Jordana Cat Eye Liner review, swatches and looks

Jordana Cat Eye Liner review, swatches and looks

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See why these are drugstore makeup must haves…

Jordana is a rising star in drugstore color cosmetics and they show no sign of slowing down. Which is great news for beauty babes on a budget. They’ve come out with product types, formulas and colors that will totally challenge any preconceived notions we might have about inexpensive makeup–and I LOVE it. Jordana’s latest addition, their Cat Eye Liner, is pretty fabulous and it’s hard to believe it’s only $2.99.


Jordana’s Cat Eye Liner comes in eight shades (all of which were very pigmented with the exception of one).

01 Black Leather – true, dark black
02 Black Brown – dark matte brown
03 Orchid – medium lavender shimmer
04 Twilight – royal blue pearl
05 Caribbean – blue-teal pearl
06 Envy – lime green pearl
07 Suede – purple pearl
08 Future – gold pearl


Jordana-cat-eye-liner-swatches-6swatches indoors: Black Leather, Black Brown, Orchid, Twilight, Caribbean, Envy, Suede and Future

Jordana-cat-eye-liner-swatches-7swatches in sunlight: Black Leather, Black Brown, Orchid, Twilight, Caribbean, Envy, Suede and Future

Orchid is somewhat sheer/translucent, but it may just be the one that I have, as other bloggers’ swatches of this shade show that the opacity of Orchid seems to be on par with the other shades. In any case, it is GORGEOUS on the lower lashline for anyone with brown eyes!

Jordana-cat-eye-liner-swatches-8Black Brown on upper lid, Orchid on lower lashline


The brush is really easy to use. Although I typically prefer marker type tips for liquid liner, these brushes are the perfect blend of flexibility and rigidity, making it easy to apply the liquid liner evenly and delicately. Brushes that are too soft can lead to wobbly lines, and brushes that are too stiff can end up flicking liner where it doesn’t belong. I’m honestly surprised at how much I like the brush!


And not only is the brush fabulous, I really like the Jordana Cat Eye Liner formula as well. It dries down quickly (meaning there’s less of a chance that I’ll get it all over my face) but not too quickly (which could lead to a sticky mess).

The one common sense warning I’d like to share: Be careful not to get any in your eyes–I did, and it was very irritating, my eyes watered a lot, and I had to reapply.

Once it dries down completely, this stuff stays PUT. You’ll need a good makeup remover to get all of it off. I wore it for a 10k race today, and it barely budged (my eyes were watering like crazy, so it’s amazing that only a little bit wore off).



All of these have a slight glossy sheen to the finish. If colorful eye liner makes you nervous, I have a few tips for toning it down a bit:

  • Pair colorful eyeliner with neutral eyeshadows.
  • Try using colorful eyeliner on the lower lashline, maybe even just the outer third of the lower lashline
  • Double-line your upper lids. Start with a thick line of colorful liner, then pair it with a thinner line closer to the eye.

Jordana-cat-eye-liner-swatches-9Double lined lids: Suede and Future on upper, Twilight and Caribbean on bottom

I can also see these as being cool for painting on delicate designs onto the skin. Those metallic temporary tattoos are all the rage, but these allow more creativity!

we heartsters, what do you think of the Jordana Cat Eye Liners?

13 thoughts on “Jordana Cat Eye Liner review, swatches and looks”

  1. I love the double-lined look; so pretty! I have three of these Jordana liners and really like them a lot–I do find I have to put a layer down, wait for it to set, and then do another layer to reach full coverage with them, but that’s not a big deal. And at this price, I probably will end up with the whole line!

    1. Thank you @amity! I’m glad you’re enjoying them too. The metallic shades and Orchid seemed to need two or three layers–shaking the tube REALLY well did help though. For the price, I’m not going to complain either ;)

  2. That blue on your bottom lid is stunning! It’s hard to believe that these cost less than a magazine. It doesn’t seem possible.

    I agree, I’m more of a fan of a felt tip liquid liner. You seem to have more control over those. But for the price, these are hard to beat.

    I do wish the chartreuse was more opaque. That’s my only complaint.

  3. Jordana makes fantastic products especially there eye liners. I have so many of them and have never once been disappointed. This new addition to their already stellar line has not disappointed me. Yay!! Great liner and so easy to use!

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