IT Cosmetics Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Crème – swatches & review

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Plus a look at the Pointed Precision Luminizer Brush

IT Cosmetics Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Crème 

When we are young our skin makes its own glow. That light from the inside doesn’t last forever, darkened by time, ravaged by age. After our twenties (and perhaps even before) we must resort to artificial means of light by way of glow-tions and shimmer. It Cosmetics has created its own illuminating crème that not only reflects light but also seeks to hold back the years in a less-than-artificial manner.

Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Crème ($24) was developed with plastic surgeons in an effort to blur fine lines with its light refracting microspheres (patent pending Drops of Light technology) to give skin that healthy illumination without using glitter or shimmer. You wouldn’t guess there was no glitter or shimmer by looking at the pan – those microspheres are a shimmer twin!

Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Crème

Also included in this special crème are peptides, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, silk as well as Vitamins A, C & E. That means there are lots of antioxidants to fight off those crazy free radicals. Forget about all those silly parabens, petrolatums and synthetic ingredients, there’s nothing here but good-for-you brightening hydration.

The Illuminator can be worn alone or over makeup for that perfect glow. The singular color (a sheer silvery-gold bisque) blends to give a natural glow to any skin tone. The color in the compact gives way to sheer reflectors of natural light.

Pointed Precision Luminizer Brush

Housed in a silver-tone mirrored compact, Hello Light can easily be applied with a sponge or even your fingers, but It Cosmetics has – of course – developed its own special Pointed Precision Luminizer Brush. A QVC exclusive, the brush is packaged with the Hello Light Powder for a special price of $35 (so special the set is currently on waitlist).

Closer look of Pointed Precision Luminizer Brush

This brush is a super soft and mega dense, made with 100% cruelty free bristles. These bristles are so extraordinarily soft that the brush will never tug at delicate skin (i.e. under they eye).

Closer look of Pointed Precision Luminizer Brush

The pointed brush allows you to apply the highlight to the tiniest niche of the face, such as under the brow bone or in the corner of the eye – two places where highlight is a must. I particularly loved this brush for under the eye. Starting in the corner of the eye with the soft point, lay the brush against the delicate under-eye skin and swipe outwards.

Instantly and expertly applied, this will make one look fresh and awake all the day long. The point is tapered yet still thick, allowing for easy application of the luminizer to larger zones like cheekbones and the forehead.

Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Crème

It suggests using their own face illuminating chart on the back of the box as a guide to apply the Illuminator (with the brush of course) to those areas of your face you wish to appear lifted, lightened or brought forward, areas such as above and below the eyebrow, on the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and in the middle of your forehead.

I found Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Crème to be at its best places where I have no pores of any size (such as the top of my forehead, crook of my eyebrow and top of my forehead near my hairline). You see, while there is no petrolatum or mineral oil or such, there are waxes (Carnauba and Candelilla) as well as glycerin, all of which definitely like to sit in pores and wrinkles.

Hello Light Anti-Aging Radiance Crème swatches

All in all, though, I am impressed with this mineral based illuminator and loving being transported back to the glow-y “IT” girl of my youth.

The texture is silky smooth and easily blendable
Brightens and lightens as it works to restore the skin’s radiance
The formula contains good-for-you peptides, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, silk and Vitamins A, C, & E
The formula DOES NOT contain bad-for-you parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and phthalates

“Oil Free” does not mean wax free. This product is still slippery and tends to settle into fine lines and pores
While the product touts its lack of bad ingredients, it does have mica and talc to which some are sensitive or allergic

Ladies, do you swear by a illuminator to give your skin its youthful beauty? If so, how do you feel about IT?

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  1. I love the idea of an illuminator, but I have ginormous pores. The swatch looks pretty on you, though. Does the product settle into your pores so much that you wouldn’t wear it out and about?

    1. It’s great for places where pores aren’t so noticeable (like the top of the forehead, bridge of the nose, eyebrows) but I don’t suggest it for the crepey or pore-ridden areas of your face–it definitely does settle!

  2. Oh, my! This looks luscious enough to lure me from Lancome! I love It Cosmetics in general and I love a glowing look to my complexion. Perhaps an excellent primer would help pores to look diminished. Thanks, @sherrishera, for an awesome review.

  3. I have been very pleased with everything I’ve tried from It Cosmetics and this compact sounds like another one I’d like to try. Looks like a beautiful compact and sturdy brush too…

  4. I was able to experience for my self the amazing Hello Light Dewy Anti-Aging Radiance Cream Illuminator along with its fancy brush. I was unsure at first what to do with it but after reading and looking at the instructions on how to apply and where to apply the cream; it all began to make sense! I tried it with and without makeup. However, I lean toward using it with makeup because it really makes the highlighted areas more pronounced. Oh, to be young again! My skin felt velvety and supple and seemed to hold up for hours. I also didn’t notice build up at all near lines or wrinkles. Just a healthier, younger looking mug! It’s nice that it is made with anti-aging and hydrating ingredients including peptides, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, silk and vitamins A, C, and E.
    It’s has an attractive compact case and really well made brush!
    I give this product 4 solid stars!

  5. I am a card carrying IT Cosmetics fan. I was very excited to try this product. First, the brush is simply divine! If you have not tried IT brushes they are first rate. Every brush I have tried is 5 stars.

    I love the concept of the illuminator because I long for natural dewy youthful skin. I agree with @Irene – for my pale (fairly medium) skin this product looks best with makeup on. However, if I had more color in my face things may be different. The instructions on how to apply this product were right on. Personally, I really appreciate when a company gives you a “how to” because my idea of how to use it does not always match the instructions.

    I had no issues with this product settling into fine lines or pores. However, there is something about the formulation that made my skin feel oily and clogged in my mouth and chin area. I suspect it was the ingredients that can irate like @sherrishera said. However, my work around was not to use it in that area and everything was fine.

    Here is my rundown–
    brush – 5 stars (I would give it a higher rating if I could.)
    Hello Radiance Illuminator – 4 stars ( I deducted one star for the way the product felt on my chin and around my mouth.)

  6. I LOVE It Cosmetics. They have amazing products, particularly their brushes. While I haven’t tried this specific radiance cream or brush, I’m a huge fan of many, many It Cosmetic products, especially their luxurious and soft (and cruelty free!) brushes. They are spendy, but the quality is amazing. I’m not a big fan of cream products on my face, but if you are, for $35 I doubt you’d regret this set one bit!

  7. I’m gathering that this product is better for those without oily skin. I have very oily skin and swimming pores. Putting a product that has this slippery feel probably doesn’t work as well on my skin type. Once again, it’s great for places that don’t crinkle or sweat even with super-duper oily skin.

    1. I’m a dark-skinned oil slick, so this wouldn’t be for me. But that brush looks intriguing…

  8. It Cosmetics is a great company and I am sure that Hello Light is no exception of a fantastic product. Judging by your swatches, it looks super duper pretty.

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