IT Cosmetics Buki Brush Box Photos and Review

IT Cosmetics Buki Brush Box Photos and Review

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Soft, Yet Strong with a Dramatic Flair

When I decided to dedicate my makeup-loving life to the world of mineral foundation, little did I know that I would become an expert on the special brushes I would need to apply it.

Special indeed! These brushes need to be big enough to cover large areas, sturdy enough to buff foundation into the skin for good coverage, and soft enough to be gentle on the skin for everyday use. I expect a lot from my brushes, so I was happy to test the 4-piece It Cosmetics Buki Brush Box ($48). Spoiler: it doesn’t disappoint.


Can we first talk about presentation? The four silver-toned, short-handled brushes come in a satin-lined, silver-colored box with a magnetic enclosure. The brushes are laid out exquisitely, suggesting a soft and delicate nature. Soft, yes…delicate, no. These brushes are the Honky Tonk Woman of Buki.

For the uninitiated, Buki (short for Kabuki) brushes are those with full, dense heads intended to deposit powder makeup onto the skin for full coverage and maximum impact. Derived from the ancient Japanese Theater, Kabuki actors pressed powder into their greased skin for dramatic impact. Today, we swirl, tap and buff mineral makeup, and the Buki brush is perfect for that.


Usually, Buki brushes have short handles that make it easier to press the powder into the skin and these are no exception. The stubby handles also make for a very compact brush that travels well.

The brushes all are custom cut and cruelty free, of man-made ultra plush fibers. Each brush in the Buki box is made for a particular purpose.

IT-Cosmetics-Buki-Brush-Box-4IT Cosmetics Buki Brush Box; Buffing Buki, Powder Ball Buki, Radiance Buki, Complexion Perfection Buki

The Buffing Buki is the traditional blunt Buki designed for buffing powder foundations into the skin in small circular motions.

The Powder Ball Buki is my new favorite brush. A tapered “ball” of compact fibers lushly applies all-over finishing powders.

The Radiance Buki is an angled brush meant for applying bronzers and luminizers with precision.

The Complexion Perfection Buki has a small, firm, tapered head and is meant for applying cream and liquid concealers and highlighters. I love how this swept perfectly beneath my eye, corner to corner.


These brushes in the Buki Brush Box are tough, too. Just like that well-worn, gin-soaked Honky Tonk Woman, these take a beating and lose none of their appeal – or bristles. Buffing is hard on a brush, and these can stand the fight.

IT-Cosmetics-Buki-Brush-Box-6A handy brush guide is included as well!

Cleaning with soap and water, these also retain the plush softness that many brushes seem to lose. All in all, these brushes are exceptional (flawless, even), and quite a value.

Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

we heartsters – has mineral makeup made you a brush expert as well? And are you a fan of IT Cosmetics’ brushes?

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10 thoughts on “IT Cosmetics Buki Brush Box Photos and Review”

  1. I’m an IT fan also! I’m seriously going gaga over these! If you say they are able to take a beating like that well-worn, gin-soaked Honky Tonk Woman, then let’s have at em ladies! They really look very well made and what a great price for them! Awesome review @sherrishera!

  2. @sherrishera — Great review! This is one thing I was really hoping Santa would bring me. Sadly, Santa must have delivered this to a more deserving makeup lover. I have several IT brushes and they have lived up to their hype. They are quality brushes, stand the test of time with lots of cleanings. (Some brushes do not do well after lots of cleaning)

  3. IT makes great products but probably my favorite thing that they do is in fact brushes. They are just so soft and made so well!! I have yet to try these Buki brushes but I am dying to try them. This set looks amazing!! Great review!!

  4. I looooooooooooooove me some great brushes but are these overkill? Do you find yourself gravitating toward one more than the others?

    Love love love the presentation. Looks gorgeous.

    1. Overkill? My dear, you are talking to the gal here with three types of mineral foundation in my collection right now. I also have any number of mineral bronzers, highlighters, blushes,finishing powders, etc. If this is overkill, I’m gonna eat it all up!
      Honestly, I have a loose mineral foundation, a pressed mineral foundation, and a liquid mineral foundation that I use for different occasions depending on the degree of coverage/finish that I’m going for on that particular day. The traditional flat surfaced buki is what I use the loose foundation with, while the slanted surface brush is what I use to apply the pressed foundation (the brushes that are suggested for these respective foundations have that same contour). The powderball buki is great for finishing powder, but it is also fantastic for blushes or all-over glow. My absolute favorite brush though, is that small tapered bush which is great for applying highlighter under the eyes (the point gets it “in there” evenly, but is also fantastic for scultpting with a bronzer). There is no amount of buffing or blending you can’t do when you have all of these! The whole collection makes one beautiful face!

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