JK Jemma Kidd summer 2011 review

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Budget beauties – bring out your inner goddess!

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I ran into Target last weekend to grab a few quick things and was speeding towards the Pet aisle, passing the Beauty section, when something caught my eye and I literally screeched to a halt. What was this wonderland of products featured on the hot pink endcap display? None other then wht fave, Jemma Kidd!

Previous wht posts touched on JK’s career as one of the UK’s premier makeup artists, founder of the Jemma Kidd Makeup School and creator of her very own makeup line. Her JK Jemma Kidd cosmetics have been available at Target since 2008, but the selection had never stopped me in my tracks before now. I vowed to return when I had more time to peruse.

This unplanned encounter was kismet, because what arrived for review in my mailbox the very next day? Two products from the JK Jemma Kidd Grecian Goddess collection. This line, designed to help you “glow like a goddess without torching your budget,” features sunny products for lips, eyes and cheeks. This Greek girl couldn’t wait to dive in!

First I pounced on the JK City Chic Lip Kit ($22), a compact containing a perfect little rainbow of five cheerful colors. Ranging from rose to coral to honeysuckle, each color is a customer fave and selected from either the JK classic couture lipstick or air kiss shine lipgloss collections.

I adore this little palette; every glossy color is beautiful, and each one became my “favorite” until I tried the next one. The lipsticks have a pleasant, barely-detectable scent and flavor. Great stuff!

The smart looking black palette features pink floral graphics and is small enough to fit in any makeup bag, making it perfect for travel. I had trouble figuring out how to open it at first, but once I mastered the initial awkwardness, no troubles. My only complaint about the lipstick itself is that there is not enough of it. Just a few uses of the gorgeous coral, for example, and I could see the bottom of the pan.

Eye shadow addicts will want to check out its sister palette, the City Chic I-Kit ($22). This black palette with white graphics houses five super flattering and wearable shadows in classic nudes and browns.

Jemma Kidd fans may recognize some of these pretty hues, they’re some of the most popular shades from the JK i-design eye colour line. Both palettes contain a double-ended brush that’s a little puny, but does the job on the go.

For my eyes, I tested the Glitterati shadow dust duo, ($18) a liquid shadow/glitter combo. These double sided “pencils” are available in three colors and I tried premiere, a frosty but wearable neutral taupe.

The first side of the duo is a truly lovely liquid eyeshadow applied with a doe-footed sponge tip applicator. Like most liquid shadows, it creased a little by the end of the day but using it with a primer minimized this problem. I found it easiest to apply and blend the shadow using my finger.

Glitterati Eye Shadow Dust Duos: paparazzi, premiere, debut. Liquid alone on left of swatch, with glitter topper on right.

The other end of Glitterati is a roller ball of micro glitter that can be used for “instant glamour.” It’s surprisingly subtle and very pretty. Whichever way I wore it, premiere brightened up my eyes and, yes, made me feel a little bit goddess-like.

Finally, some wht testers received the In Vogue Perfect Blush ($18), a powder blush that has blocks of both matte and shimmer finishes in complementary shades.

In Vogue Perfect Blush: 5th Avenue, Rodeo Drive, South Beach

In Vogue Perfect Blush color choices include 5th Avenue (apricot), Rodeo Drive (pink) and South Beach (bronze). You can use these blushes by swirling all the hues together or by individual shades. I can’t wait to read what wht’s beauty deities have to say – check the comments for their thoughts.

Overall, JK Jemma Kidd delivers a natural summer glow in cute packages with wallet friendly prices. What’s not to love?

we heartsters – does the latest from JK Jemma Kidd have you glowing with joy? Let’s talk JK and her budget friendly beuaty in the comments!

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  1. I couldn’t resist In Vogue Perfect Blush in 5th Avenue, with all that perfect symmetry of coral! And it does not disappoint. It has the perfect amount of shimmer. Only the center square is shimmery, so when you swirl it around with the matte shades the outcome is really subtle. I think it would be hard to get just one color on your brush to use the shades separately. But why would you want to when combined is so pretty!

    I also love the packaging. I’m a sucker for chunky clear plastic. I know it’s not lucite, but it looks like it.

    Yep, this is a 5 star blush! Way to go Jemma Kidd.

  2. Those blushes are so pretty. I love Rodeo Drive. The City Chic I-Kit is gorgeous too! It really stinks that I all ready spent my allowance because now I want these!!!! (Okay, I still would’ve had to sacrifice something. There was no way I would have not gone home without The Fox and the Hound!!! I <3 that movie!)

  3. I gave the Lip Kit and the Glitterati shadow dust duo 4 stars (5 stars for the quality of the products, 3 stars for the quantity… I wanted more, especially with the lip palette).
    Great stuff!

  4. The blush is really a winner! It is top quality for sure. It provides you with very flattering, long lasting color. The combination of matte and shimmer in one product really works well.

    I give it 5 stars for product performance and 3 stars for price. Honestly, I feel a little bad paying $18 for blush at Target. But I can’t say that the quality isn’t there. So if you have the cash go for it!

    Now I would really like to see some swatches for the I-Kit. That thing looks like pure gold-AMAZING!!!

    1. Sorry! I got 5th Avenue!! It is very pretty and warmed up my pale skin.

  5. Pretty Pretty! The eyeshadow palette is so gorgeous, and I just love the packaging too..I think that the blushes look amazing..

  6. I have the Glitterati shadow dust duo in papparazi, and it’s gorgeous. It also actually works really well as a highlighter, especially under the eye! Brightens things up a bit. 5 stars :)

  7. I was the super lucky gal who got the City Chic i-kit to test and it is the greatest eyeshadow palette ever!

    First, that packaging is awesome. Very chic design, nice wide mirror and love the flip lid! Now, the shades…these are the best nude shades I’ve seen. They range from really light white, pink (great highlighters), to my personal fave of the palette and most used- gold, and then a couple of darker shades that have tinges of purple/mauve and brown.

    They color is subtle when worn and work great for day, but the shimmer is what keeps these from being run of the mill nudes and makes these perfect for evening as well. Definitely not boring! These could easily transition between seasons. Every shade in this palette looked great on and these are designed to work on any skin tone, so even if you aren’t a warmer skin toned person like me, these will still look fantastic.

    AND the quality is superb. I had some fallout but not a big deal overall considering how well these blend and how amazing they look on.

    Totally worthy of 5 stars!

  8. I will not run to Target, I will not run to Target, I will not run to Target…

    Argh, so tempting! That eyeshadow palette is so beautiful.

  9. I love/ hate how Target puts the cosmetics right by the front door! It makes it too hard to resist. Looks like I will have to plan a special trip just to check these palettes out! Great post!

  10. I want to try the blushes! they look gorg, especially 5th Ave….I’ll have to check out Target really soon.

  11. Ohhh this is dangerous! I drive by a target every day! I love that lip kit and the 5th Avenue blush. And it’s so inexpensive!

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