Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick Swatches and Review

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Goof Proof Color at a Guilt Free Price

In the morning, I’m always in a rush – especially when putting on my makeup. Yet I end up taking longer than expected trying to perfect my cat eye or cleaning smudges cause by an errant mascara wand.

In a perfect world, the quicker I can get the products on, the better! But it’s hard to take that into consideration when you also want to leave the house looking as put together as possible.


As far as cheeks go, I think I found my perfect match to help save those extra couple of minutes. The Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks ($3) are absolutely genius with a price that you can’t beat.

As a cream blush newb, I didn’t know exactly what I should be doing, and to actually think I’d get glowy cheeks right on the first try? Well, yes, I sure did! That’s the beauty of these blush sticks…I believe they really are error proof.


First, don’t get put off by the size (less than 3 inches high). Sure, they kind of resemble those delicious Push Pops candies from the 90’s, but these here are perfect for your your makeup bag. They are small but powerful and the only tools required are your fingertips. That means you can use them anywhere and everywhere you go!

There are six new colors added to the Jordana Color Tint Blush collection and one is sure to please any blush aficionado as the color range is so varied.


09 Peach Nectar – pink grapefruit
11 Rouge Romance – berry red
12 Golden Sheen – light bronze shimmer

Jordana-color-tint-review-rouge-romance-swatch-9Swatched: Peach Nectar, Rouge Romance and Golden Sheen

Jordana-color-tint-review-golden-sheen-swatch-10Blended: Peach Nectar, Rouge Romance and Golden Sheen

Rouge Romance is my kind of winter shade! It’s that fresh from the cold blush. Very Snow White-esque. For my skintone, Golden Sheen is more of a bronzer than a blush. As the name suggests, it does indeed have more of a sheen that is perfect for the tops of cheek bones rather than on the apples. It adds a nice bronze without excess glimmer.


10 Sunkissed – peachy nude
07 Baby Pink – cool-toned baby pink shimmer
08 Hot, Hot, Hot – bright hot pink

Jordana-color-tint-review-hot-swatch-6Swatched: Sunkissed, Baby Pink and Hot, Hot, Hot

Jordana-color-tint-review-baby-pink-swatch-7Blended: Sunkissed, Baby Pink and Hot, Hot, Hot

Sunkissed is a great everyday natural-look hue that would work on many complexions. Hot, Hot, Hot is awesome for spring and the coming summer. It is a bit cool toned and I can see this working beautifully on fair skintones.

Application Tips: Simply dab it onto your cheeks (remember less is more) and take your fingers and smooth upwards, blending in. It’s unbelievable how pigmented and blendable these babies are. I was done with my cheeks in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but I looked like I spent way longer on the application too.


The stain that you get from these is so lovely. I just looked more alive with just a tiny bit of this stuff. The staying power was average, about six hours. They do not last much longer than early afternoon of my work day. That’s why these make great purse companions. When you need a pick me up, dab a bit on, add a little powder and you’re good to go again!

Once again Jordana has made an affordable easy to use and pretty product that gives other (more expensive) companies a run for their money. My only gripe would be the fact that there is a slight fragrance to it. It eventually fades of course, but those sensitive to fragrances might not be comfortable with these. However at only 3 bucks each, you can’t go wrong with trying just one to see what you think!

we heartsters – Are you a Jordana fan? Will you be giving the Jordana Color Tint Blush Sticks a try anytime soon?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone


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  1. These are so pretty. I need to pick up a few the next time I’m out.

  2. I have a Blush Stick in Baby Pink, and I wholeheartedly agree with your great review. I like how light and portable they are, and they make a quick but pretty blush application so easy!

  3. Great review @Amanda! I’ll admit I’m pretty fussy when it comes to cream blushes since my skin is so fussy, but I tried this in Peach Nectar and find myself reaching for it much more often than my old standby pressed powder one. It’s not greasy at all and it really does blend so smoothly and easily that it’s actually more forgiving than powder. (Please tell me someone else has occasional lopsided shading issues…) On top of everything else, it has a lovely faint rose smell, which makes it all the more pleasant to dab on during the am rush!

    1. glad you love it! i was surprised too at how reliable and well performing they have been!

  4. While I prefer powder products, I love the pricepoint and the idea of having one of these in my office desk drawer for those times I need a little bit of a color touchup!

    1. I am the same – I own tons of powder blushes. but the convenience of these are totally spot on for beautiful color + performance!

  5. I love Jordana products. They are such a great value and perform really well. I love a good peach blush & Peach Nectar has my name written all over it!!!!

    1. It’s kind of unbelievable how inexpensive these are, isn’t it?

    2. Yes and they last forever! Mine are still going strong.

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