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Our Green Monday review of the Green Apple Peel and Hydrating Mist – plus a bonus look at the new Stem Cellular Repair line

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When I began transitioning to more earth-friendly beauty products, Juice Beauty was the first on my list of products to try. It’s one of those feel-good companies that offers cruelty-free, organic beauty products through solar-power, using recycled materials and paraben-free formulas. That’s a lot of great stuff packed into one company!

Juice Beauty offers peels, serums, moisturizers, make-up and more all using ingredients like apples, lemons, dandelions and algae. One of the stand-out products from Juice Beauty is their Green Apple Peel ($39 for 2oz) which come in two strengths – standard and sensitive skin.

Recently the wht team had the chance to test the popular peel formulated for those with sensitive skin. This peel has a nice consistency and produces just enough of a tingle to let you know it’s working. The scent reminds me a little of fermented apples, like apple cider without spices.

The best effect of using the Green Apple Peel was my blemishes shrinking! I had two little buggers popping up and after using the peel they shrunk down and dried out without the rest of my skin drying as well.

I used the Hydrating Mist ($22 for 6.75 oz) on my recent vacation aboard a cruise to the Caribbean. This meant traveling from icy New Hampshire down to the port in New Orleans. Two flights and bus rides later my skin was feeling tight and dry, so I spritzed this on my skin immediately after hitting my room.

It hydrated my skin and gave it a nice dewy glow. The Hydrating Mist is a blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, grapeseed oil, oat extract and vitamins. This toner is perfect to stick in the fridge and allow it to get nice and cold for a refreshing pick-me-up.

I discovered as the cold weather gives way to warm sunshine and humidity, Juice Beauty’s Hydrating Mist and Green Apple Peel are the perfect transition from thick lotions and scrubs.

While you may be familiar with these popular Juice Beauty products, the company has introduced a new line called Stem Cellular Repair using fruit stem cells combined with fat-soluble vitamin C and plant oils. We got a look at some samples.

What I find most fascinating about this line (other than the fact that fruit stem cells exist) is the innovative packing. The moisturizer comes in a jar that keeps out air and bacteria by using a different style of pump than other lotions. The eye treatment has a similar pump but the gel base comes out onto an applicator designed for the eye area. One thing I hate is sticking my fingers into a pot and getting the lotion up under my nails.

Using the Stem Cellular Repair eye treatment ($45 for .5 oz) I noticed an appearance of tightening and smoothing my under eye area. The fine lines right under my lower lashes faded just a little after use.

I also tried the Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer ($65 for 1.7 oz) which I found hydrating and made my cheeks feel baby soft when I applied it after the Green Apple Peel. The scent is lovely, fresh and a little lemony. I did not find any noticeable changes to my skin other than good hydration.

we heartsters – What Juice Beauty products are the apple of your eye? Share your faves in the comments!

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  1. I received a bottle Juice Beauty’s Hydrating Mist.
    I have dry, sensitive skin; just ask anyone that knows me! I’m constantly looking for toners and hydration mists to refresh my face and neck. This one is perfect for just that and it also makes for a great primer before my lotion and makeup. It has a pleasant aroma too. I love the way it instantly soaks into my face leavening it feeling fresh and not tight.. Just great. What’s not to like? This is made with Certified Organic ingredients and is paraben-free!! It also is made with an amazing blend of organic, white and red grape juices, aloe vera, rosehip, grapeseed oil. I will so be getting a big bottle of this! Love, love, love it! FIVE STARS! Try it, you’ll like it!

  2. I also tested Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for Sensitive skin.
    It is FAN Flippin-tastic and wound up being just what the Doctor ordered! I have sensitive skin and sometimes it’s just horrible. I rarely go this route with peels because of it, so to find this product made me a very happy girl. I liked how easy it is to use and found that it really works well. Not a problem with stinging or burning as it is super gentle. You can feel it tingle a little as it is working. My skin absolutely loves this and feels great after just a few weeks of using it, another five stars people! Try it you’ll like it!!
    Great product.. I also love the clean packaging- Green Apple and White together look so inviting!

  3. I would love to try the Hydrating Mist! My skin is combation and reacts very oddly to different temperature changes. For instance, it turns dry and weird when the weather first changes from cold to warm. It’s odd, but this stuff looks awesome. As does the rest of the line!

  4. I have always loved the Juice Beauty Line! First of all, it smells really good. This is always important.

    The Green Apple SPF 15 moisturizer is fabulous–so brightening it gives you great tone. The same with the peel, it gives you a great tone and evenness. Back in the day, and it has been quite a while, the hydrating mist had a really strange odor too it. But based on comments like those from @irene — this seems to have been cured of late!

    1. How is the moisturizer in the summertime? I’m looking for a new moisturizer for daytime with SPF in it, but don’t want to feel all oily.

  5. I tested out the Hydrating Mist and the Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin, and was really impressed. The mist is so refreshing and I love that it has grapeseed oil in it. I once read that’s all Jessica Alba uses on her skin, so I’ve been wanting to try products with grapeseed oil in them, since her skin looks amazing. The mist definitely seemed to hydrate and smooth out my skin so I will definitely be getting more. The peel, I was also nervous to try, since I do have sensitive, acne prone skin, but it was gentle and effective. I actually feel like it calmed my skin down and helped with breakouts. I have never used Juice Beauty before, but after really enjoying both of these products, I want to try some more! Four solid stars, only cause price may be a little steep.

  6. The price can be a bit steep for some, I definitely understand that! If you’re looking to try Juice Beauty products with a little less investment, the Organics to Go kit includes the Green Apple Peel Sensitive & the Hydrating Mist along with cleansing milk, serum and moisturizer for only $29 bucks!

  7. @lucylemonade – very light. You’re not going to get super-hydration, but not greasy at all. So its good if you’re normal/combination/oily

  8. I got to try the travel sizes of the hydrating mist and peel. I really LOVE the Hydrating Mist–especially if my skin is feeling a bit dry. I just give my face a light spray. It also seems to set my makeup- (I am using mineral makeup right now.)

    The peel fell flat and just did not do much for my skin. Overall, I am going to split the difference and give Juice four stars.

  9. I didn’t try these products, but everything I’ve ever tried in the past from Juice Beauty was five stars in my book. Perfect scent, gentle, and effective always!

  10. I didn’t get any of these for review, but from past experience, I can attest that I love the green apple peel–that stuff clears skin and fades acne marks like nobody’s business. Juice Beauty is all kinds of awesome :)

  11. The Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin is amazing! I have sensitive skin and was SO happy to find something that didn’t irritate my skin! My skin feels amazing and has never been softer! The Green Apple Peel makes my skin glow! I also was just on an 11 hour flight and whenever my skin was feeling dry I pulled the hydrating mist out of my carry-on to make my skin feel fresh again! Juice Beauty products are amazing!

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