causing rashes and contact dermatitis. What is needed is a product that regulates our body’s natural collagen (to improve the scar’s texture) and fades hyperpigmentation (the darkened part of the scar). Scientific studies conclusively prove that silicone improves new and old scar texture, but it doesn’t help the color fading.

So Dr. C and his team of chemists added two forms of Vitamin C and their “Pro-Biosyn-4” (sunflower and safflower seed oils, and aloe and licorice extract). These three ingredients are it in this powerhouse product. They all work throughout the four stages of scar formation, which basically involve balancing the body’s amount of collagen and water to soften the hard tissue, restore elasticity, and reduce redness and dark pigment. It’s best if you can utilize the ingredients early, but they DO WORK even on old scars, and I can attest to that.

Closer look of InviCible Scars Advanced Scar Treatment

InviCible comes in a sleek, scientific-looking bottle with a pump dispenser – you can depress it for a full, half, or even quarter pump, depending on the size of your scar. Its white and odorless, silky texture glides over the skin and soaks in without feeling greasy. You apply a thin film 2-3 times per day under your moisturizer and stay out of the sun (or use a good sunblock). It can start to work in 2 weeks depending on what you’re using it for and treatment could take up to a few months, again depending on your scar.

It is safe and hypoallergenic because it excludes any skin irritants. Some users have reported a slight stinging sensation upon application from the Vitamin C, but I have not experienced this at all. InviCible is one of only 300 products to be in compliance with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, holds the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and is not tested on animals.

InviCible Scars Advanced Scar Treatment swatch

When I started treatment five weeks ago my scar was a crescent-shaped crater with red blotches. It is still there, but it’s flatter, smoother, and the red patches are gone – it’s nearly invisible. I wish I would’ve had this cream 20 years ago, and this scar would probably be gone by now, I’m guessing! I’m going to keep using it until I see no more improvement, which could take up to a couple of months.

I’m also trying it on a facial melasma I have had since the birth of my daughter. It’s definitely lighter, but with the lack of sun in my state now, I’ll have to continue my test to give more accurate results during our sunny months when it’s at its worst.

There are two different sizes of InviCible: 15mL for $39.95 or 30 mL for $69.95. The website can help determine which size is appropriate for your scar, and you can try the 15 mL size for a 30 day risk-free trial. So, go check out their site and educate yourself on how you can treat ANY scar you may have, or ask your question here and I’ll do my best to answer it – InviCible can most likely help you too!

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  1. I would love to try this! I finally have my own skin calmed down and I’ve stopped breaking out. (Despite being almost 30.) But my acne scars are still here and seem like they want to stay no matter what products I try to use. If this really works I would be so happy! I’ll have to look over the site. Thanks for the information!

    1. I would definitely check the website out, Valerie – in fact many of the testimonials are from people that had success with it on their acne scars. Good luck!

  2. WOW!!@melinda Thanks for this great rundown. Do I have scars? Heck, yes! Who doesn’t? I have some acne scars and some other areas body on my I would love to try this product on. I am very intrigued by this product. I can’t believe I have not heard of this before.

    1. I was surprised I’d never heard of them too @hao9703! The website has all sorts of helpful information – about what to look for in a good cream and what to avoid.It’s like they’re more interested in our health and the sake of science rather than only plugging their product – I’m very impressed.

    2. I have old scars on both legs. The one on my right is from surgery and the one on my left leg is from an old would from childhood. Will this product work in fading old scars?

  3. Ooh, lots of good info @melinda, I will have to check this out. I have a nasty scar on my forearm, from a bad curling iron burn, and I need it to fade.

    1. You can try mine, Erin! I still have a lot left, as they sent me the biggest bottle to test yippee! I’ve gotten my facial scar as clear as it’s going to get and I was just saving the rest for any future scars or in case the melasma breaks out again in the summer, but I’m curious to know – and I’d bet heavy that it would – make that fresh burn scar disappear in no time!

  4. Lesson learned, well hopefully.. Recently, I cut my index finger pretty badly with a knife.. Yes, it was not too swift of me to try removing an avocado pit with a sharp knife pointed directly at my hand.. I’ve been told more then I’ll admit to about proper knife handling- Always cut away from your hand, not into it. I knew this was going to be a scar. I received this product recently to test and have been applying it to my little finger with remarkable improvement.. I am impressed. I barely can see where it was.. I’m also using it on that brown spot too everyone keeps hearing me yelp about. Between the Vitamin C, Silicone Gel and Probiosyn-4 (aloe vera, fatty acids and licorice extract) I should be seeing less of each! I did not know that each of these products really help heal and decrease inflammation and lighten dark skin pigmentation. I’m all over this product.. Five Stars. I really like the pump dispenser and don’t’ think the price is bad at all! Five whopping stars for no more scars!

    1. I’m thrilled you tested this too, @irene! From what I”ve read you should have good luck not only the fresh scar but also the brown spot – just keep using it as it may take awhile for especially the brown spot – I think I read up to 12 weeks maybe. And I agree, 5 stars here also – I think it’s very worth the price – which is not that steep anyways!

  5. I wonder if it will work as well for stretch marks. I had preeclampsia, and the massive amounts of swelling at the end left me with some crazy stretch marks in totally random places (behind my knees, for example). They’re still nice and fresh, so I should get started treating them now!
    Great review @Melinda !

    1. Oh my lord @mandaleem, you had it rough getting your little one into the world!! I checked on stretch marks, and they say that no topical cream will completely get rid of them, but this can help the dark color fade – and if used during pregnancy, may help prevent them. So while you probably won’t be getting pregnant again right away, if they are dark maybe it’s worth it to check out. They do have that trial price, but I think you only get it for 30 days and then either have to return it or buy it. So if you can remember all that while getting no sleep with a little one, you’re in business – good luck!!

  6. Great review! Great pictures too!

    The reason your Melasma is at its worst in the summer is due to the increased intensity of UV rays combined with heat (both stimulate melanin.) I’m sure if you used it with a good sunscreen + SPF over it, you’ll notice that your Melasma won’t go as crazy dark. I’m speaking from experience…4 kids later and age 38, I have both age spots and Melasma and have learned a lot about it over the years!

  7. I got to try this out and I was seriously impressed. Let me just say that I’m terrible at applying a product more than once a day. Terrible. So, when I received this, I knew I wasn’t going to follow the directions exactly, but I hoped for some improvement with the random scars I was looking to lessen.

    Scar #1–my oldest scar. When I was 4, my brother slammed my head into a door frame and split my forehead open right below the hairline. The scar runs vertical about one inch. The scar is now over 30 years old and as we get older and collagen breaks down, I’ve noticed scars that weren’t too terrible have started to appear worse. this scar started to appear more raised and pronounced. After applying this only once a day for a month, the scar flattened noticeably. After two months, the scar appeared better than it did before the aging process made it look worse. I’m continuing to use this stuff on this scar, just out of curiosity.

    Scar #2–I got a new Jeep with both a hard top and soft top last year. The first time the hubby and I tried to wrangle the hard top back onto the Jeep, the top of my left hand got SLASHED. We’re talking across the top of my hand from ring finger to pointer finger. I probably needed stitches. It was pretty ugly and was still visible 6 months later when I got this to test. After one month, it was hardly noticeable. After 2 months, you’d never know I cut my hand at all. I thought that scar would be with me forever, so I was beyond ecstatic at my results.

    Scar #3–I got a stupid bug bite in the middle of my chest last summer that scarred. This is problematic because everything I own shows off my chest (You gotta play up your strengths…) and no concealer really hid this mark. Two weeks of applying this stuff once a day and you could hardly see the scar at all. One month and it was totally gone and I was rocking low cut tops again. My husband was very happy about that.

    Acne Scars–I’m beyond pale, so acne scars show up as dark marks all over my face and are really pronounced on me. This stuff showed DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT after even one application. I’d apply it at night, wake up, and the marks were noticeably faded. On the main portion of my face, I did notice that I experienced the slight burning/tingling described, but it wasn’t bad. I am sensitive to silicone and it tends to cause breakouts, so I used an acne-fighting face wash before using this on the main part of my face and only spot treated with the Invicible and had no problems. This is probably going to stay a permanent part of my beauty routine because it’s THAT good on acne scars.

    Overall, this is getting a solid 5 stars from me–it’s made such a huge difference in making my scars virtually invisible.

  8. Wow, their website is very informative, and I’m so excited that it worked so well for everyone! That’s awesome, and it’s nice to see a price tag that’s affordable.

    I’m really curious because the first ingredient is silicone (in the form of dimethicone and dimethicone cross polymer). I know that’s an ingredient that @hao9703 and I both have had trouble with, in terms of breakouts.

    1. I’m super sensitive to breaking out when using the ‘cones, so I made sure I used an acne-fighting face wash immediately before applying this to my acne scars (and only applied a very small amount of product). It seemed to offset it. I also didn’t apply it to acne scars every day, just once every other day, using acne-fighting face products during this time. It didn’t break me out, but only because I took precautions.

  9. Thank you for the review. I needed a good scar cream for myself. Really need to get rid of those burnt scars i have. Been searching for a hypoallergenic one, specifically, for so long. Thanks again!

  10. Dakota Grey says:

    The product is good. Well packed and is handy to use. I’m trying to flatten my c-scars. Hope it helps!

  11. whitney c says:

    I have acne scars for 15 years ago. I tried everything even Proactiv, which did not work for me. For the last month, I have been using Citrus Clear’s Sensitive line (moisturizer and face wash), and I have noticed that they are starting to fade! It does make my skin red after I use it, but the redness goes away after 5 minutes, and that is what is helping get rid of them!

  12. I purchased this to use on my 20 plus year old hypertrophic scars. I didn’t expect a miracle to flatten them, but it did lighten them. Tonight I decided to try use on my cheeks (I have rosacea redness, broken capillaries and a lot of sun damage) I swear it calmed the red in my cheeks and makes them look healthy and brighter. I am so excited. This is the first time I am going to have semi normal skin tone in years. Love it!

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