JUARA – a Green Monday product review

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Welcome to another Green Monday! Today, we have a company that we are thrilled to be introducing to we heart this readers – the eco-conscious and simply luscious JUARA. This Indonesian inspired line of natural beauty products has it all – fab packaging, luxurious formulas, subtle, sensuous scents and effective products. Did we mention this company has a heart of gold as well?

Not only did the wht review team receive a few JUARA staples for glowing skin; the good peeps at JUARA contributed to our Raffle for the Rescues as well! A lucky Raffle winner walked away with a basket brimming with JUARA’s most buzzed about products from the sumptuous Candlenut line. The generous folks at JUARA also donated a chicly packaged, 3 piece sampler set of hydrating skin products to our Raffle Gift Bags as well.

Naturally, a company willing to share their products for a cause so close to my heart has already earned some positive marks in my book. Happily, once I had a chance to check out a couple of their effective yet gentle products, I realized their skin care is also worthy of rave reviews! As you probably suspected, this line of natural skin care is 100% vegetarian and contains no ingredients tested on animals. Additionally, all products are free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors.

JUARA (pronounced joo/ah/rah) is a distinctive blend of natural Indonesian skincare treatments (tracing back to ancient royalty) and modern science. Their formulas contain high concentrations of pure, powerful active botanicals to provide effective yet safe, gentle skincare. The JUARA philosophy focuses on maintaining healthy skin “while feeling luxurious, elegant, and sensual to the touch.” My verdict? Mission completed!

I tried a variety of skin pampering products neatly packaged in the Glow On The Go Kit, the perfect starter collection to experience JUARA. This skin brightening kit contains five of their best selling products (a cleanser, mask, toner and face moisturizer, plus body crème) working together to “soften, brighten, strengthen and detoxify skin by utilizing the ancient beauty secrets of rice, tamarind, turmeric and sweet black tea.“ After conducting just one mini ritual in my bathroom (a four step mini facial with the music blaring and the phone turned off) my skin was truly radiant – which is almost impossible for my blotchy, oily skin. Yet, this 20 minute “me time” resulted in a complexion that was clearer and brighter while my skin was markedly softer to the touch.

Beyond these fantastic results, I found two products that really made an impression on me in this kit. First the Rice Facial Cleanser is fabulous. It’s creamy and luxurious to the touch and thoroughly cleans my skin. Best of all, the creamy cleanser stands up well to a full two-minute wash with my Clarisonic. My skin felt super clean and soft all at once – this one’s going on my To Buy List.

Secondly, I believe the Turmeric Antioxidant Facial Mask may be primarily responsible for my glow. When applied this creamy mask stays moist while its antioxidants work to brighten skin and smooth fine lines. I could feel a very subtle tingle while it worked its magic and then the mask washed clear away with a warm cloth. Best of all, a dab of moisture and my skin felt full and supple – no tightness and no itchiness.

Our review team will be along in the comments to give their thoughts on this exotic and elegant line of skincare. We’ll hear more about the Rice Facial Cleanser, the Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer and the Candlenut Body Creme. Additionally, we will hear about the Avocado Banana Moisture Mask, an intensive moisture mask for dry, sensitive and/or mature skin containing banana puree and avocado oil –yum! As well as the Sweet Black Tea Eye Cream, made with Candlenut Oil and vitamins to rejuvenate the eye area and minimize fine lines.

Testers – Have the Green Monday approved skin care experts at JUARA added a new found glow to your skin as well?


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  1. Moisurizers are so hit or miss for me that I tend to stick with a favored few. My oily skin says they can’t be too heavy; my age (40) says they can’t be too light. I prefer a sunscreen with my day moisturizer. And, since my skin tends to redden with the slightest stress, I like something that calms my skin, too.
    I regularly use Alba or Mario Badescu (and I really liked La Mer). That being said I thought the Sweet Black Tea and Rice facial moisturizer is quite nice. It is very light (so I used it during the day), but doesn’t have SPF. I use it under my foundation (which does have an SPF), but didn’t dare go it alone on days were I went au naturel.
    I don’t know that it really helped with calming my skin, but it didn’t enflame it either. The scent (or lack thereof) was nice and neutral, and the small pot seems to be bottomless. Lots of reasons to like this product…4 stars

  2. WOW WEEEEEEE! Looks like a very nice line.. I’ll keep my eyes open for it.. I’m always looking for a good facial moisturizer! I love the sound of the sweet black tea rice facial moisturizer, and eye cream.. Where is this sold?

  3. I can’t even believe how much I love the Avocado Banana Moisture Mask!
    My skin is totally on the dry sensitive side, and I’m always a bit scared to try Moisture Masks as they can break me out or send my sensitive skin into a red zone! But this mask is amazing, totally calming, and really leaves your skin so smooth. I can’t image going through winter without it, now that I’ve found it. I think this would be ideal for most skin types, as it is totally non-irritating. Goes on so smooth, and your skin literally drinks it up. I think this would be a great target mask too, if you only had dry patches.
    I love that it’s a light avocado green color, makes me reminiscent of old Hollywood ladies facial masks! :) It smells really fresh/barely scented which is nice. A very soothing hydrating mask sure to balance out even the driest of skin….aka…mine!! It totally did. love it! 5 Stars

  4. I was lucky enough to try a small sample set of the Candlenut Body Creme, Rice Face Cleanser and Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer. I love all three products. OK, when I used the moisturizer at night, I did get some pimples on my next by the morning, but I’m 99.99 per cent sure that’s hormonal (as I already had a couple – TMI, perhaps, but just want to make it clear it probably wasn’t the product that caused this! It felt lovely going on the skin – nice and light and with a gentle scent).

    As for the cleanser, I was hooked after just one use! I have cupboards full of products, as my husband will confirm, but I simply must buy this! It’s creamy and gentle and a little goes a long way.

    I also loved the body creme. It’s rich yet sinks in very quickly. And the smell – divine! Tropical, almost coconutty – like a trip to somewhere exotic without the price tag. (Although I still want my two weeks in Hawai’i, just so we’re clear).

    Love this line. The only downside is that it’s pretty pricey, but, like I say, a little goes a long way.

    Four out of five stars for me.

  5. I had the pleasure of trying the Candlenut line recently (as I was lucky enough to be at the house of the winner of the JUARA raffle prize) and I wanted to pop in to comment on how gorgeous it is!

    It has a tropical smell, which I love. But it’s more of a tropical floral than tropical pina colada. It’s really unique. I can honestly say I’ve never smelled anything like it before. It smells like an island. YUM.

    And every item is super hydrating, really creamy and totally lush.

    I can’t wait to explore the line more and get something to call my own.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Renee Rouleau Skin Care review =-.

  6. Just wanted to chime in about JUARA’s Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer. It is great for treating my dry skin concerns. My face is much softer and smoother,besides that it’s alot calmer from the holiday stress. I like how it works into my skin quickly, making it more hydrated and even has a nice glow!

  7. Another product I liked and recently tried was JUARA’s Candlenut Body Creme. Two words come to mind.. “rich and quenching” This stuff is soooo rich and creamy. You are going to tire from hearing go on and on about my dry skin.. but you know I know what works for it! This is great for dry skin, especially for my sensitive prone skin that is easily inflamed. My not so youngskin loves this too! The company even says that it is gentle enough to soothe skin that has eczema and psoriasis! that’s fantastic stuff you want to have around!

  8. I got a sample of the cleanser. Yes, it worked fabulous and my combination sensitive skin really liked it. What suprised me was that it really reminded me of my Kinerase Gentle Cleanser.

    I wish I knew a place I could buy it locally.

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