it Cosmetics: The IT Girl Set swatches and review

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The ‘It’ GIft for Lip Product Lovers!

When you think “It Girl”, you think the latest, hot, young thing. With it Cosmetics’ The IT Girl Set ($39.50), even those of us in the over 30 set get to have the lips of the latest, hot, young thing.

Seriously, why did no one warn me that my lip line would slowly start to vanish after 30? Or that my natural lip color would start to fade? I could have used a heads up or something.


Thankfully The IT Girl Set from it Cosmetics is here to help. This set includes three CC+Lip Serums, which are a magical combination of color correcting gloss and potent anti-aging ingredients. They hydrate and enhance the natural beauty of your lips – who doesn’t want that?

This set contains full-sized CC+Lip Serums ($24 each), a $72 value that retails for $39.50! That is an amazing value and a great way to try CC+Lip Serums, especially when it involves limited edition shades that are exclusive to this trio.


The CC+Lip Serums contain collagen, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, all of which work to restore the natural youthful look of your pout. That’s not even hype: these are clinically proven to increase lip hydration, color-correct, reduce the appearance of lip lines and increase lip suppleness.


WIth use, fine lines are reduced; and lips become softer and plumper. These good-for-you glosses also are chock full of natural ingredients and anti-oxidants that help to get your lips in their best shape ever: aloe vera, avocado oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, pomegranate extract, white tea leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, and more!


The shades included in this set are:

Snow Bunny – pale, sheer cool-toned pink
Joy To The World – medium rose
Under The Mistletoe – sheer, red cranberry

I loved the way these felt on my lips – like butter! I could see my lips go from their dry, raisin-like appearance (it’s the winter, don’t judge) to being restored to their former, plumped glory. It was pretty amazing.

It-Girl-Set-swatches-6The IT Girl Set: Snow Bunny, Joy To The World, Under The Mistletoe – indoors

Snow Bunny is too pale for my pale self, but it still works under other lip colors and gives my lips some much-needed moisture. You can also slick it on top of darker lip colors to mute them. Joy To The World is such a flattering rose. This would look amazing on anyone as an everyday lip color; it’s definitely a “your lips but better” shade. Under The Mistletoe is a sheer red that looks like you ate a cherry popsicle while still staying sophisticated. These are some gorgeous glosses, y’all.

It-Girl-Set-swatches-7The IT Girl Set: Snow Bunny, Joy To The World, Under The Mistletoe – in sunlight

While this set is something that more mature women need in their arsenals, younger women should not overlook them – all of the benefits of this gloss will help you maintain the youthfulness your lips already possess.

Remember, girls: you don’t miss something until it’s gone. Plus, the colors are incredibly flattering. They are all perfect, everyday shades. Every girl can be The IT Girl with these fabulous CC+Lip Serums!

we heartsters – What’s your favorite product from it Cosmetics? And was I the only person to experience a vanishing lip line once I hit 30?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. “It” Girl Set totally nails it! I love this company so much! I also think I’d like every color above, especially, Mistletoe!!

  2. Love Joy to the World…I need that! But these are really great with the dual action ingredients… I get a great gloss and help to save my ever aging, drying lips.

  3. @krista — IT is one of my favorite lines out there. I just got the limited edition naturally pretty holiday essentials kit. I am so excited to have all of the best IT items in one kit!

  4. I love IT’s face products, but have never tried anything from their lip line. You’ve convinced me to take a look, @krista .
    “Raisin-like” lips– haa!

    1. @turboterp–If you’ve ever survived a New England winter, you would know what I mean. It’s just plain sad :( I pretty much have to layer any lip color over a lip balm when it’s cold out. Wah waaaaaah *sad trombone*

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