IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation: Swatches Of All 12 Shades

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What’s your shade? IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation swatches

If IT Cosmetics had a cheerleading squad, I could be team captain.

I get bubbly with happiness when I hear about a new release, and love pretty much everything the brand does. Even though I already own a bounty of IT’s face products, I’m giving a big “YAY team!” to its brand new Bye Bye Foundation release, which expands the color range to 12 versatile shades.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation ($39.50, 1fl oz.) is what it calls a “full-coverage moisturizer,” a blend of makeup, anti-aging treatment and protection.

It masks any skin concerns, such as redness or dark spots; large pores; breakouts; lines and wrinkles.

Like all IT products, the foundation was developed with plastic surgeons who obviously understand our desire to cover flaws in an undetectable way.

“3D Skin Flex™ Technology” is the secret behind Bye Bye Foundation’s flawless coverage; the moisturizer’s color pigments are somehow flexible, allowing the color to float over flaws without creasing.

Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized. The foundation even finds a way to add a bit of radiance with “bioluminescence and diamond powder.” The effect is subtle and absolutely non-sparkly.

Close up image of different shades of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation

IT Cosmetics always impresses me with their clinical studies.

Look what test subjects had to say about Bye Bye Foundation:

  • 100% of subjects showed improved skin hydration
  • 97% said it provided full and lasting coverage
  • 84% said it reduced the look of dark spots
  • 97% said it reduced the look of blemishes
  • 91% said it reduced the look of redness

IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Foundation can be applied with fingers, a brush, or a beauty blender. I like to apply it with my fingers, then blend with a brush.

I tested IT Cosmetics Airbrush Full Coverage Complexion Brush #77 ($28), which has a triangle-shaped brush head and soft, cruelty-free bristles that are perfect for blending.

IT’s attention to detail is really impressive. Even the bristles are infused with anti-aging collagen and peptides, and the pearlized handle is so pretty.

The big question: how does Bye Bye Foundation compare to CC+ cream?

The big question: how does Bye Bye Foundation compare to IT Cosmetics’ famed CC+ cream?

I’ve been using the CC+ religiously, and honestly, between these two products it’s a tossup for me. Both products are moisturizing, and offer buildable coverage and sun protection.

Because I struggle with dark circles and sun damage, I love the color correction of the CC+ cream.

But Bye Bye Foundation has additional skincare benefits, as well as a larger range of colors.

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Our editor Stef weighed in with “If you like a lighter feel, go with Bye Bye Foundation. If you like more coverage, stick with your CC+ Cream.”

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Shades

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation with different shades on a white background

That larger range of colors?

There’s twelve to be exact– including five brand new shades-that are geared for warm, cool and neutral skin tones:

Fair – ultra porcelain skin with warm undertones
Fair Light (NEW) – fair skin that burn easily, with cool undertones
Light – light skin with warm undertones
Light Medium (NEW) – light to medium skin with cool undertones
Medium – medium skin with warm undertones
Neutral Medium (NEW) – medium skin with neutral undertones
Medium Tan – medium to tan skin with warm undertones
Neutral Tan (NEW) – tan skin with neutral undertones
Tan – tan skin with warm undertones
Rich – tan to rich skin with warm undertones
Rich Honey (NEW) – deep skin with warm undertones
Deep – deep skin with neutral undertones

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Swatches

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Swatches

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation SwatchesThe shades closest to Stef’s NC25 skin lightly blended

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Swatches

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Swatches

The warm shades have a yellow cast, and the cool shades are pink.

The neutral colors are designed for those who just can’t make up their minds if they’re warm or cool. I

tested two of the new colors, Fair Light and Light Medium. Both are very pink, which should make cooler-complexioned people very happy.

I was so impressed with the formula, I bought a tube in Fair, perfect for my pale, olive winter complexion.

Now I can moisturize, apply coverage AND protect my skin with SPF50+ broad-spectrum physical sunscreen– all in one easy step.

That’s something worth cheering about!

Have you tried Bye Bye Foundation?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Great post, @turboterp! I have to say that I love pretty much everything I’ve tried from IT Cosmetics–their foundations and powders and tinted moisturizer/CC cream products give me the coverage I want without feeling like I’m piling on the product. I got to test the Fair shade in this and it’s a perfect match for my mega pale self. I’m a longtime user of IT’s CC Cream and this feels lighter and less like a moisturizer on me. It’s like a lightweight skin tint. My skin doesn’t seem to get as shiny with this and it hides all redness and blemishes with a very small amount of product. I think this would work for those of us that hate cakey looking makeup but prefer more coverage/pigment. Most of all, I love the SPF 50 in this–as a pale gal, high SPF is such an important thing, especially if you want to prevent premature aging from sun exposure. Highly recommend, y’all!

  2. Is it possible that you have labeled the neutral medium and medium backwards? I feel like they should be swapped.

    1. I don’t think so! But I’ll take a look at those two shades next time I see them in person again and do a swatch comparison.

    2. Phyllis A Reklis says:

      I agree~ I have those two and the pics here are opposite! But thank you for your work and this helpful post!

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