John Frieda Precision Foam Colour - Stef's makeover and review

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour – Stef’s makeover and review

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“John Frieda and Glam are partnering together to give a few bloggers a round trip to New York City and a full hair, beauty and style makeover. And YOU are one of the bloggers they’ve selected!”

It was a once in a lifetime kind of email. The kind that makes you think there must have been some sort of mistake. But multiple pinches confirmed that it was indeed true. A makeover in NYC. For me!

And wow, did I need one. After a dodgy haircut with way too many layers (confirmation on that later) and one blotchy home dye after another, I had been feeling pretty unglamorous lately. What better to get me out of my rut then to be in the hands of the John Frieda team, lead by none other then celeb hairstylist Harry Josh, their International Creative Consultant.

Harry assures me it’s all going to be ok…

More info was revealed as the final details of the event came together, each item more exciting than the next:

• We’d be testing their brand new Precision Foam Colour and sharing our thoughts.
• The makeover would be filmed for an online ad campaign.
• Tyna was coming too!

So without further ado, here are the details of our two day makeover extravaganza.

India and Nola looking Glam

Day one couldn’t have been more fabulous. I remember thinking (and saying aloud) several times throughout the day “I don’t want today to ever end.” We started with a quick breakfast in our hotel with the lovely other bloggers (Heather of Behind the Lashes, Angela of Lipgloss Break and Elisa of NY Spender) and the lovely in his own right Robert of Glam.

Next, we were picked up in a big ol’ car by Glam’s Beauty Editor India-Jewel Jackson and whisked to Soho for shopping with Nola Weinstein, Glam’s Fashion editor. Drop dead chic, super fierce and lots of fun; to say these two are a force of nature would be putting it mildly. Seven shops, five outfits, three hours – it was impressive to watch and even more exciting to be a part of.

Nola makes selections for Angela

We were each assigned a fall trend that became the basis for all shopping decisions. I swear I heard angels sing when Nola informed me I would be 60s vintage. My outfit came together rather quickly, a beautiful Betty Draper suit paired with sexy Joan Holloway leopard print heels and a purse. Vintage style accessories accented the look. And to answer the question I know everyone asks when they watch makeover shows – did we get to keep the clothes? We did. I die.

After a sushi lunch, it was off for manicures to compliment our look. I got a bright red that would match the lip I would wear the next day (which absolutely popped next to the black and white suit). And finally, it was time to meet Harry and the John Frieda team.

We sat with him and he went one by one down the row of excited bloggers. It was absolutely amazing to watch him instantly determine exactly what we needed. For me, it was good and bad news. The good news, he told me I had great hair. A lot of thick hair that was a dream for a stylist to work on. I silently high-fived my hair.

The bad news, I didn’t have much of it to work with. He asked “are you from LA?”. When I confirmed it, he told me he sees a lot of rocker shags on West Coast women – tons of layers that really couldn’t do much other then slowly grow out. I silently cursed my last stylist. He decided to cut the bottom especially scraggly layer, telling me that once the layers grew in I would be in much better shape.

Finally, Harry confirmed that I would be dying my hair with John Freida Precision Foam Colour in 10B, extra beige blond (the shade I had picked through their online shade selector).

The next day started bright and early, went dark and late, and was all kinds of awesome – thanks to a village of kind folks that made it all happen (including the director Max Dionne).

a portion of the crew, and the exact moment I started getting nervous!

It began with the dreaded “before” shot, which I joked should be me frowning and holding up a phone that said “no messages”. But seriously, I was so excited for my makeover at this point that my frown would have been rather real! That shot was followed by an on screen consultation with Harry.

the dreaded before shot

Because I had grown out my roots for the occasion, I was also chosen for a close up shot of applying the product to my part. Said part was peppered with “silvery strands”, the gentle way that Harry described my grays. And although they will live forever in video, they are nowhere in sight now thanks to the Precision Foam Colour.

This product applies like a dream. It is SO much easier than the traditional, messy hairdye I’ve been using my whole life. The bubbles of the foam enveloped my roots, filling in every spot and absolutely eliminating the blotchy color I had come to expect. And because it’s designed to work best when you choose a color only two shades away from your natural haircolor, it looks like you – but better. The grays even managed to somehow look like highlights. Perhaps best of all, the product creates two liters of foam (that’s over four cups). So gone are the days of my “one box is not enough and two is too much” dilemma. This stuff is GOOD.

Jennifer Brent giving me my new bob

The talented Nam Vo works on a killer red pout

After the dye, my freshly blond hair was cut and styled into a 60s wavy bob that made me feel more feminine then I have in ages. Add to that gold eyeshadow, single false lashes and bright cherry red lips and I felt pretty foxy.

Everything combined for a definite retro vibe (as seen in the film noir looking shot on the left) but one that I could easily wear today. And most importantly, a look that I WOULD wear today.

I think the team did such an amazing job pairing everyone with looks that complimented them but weren’t so out there that they wouldn’t feel comfortable in them. Much like the John Freida Precision Foam Colour provided a change we all welcomed, but not such a drastic one that you didn’t feel like yourself.

Bravo everyone, bravo! And thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Stay tuned for the videos documenting our day in an upcoming wht post….

Precision Foam Colour is the first ever premium permanent home hair colour from the John Frieda® Hair Care Experts that uses foam technology to deliver a luxurious at-home colouring experience. Demand gorgeous, salon-quality results — 100% grey coverage and vibrant shine. With 20 flattering shades to choose from, achieving natural-looking hair colour perfection is in your hands.

The product reviewed in this post was provided gratis by the John Frieda® Hair Care team. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the John Frieda® Hair Care team.

34 thoughts on “John Frieda Precision Foam Colour – Stef’s makeover and review”

  1. I’ve been tempted to use John Frieda’s foam haircolor. I haven’t used a home-dye since they started making these foam ones and I’m glad to hear it applies so easily.

    Love the suit and the cut looks great!

  2. Is it terrible that I giggled a little when he knew you were from LA? :-) I had that happen to me once, I was up north and got called out for being a southerner. (apparently it was from the full face of makeup on a lazy Sunday with ratty jeans and a t-shirt…)

    But I loooovvvee your look and can’t wait to see the video! That suit looks AMAZING and those shoes are killin’ me, girl!! I also can’t wait to see what your hair looks like – I’m bored with my hair but have NOT wanted to deal with the cost of a salon color or the mess of the at home color. (My special hair-dye t-shirt is AWFUL looking, my husband says it looks like I slaughtered something over my head.) However, with y’all’s rave reviews about the foam, I think I’m making a trip to the store TONIGHT! :-)

    1. @lyssachelle – OMG, the shoes are even more divine in person. I wanted to cuddle up with them! Btw, the whole look is the Banana Rebuplic Mad Men collection. (They could be yours too!)

      And you cracked me up as well, my hair dye T-shirt is a thing of absolute disgust too.

      You’ll be amazed at how clean the appication of this is. No more drips!

  3. Omg, what a cool experience! I love your new look! I’ve been on a Mad Men marathon this week so I particularly loved your outfit. I’m getting to a point where I will have to start doing some home hair color, and this line sounds great. Sounds like you had a blast!

  4. Not only do you look like a classic movie star, you got to keep the clothes???!!! Your makeover experience sounds like a fairy tale!

    The haircolor has me especially intrigued. Can it really be that easy to use? I checked out the Shade Selector and the instructions on the John Frieda site, and the process looks foolproof. I might work up my courage and give it a try!

    Can’t wait to see the video!

  5. @stef – You look HOT! Like some exec is going to pull you out of the steno pool and put you on a “special project” HOT. I know you tend to go for a rocker look, but DANG, GIRL! The retro waves really suit your face shape and the shade they picked for your hair really brightened up your whole face. LOVE IT! I really wish I could pull off blonde hair *sighs wistfully*

  6. I’m dying to see the VIDEO!!! Hurry and post it, please! @stef, you guys look like you had a complete blast! John Frieda’s talented team did a super dooper awesome job too! You look stunning.. really wonderful. I have never seen you look so polished either.. you sure clean up well! :)wooooo hoo!!!

  7. Wow this looks like so much fun! It was great reading your tweets throughout the weekend and so much fun to see the results. The hair color looks so natural! Also, really glad to hear that the foam actually works. I’ve been wondering about it for a few months now. Can’t wait for the video!

  8. This is incredible! I can’t wait to see the video. The color is gorgeous – and how neat that it’s the one you would’ve picked anyways. I love the style too – it suits you beautifully. Coming from a girl who’s also basically been wearing the rocker shag for years now! I love the idea of the foam, too – I bet it feels tingly good and doesn’t drip all over the place, like the last time I tried to dye my own hair. If it’s that easy and pleasant, I may have to give it a shot, too! Bring on the video!!

  9. The first thing I did was look at all the pics and I thought; look Stef came prepared with her own pair of knock out shoes, I couldn’t believe you didn’t already own them. Second thought, OMG John Hamm is going to die when he see’s his future wife/co-star in her outift. You
    could totally walk onto the set of Mad Men in that outfit and no one
    would think you weren’t a cast member.
    I love how versitile your hair is and I’m envious of he shape of your face! You can go long, short or spiked and still look fantastic! You look amazing!

  10. Oh Stef, I am freaking out FOR you. I mean, they gave YOU the 60s Mad Men look??? AND you got to keep the clothes? I can’t even wrap my mind around that type of awesomeness.

    And of course, you look STUNNING. I’m not just saying that because I adore you. Even if you were someone I didn’t like (not possible but let’s pretend), I’d be forced to say: “OK, well, I have to admit, she’s gorgeous.” :)

  11. @stef the makeover clearly was a huge success!! It’s like it was designed by your best friend. How did they know? The style gods were certainly smiling down on you when you were given the 60s vibe. Wowzers!!

    And the hair is too die for. I love the cut and the color is insane. The foam sounds like a real winner. I must give it a try. I am just so glad that you and Tyna had such a wonderful experience. You look hot!! :)

  12. Hahaha, I’ve totally been pegged for location by my hair. What is it about hair by region? We should all be more original, LOL!
    I’m DYING over the outfit you got. Those girls at Glam are fashion geniuses, and Harry gave you the PERFECT haircut for both the 60’s look and your face. The color and subtle waves really brighten up your face. Beautiful!

  13. WOW! This was like a dream come true. A wonderful trip, they pegged your personal style, you don’t have to fight your hair wave AND you can replicate this color at home!! What more could a girl want?

  14. If I were to have a ‘dream’ day, I don’t think it would be too far from your makeover day at John Frieda! (Except Alcide would have been waiting to take me to dinner afterwards..)
    I love the 60’s look they gave you and the hair is perfect! I can’t believe that is done with mousse!? It looks so moisturized and sleek! I must try this product. I bet it feels great too. And being a shoe hound….OMG! I die!

  15. Stef, you look stunning! It’s so amazing that they intuitively captured your inner 60’s girl. SO COOL! You completely deserved that dream-come-true day and I can’t wait to see the video! And your review of the Precision Foam Colour has me convinced that even I, queen of home hair color travesties, could get it right.

  16. Oh ladies, you both look extremely fab (<3 that faux fur vest on Tyna, and Stef in a Mad Men collection suit is so apropos)! Hair, makeup, clothes are all beautiful.
    I must try that foam, great color choices! I can't write more right now…I'm too jealous.

  17. Gorgeous Stef! I love the 60’s vintage look which looks amazing on you. Your hair is too die for. So jealous of your makeover. Makes me want to do something different with my boring straight hair.

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  22. @stef – Sounds like such an awesome experience. No better place than to have it in NY, of course!! Your hair cut looks awesome and I’m loving the red pout, nothing better than completing a look with bright red lips! they did a great job in picking a look that works for you. As everyone said, can’t wait to see the video :)

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  27. I love the 60′s vintage look which looks amazing on you. I love the idea of the foam, too – I bet it feels tingly good and doesn’t drip all over the place, like the last time I tried to dye my own hair.

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