Julie Hewett Los Angeles- twilight palette review

Julie Hewett Los Angeles- twilight palette review

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twilight Twilight aficionado? Obsessed with Buffy? Member of the Anne Rice fan club? Rereading Dracula for the umpteenth time? I know how you feel. I’m one of the many that is easily seduced by any story centering on vampires. Love or hate the Twilight series, those infatuated with vampire lore are enjoying the vamp style making it’s way into the mainstream. Lucky for those that are also make up obsessed (a large percentage, I would guess) the recent Twilight craze has even bled into the cosmetics industry.

We heart this readers will recall that we truly heart Julie Hewett and her glamorous line of makeup; nobody does a red lipstick as well as Julie (seriously, even those that avoid red can find the perfect shade). So I was ecstatic when we received her latest palette, twilight, a gorgeous collection of dramatic colors inspired by ”the thin veil between light and dark” at that magical time of evening.

Just like the twilight hours, the hues, both dark and light, mesh together for a smoky dramatic effect and soft, shimmering pale hues pop out and highlight your eyes like the flickering rays of light at sundown. Check out the mix of dark and light in the above photo – that’s our Stef modeling the palette. She says she was a bit puzzled by this palette at first. “A light shimmery grey combined with a matte brown? Throw in white (a shade that I always find hard to work with) and I just didn’t get it. That is, until I tried it!” Pretty results, no?

Twilight paletteWhile the muse for this collection may be the Twilight phenomenon, this palette is also pure Julie Hewett style – classic and elegant with a moody, film-noir vibe. This four-color compact features large pans of shadows and a generous mirror in a sleek, magnetically clasped, black compact. Throw it in your bag and you’ll have all you need for eyes – from a subtle day time look to a smoky, sexy evening with one compact. Vamp up your look with these four shades:

Brunette – a deep, smooth cocoa brown (for contouring and to create smoldering depth.)
Pola– a sheer, subtle white sheen that’s perfect for highlighting under the brow (or to light up the center of the eye)
Black Chandelier– a deep, intense shade of slate with soft sparkle that can be used as a liner or shadow
Swank– a super soft pewter with a pretty sheen that’s is “best when brushed all over lid area”

Finally, a word about the sparkle factor. I want my eye shadows to be just like my vampires – Not Sparkling! The twilight compact has some subtle sparkle (Black Chandelier) and shine (Pola, Swank) that is wearable and flattering for all. Use it to create a lovely, luminescent glow (like that of pale vamp skin) without glaring, chunky sparkles (sorry Edward fans, vampires should not sparkle)!

If you’re looking for a great fall palette, the twilight compact totally captures the gloomy, gothic vibe and combines it with modern, fashion forward color and style.

we heartsters: have you been bitten by the vampire craze? Testers: have you captured the moment of twilight with this compact?

11 thoughts on “Julie Hewett Los Angeles- twilight palette review”

  1. I am so loving this palette! And true confession, I didn’t even take one when we first received it. Really, I was kind of confused and (gasp) underwhelmed with the color combo. Well, we received 2 more and I thought in the name of beauty/science, I really should take one and give it a whirl. Plus, as T mentioned, we’re kind of gaga for J. Hewett. Oh my, am I glad I took one!

    I seem to go for the same palettes over and over, usually brown and gold based. Subsequently, I have 20 palettes that all pretty much look the same. This one stands out from the crowd. And really on that note, ladies, I urge you to try something new (this palette or anything). Next time you’re in the store, reaching for the lipstick that you KNOW you have dozens like at home, grab something different. You could find a new fav (or you could be swapping it on MUA in a week, but at least you did something adventurous!)

    Anyway, on to the twilight palette. It is so gorgeous. You can apply it subtle as shown in the photo, or totally smoke it out for night. I wore it with a deep purple lipstick one night and I felt like the queen of the dammed! And shame on me for not trusting the color combo. Brunette is the PERFECT crease color, a medium, matte brown. As with all of her eyeshadows, it wears forever. And as T mentioned isn’t loaded down with tons of glitter so it’s a real adult look.

    This is one of my favorite palettes of the year. 5 giant stars from me.

    As for vampires, I’m really more of werewolf girl myself…

    .-= stef´s last blog ..Scary Movie Series: Why Babysitters Aren’t Paid Enough =-.

  2. I heart this palette so much, I couldn’t WAIT for the review to come out! First of all, I love the strange mix of colors because those are the colors I use all the time – not together usually, but I always either go with the browns or the grays, so this palette has all I need in it. I’ve been using it every day without fail since we got it. The white highlighter and the pewter base are PERFECT for my light brown eyes – they are my base for everything. If I’m wearing browns, I then put the brown in the crease and sometimes a little in the outside corner. If I’m wearing grays or other darks, I use the black in the outside corner (I’m not a fan of using shadow as a liner – I use black liquid liner). I wear them pretty light but you can easily do a great smoky eye, too. When I feel like wearing another color, say blue, green, purple I’ve still been using the white and pewter as my base and they blend with everything. The adult shimmer is just right in this – the first thing I did think of was that beautiful glow that Edward had when I saw these!

    Just like the last palette we reviewed from Julie Hewett, the pans of shadow are huge and so is the mirror. The ease of the magnetic closure seals the deal for me – I love the feel of the palette even as I pick it up and carry it around from room to room (not too heavy or bulky – the right amount of weight to feel luxurious, though!)…because it doesn’t matter where I want to do my makeup – all you need is this palette – that’s a big deal to me right now with nursing – I can do my makeup whereever the baby demands because of this. I even use my fingers to put on the shadows, usually. Sounds gross, but I just find lately that they go on easier that way – and I do have good brushes – I just wash my hands real well before and after.

    So, a huge 5 stars from me – I will gladly buy this when it runs out!

  3. I started reading the Twilight Saga and it’s not too bad. I do like the books a lot better than the movie. I still think True Blood and Buffy beat Twilight hands down.

    It’s fun reading these books so close to Halloween. Really fitting my mood. :)

    Those shadows look really pretty on your eye Stef!

  4. I open up We Heart This website and what do I see? OMG, it’s STEF’S EYEBALL! I knew it.. that’s scary! But Stef, your eyes look lovely with Julie Hewett’s Twilight Palette! I have other palettes of hers and love them too..Are you going to wear this out on the 31st? I think you should!

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  6. Stef—you have such a pretty blue peeper! I imagine the other one is equally stunning :)
    Okay, so my love for Julie Hewett has been well-established on this site. I can hardly believe that a year ago I didn’t own anything from this brand. I was so excited to receive the Twilight palette to review—it contains the standard generously-sized mirror and contains the most wearable, everyday/night shade of shadow a girl could need. The shimmery white shadow is a perfect base, the lighter pewter shade has a hint of warmth to it, which makes it blend well with the rich chocolate shade. If I want something a little more smoldering, I layer the charcoal on top of the brown in a very sheer layer so I get a slightly warmer smokey eye. This palette is perfect for a dramatic eye and like Stef, I paired it with a deep purple/burgundy lipstick and I was smitten. I am now coveting the Vampie cheekie to go with this. This gets an enthusiastic 5 stars from me!

  7. I felt a little like Stef when I opened up this palette. I was confused how the colors went together. I also thought I love vampires, but I really don’t want to look like one. Once I read the “how to” on the box the colors instantly made sense to me. I suddenly realized this was a palette is filled with everything I needed for my favorite daytime or nighttime look…black for shadow or eye liner, a gorgeous highlighter and two beautiful shadows. During the day, I prefer a nice neutral eye, but also like to glam it up at night. Like others have stated, this is the palette can give you both looks.

    I’m so impressed with how big the shadows are in this palette. The one thing that bugs me about most palettes is they skimp on the amount of product they give you. I’m happy to say that these are about some of the largest shadows I’ve seen, so they should last a very long time. Like Melinda said the mirror is huge! I LOVE a big mirror so that’s another plus with this palette.

    I’m another one that probably would have never picked this for myself, but I’m so glad I ventured out of the box and gave it a try. It really is truly one of my favorite products I’ve tried this year. 5 stars from me!

    BTW, I think I’m obsessed with vampires. LOVE Twilight and True Blood!

  8. I have to get this palette, it’s gorgeous. Your eye does look great Stef!!
    Julie Hewett can do no wrong. Such glamor and class.
    Everything she puts out is a 5 star treasure!

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