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Julie Hewett is an artist, but you won’t see her work hanging in a museum. You will, however, see it on movie screens with the faces of many of today’s leading ladies as her canvas. I remember first hearing of Julie Hewett back in 2001 when a little movie called Pearl Harbor came out. I was so completely in love with the makeup and vintage red lips from that movie that I became obsessed with red lipstick (an obsession that continues today). That same year, inspired by the need for wearable, old-fashioned red lipstick using modern ingredients, Julie Hewett launched her own cosmetic line, Julie Hewett Los Angeles, so now you don’t have to be Kate Beckinsale or Jennifer Garner to look glamorous.

With 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist, working with such famous faces as Nicole Kidman and Liv Tyler, Julie Hewett came up with a line that is for every woman. From a perfect red lip to a more naturally polished look, the line has it all. Julie’s motto is: “In a busy world, makeup application should be simple.” Heeding her own motto, many of the cosmetics and products offered by Julie Hewett are multi-purpose, easily applied with the fingertips, and portable. Practicing beauty without cruelty (products are tested on movie stars, not animals) and using only the finest of ingredients and essential oils, Julie Hewett Los Angeles has set the bar for other cosmetic companies. One of the most innovative ingredients used by the line is camellia oil, an active ingredient that closely resembles the natural oils produced by skin, and is fantastic for those of us with very sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Her Camellia balm has achieved cult-status and has been voted one of the 7 best lip balms by W Magazine.

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Julie Hewett Los Angeles, we received an array of their best sellers to try (which our review team will be chiming in about in the comments).

I was a very happy girl to have received the brand new Poppy palette! I love how simple and chic the packaging is. It’s black with a silver logo, contains 4 large pans of gorgeous product, and quite possibly the largest mirror I’ve ever seen in a palette. I’m used to the teensy mirrors most palettes contain that look like you’re peering through a fun house mirror and only let you see one feature at a time. This mirror is generous and lets you see your entire face. I really believe the most important tool in makeup application is a good mirror and Julie Hewett delivered. To my delight, many of the items in the Poppy palette are multi-purpose:

  • Flora is great as a base shadow and compliments any shade of eye shadow you pair it with, but I found that it helped set the Jami cheekie very nicely and was a very subtle highlighter.
  • Clementine is a bright peachy-orange eye shadow, but it’s also good for cheeks. As I am very pale, I prefer it as a powder blush and it gave a lovely pop of color that’s gorgeous for Spring and Summer.
  • The Mimi lip lush is a buttery and very sheer pink gloss that looks great on its own and pairs with Jami very nicely.
  • The Jami cheekie is for both lips and cheeks and gives a lovely pop of nude rose color. Also, thanks to the fact that it contains camellia oil instead of mineral oil, it is perfect for those of us with sensitive or acne-prone skin. For those of you who fear cream blushes because you’re afraid of a breakout, this is the blush for you.

I will say that there was one downside to receiving the Poppy palette: it has now created an uncontrollable addiction to trying other Julie Hewett Los Angeles products. I am about to start a 12-step program. I fell in love with the Jami cheekie so much that I had to have one in Rosie (a sheer, pinky-red that gives the best natural flush EVER) and a lipstick in Film Noir (a sheer berry in retro gold bullet packaging that is a must for any fair-skinned, dark-haired gal). When I received my order, it contained a deluxe sample sized cheekie in Bette, a stunning peachy/pink with golden shimmer. Now I desperately need the Peachie cheekie and have vivid dreams about the 6-shade Original Noir Collection, which contains 6 flattering shades of red lipstick and helped launch the Hewett line. I can’t be stopped. I’m kinda like the Terminator in that way…

Review Team: Anybody else out there find Julie Hewett Los Angeles completely addictive? Please tell us about the product you received.


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    Lives in the middle of nowhere with her amazing hubby and two codependent dogs that love to hate each other. She enjoys dance parties of one and last minute road trips, prays for Angela Lansbury's immortality and can never own enough blush. She averages one "Silence of the Lambs" quote a week and feels no shame over this. Perhaps she should. skin tone: NW15 skin type: sensitive/oily favorite beauty product: Blush, lots and lots of blush


  1. Oh, I’m a bit obsessed with the perfect red lip myself! I had no idea Julie Hewett (and Krista!) were too. But I spent some time on the above red lipstick link and I think I may now be even more obsessed. I HAVE TO get some of her reds pronto!

    But speaking of obsession, Krista-I may be about to create another one for you…I got the chubby cheekie brush to try, a stubby round brush for cream blushes. I’ve got a lot of brushes, but none like this. It’s absolutely unique. It takes a bit of getting used to, as I’m accustomed to just using my fingers for creams. But the good thing about this brush (other than the obvious of no dirty fingers in your product or face) is that it really helps to regulate the amount of product. I was very over-applying with my fingers. With the brush, you swirl it in your pot (it’s the perfect size too) than swirl across your cheeks for a subtle application. The brush itself is top quality too. The bristles are really dense and incredibly soft.

    I love trying a beauty product that is totally new to me. This is it! And I love it. A must-have for cream blush lovers.

  2. OMG, Stef, I already want the chubby cheekie brush. They have a set that includes a cheekie with a brush for $34, which is a big discount on the brush, but of course, when I made my purchase, they were out of stock, but I think they’re back again. I just need to pace myself :)
    The set with the Peachie cheekie and the chubby cheekie brush are so on my wishlist.

  3. friendofpyrex says:

    I got to try the camellia balm pot for lips, eyes, face, and hands. Let me start off by saying that I take my lip balm very, very seriously. I play clarinet about 10-15 hours a week, so my lips are typically chapped, cracked, and in need of some serious TLC. Luckily, I got the camellia balm right before the spring concert season!

    The balm has a light citrus scent which is virtually undetectable once you put it on. When I first tried the balm on my lips, I thought that it felt way too thin to actually have any effect (keeping in mind that I was used to slathering on loads of Burt’s Bees regularly). I promptly forgot about it until later that day, when I discovered that my lips were über soft! True to its word, this balm did more than just mask my chapped lips, it healed them!

    I also used the balm to moisturize some dry patches on the outer corners of my eyes and on my thirsty cuticles. The dry patches on my face were gone after only one application! The balm did help my cuticles, but this was one instance where the magic of camellia oil could not trump the results I get from my Burt’s Bees (Cuticle Creme, in this case).

    Overall, I thought this was a great, multifunctional product. It’s my new go-to lip balm!

  4. I was the lucky recipient of Celeste sheer lipstick, which is part of the Bijou collection. This is a lovely coral, and all the lipsticks from this collection are scented with orange blossom, yum! This is very sheer and nice for summer. Personally, I like a bit more color. But it can be layered if you want more color, either layered with another application or a lip gloss. Speaking of gloss, this really has a glossy look. I’d really compare this more to a gloss than lipstick. It also feels very moisturizing on your lips.

    I think I’d prefer this in a darker shade, as the coral is really very subtle. But if you don’t like a ton of color, this is for you.

  5. Oh how I love Julie Hewitt, so glamorous and feminine.
    I’ve been a fan of her Camellia Balm Pot for awhile, and was overjoyed when I got to try the Film Noir Lip Liner.
    Krista…isn’t the color amazing. I don’t have the matching lipstick, but all I need to do is fill in the lips, add some Camellia balm and I’m good to go. The color is timeless, a very deep berry with ULTRA staying power! Seriously, I had to take it off at the end of the night. I love that..no need to re-apply.
    The color fits my pale face quite nicely, I think I have to order the Oona red next, it looks so pretty, and of course its named after Charlie Chaplins wife so “how can you resist it.” – anyone get the quote=) –

    I really want the chubby cheeky brush.. anyone try the ora mineral powder? Sounds fabulous!
    5 lip happy stars from me, for the film noir lip liner.
    I swear I always forget about lip liner, its so great. Thank you WHT for helping remind me how much I love it!

  6. Camellia balm is the BOMB balm! I’ve had this little pot of gold for sometime now and am glad there is still some left in there! I love it that much! It looks great your lips and feels wonderful. It isn’t tacky at all and I even like the way it tastes.. I taste a hint of rose and orange. It is so versatile too, I used this on some very dry skin on my hands and I loved how it soothed them. You won’t be disappointed in this product at all- it’s wonderful.

  7. Julie Hewett is my new hero!! I want that original Noir red lipstick collection too, BAD!!! I was the very lucky lady who got to test the boudoir palette. It is a versatile eye, cheek, and lip palette similar to the one Krista tested. The mirror is huge and awesome, and I like how easy these are to apply with just your fingers. You certainly can use a brush, which I normally do prefer, but fingers really work well for this one. I have dark hair and pretty pale skin, and these colors complimented my shading really well. There is a beautiful adult shimmer to the cleo and goldie shades that is just stunning. Vampie and natural are matte and gorgeous. cleo is a bronze gold color for eyes, cheeks, and lips – I LOVE it on my brown eyes. Being a cream, it does end up in my crease a bit if I don’t use an eyeshadow base with it. goldie is a shimmery highlighter – that is perfect just above the cheekbones – can also be used on legs and arms – soo summer sexy! vampie is described as a creamy pinot noir shade for lips and cheeks – sooo sexy. natural is also for lips and cheeks – and it’s just that – natural – a tawny pink brown – so pretty. This palette can take you from day to night all in one and gets my 5 stars easily – thanks, Julie!!

  8. I’ve tried several different products from Julie’s line. I have the budoir palette. I think the shimmies are really pretty but even with an eye primer I feel like they crease. :(. And the lip colors in the boudoir palette are sort of off on me. Niether was I a fan of the camelia balm.

    But, I do LOVES me some Omit Concealer pencil. It’s really great for brightening up the eyes and it stays put –even on the inner rim! My hue pot in violette is not really my color–but man it sure does stay put!!

    Using fingers is a little bit hard for me – I have really gotten used to using brushes and so I like to use a brush for most of my applicating.

    P.S. LOVE her packaging!

  9. I’ve had a little jar of the Camellia balm in a drawer of my nightstand for years now. I love the scent – soft and pretty with as Pammie says a hint of rose and orange. It’s perfect for slathering on lips, cuticles, elbows, etc right before bed. It’s super moisturizing and one jar will last you a nice, long time.

  10. Christy–you so need the Film Noir lipstick now. Please let me know how the Oona is when you get it—it looks so lovely! I love that it was named for Chaplin’s wife, too! What is that quote from?
    Sherri is right, the Film Noir lipstick looks underwhelming in the tube, but once on–WOW. It is a beauty.
    Y’all have convinced me I need the Camellia balm now :)

  11. I just bought some camellia balm myself! I can’t wait to try it out. I have really chapped lips and i’m hoping this will help!

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