Julie Hewett Organic Rose & Ruby Camellia Balm

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Black and white box with two containers of red and pink camellia balm

If you are a reader of we heart this, you know we truly love Julie Hewett Los Angeles. From creating the perfect red lipstick for every complexion to her continuous offering of multi-use palettes to the best Twilight influenced make up on the market, the cosmetic gurus at JHLA have something for everyone. So, it’s kind of surprising, we have yet to discuss Julie’s most versatile item, the Camellia Balm, a coveted cult product of makeup pros.

We’re excited to be reviewing this wonder product from Julie Hewett today, Green Monday as JHLA’s is now only made in Organic form! This blend of essential oils, including rose, orange and camellia, is rich in vitamins A, B, D & E, and not only soothes but promotes the healing of chapped skin. Camellia Oil, an ancient Chinese beauty secret, contains Oleic acid and is the oil that “is closet to human skin” so it absorbs deeply and works “as no other product can.” Green beauty lovers will be pleased to find in addition to being organic and free of parabens and petroleum; the balms are free from animal testing as well.

Our entire review team had a chance to check out this winter savior of lips (and so much more) that is available in three sheer shades. Whether you’re a moisturizer and chapstick type of girl (reach for Natural, their sheer shade), more of the Just the Basics, simple and polished type (you’ll want to use Rose, a soft and shimmering “bouquet of pink petals”) or a full-on make up diva (in which case, you’ll love Ruby, “a ravishing rouge tint”), you’ll soon find the perfect shade of Balm to help you survive the harsh winter months.

The JHLA Camellia Balm is a stand out for a number of reasons. First, I love the consistency, which is almost more of an oil then a balm. Normally, I am not a fan of potted balms (I hate getting the product under my nails) but have no issues with this pot of goodness. There is no waxy build up that creeps under your nails when using this balm. Just lightly rub the pad of your fingertip over the balm for a couple of circles and you have just enough product to apply wherever it’s needed! The warmth of your finger picks up and then evenly applies the balm to lips, cuticles, cheeks – anywhere your skin needs some tlc.

You will soon find a second reason I adore the Camellia Balm; you can use it almost anywhere! I have had a pot of Camellia Balm on my nightstand for years. I rub some on my cuticles, the backs of my hands, my elbows and that weird dry patch on my shin, right before bed. When my hands feel especially ragged during the dead of winter, I’ll keep another pot on my coffee table and apply while vegging in front of the television.

If you are eyeing (or already own) the new tinted Rose and Ruby shades, you’ll want to stick to using them on your face only. But the pink and red hues will work wonders for skin when used on cheeks and lips while adding some pretty sheer color and a healthy glow.

Finally, no matter what shade you choose, you’ll adore the scent – a crisp, slightly sweet orange that never fails to cheer me up! All three balms smell like freshly picked oranges, and while never overwhelming, the scent lingers for hours (and leaves lips sweet as well). I find that it’s a very cheerful smell while soothing my poor, chapped skin during the coldest of months.

All in all, I think this multi-purpose, fab smelling, skin soothing pot is a definite five star product, that has now been perfected with the all organic formula.

Testers, do you agree with me? we heartsters, How many uses have you discovered for JHLA’s Camellia Balm?

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  1. Who would have thought they could have made this better?! I’m a long time Camellia Balm fan myself, but also a lip gloss addict. So, while I also adored the silky formula and the orange scent, and loved that it was multi-use (it’s my favorite cuticle treatment!), I only reached for it to use on my lips at night. During the day, I’m not complete without some color! Rose and Ruby have changed that. Both are pretty sheer, despite the bright look of Ruby in the pot, it’s really just a hint of color. It gives your lips that “your lips but better” look. And Rose has just a tiny hint of shimmer in a soft baby pink base. Both have the same formula as the original natural shade and the same amazing smell, not an artificial candy orange smell but like an orange on the tree (so delicious!) And the the fact that they are now organic is like a big cherry on top.
    Love, love, love this!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..tarte ‘09 Holiday Collection =-.

  2. This lip balm is great! I love the texture. It doesn’t get stuck under my nail. I just circle my finger over the top a few times and have plenty to put on my lips. My lips have been really chapped lately, and since I have got this they have smoothed out immensely. I love the sweet orangey smell too. This is my new favorite lip balm.

  3. Oh I forgot to say I have the rose color, and its a nice shade. It gives me just a hint of color with tons of moisturizing.

  4. I was a ridiculously lucky girl to try out the ruby shade and let me just say, I had been coveting this tinted balm since I saw them first advertised on Julie Hewett’s site a few months ago. I have the original Camellia balm in tube form and I use it every night before bed and my lips have never been so smooth and like the other ladies have said, it’s fabulous on the cuticles. I keep mine in my nightstand and it’s become a nightly ritual.
    That being said, the ruby shade is that perfect everyday lip balm. The shade looks very dramatic in the pot, but once applied it is just the barest, most sheer hint of color, perfect when you want to look polished but not too fussy. Being the multi-tasking queen that I am, I also used this on my fair cheeks and it gave me a lovely rosy glow—the product sank in and looked like it was coming from within, no goopiness or glossiness left behind, just soft, touchable cheeks. Also, no breakouts! If you’re going to keep just one beauty product in your purse, it should be this balm. If it wasn’t enough that the product looks fabulous, the juicy orange scent should convince you–it is to die for! Again, another fabulous product from Julie Hewett!

  5. I received the ruby balm and must say that this is, hands down, my most favorite product I have received for review, period.

    Why? The pretty pot, the amazing scent, the high-gloss that most “balms” never achieve, the pinch of color that looks so natural, it’s versatility (no-makeup day lipsaver to natural, neutral face enhancer to smokey-eye balancer).


    I ripped this out of the box while still in the car the day I picked this up, put it on looking in my visor mirror, and have been loving it ever since.
    Every single day since receiving the Julie Hewett product, I have worn it at some point–alone, over lipsticks, layered with other glosses.

    Just wow. Can’t say I love anything more…more, please!!!

  6. Oh, wait. I do have more…a smudge on your cheeks gives a “just pinched” look if YOU are in a pinch. It is glossy, but gives a natural glow if you notice some wintery palor in the mirror at the mall this holiday season…

  7. I love using the rose shade instead of a lipgloss, lipstick or lip balm – it adds a really light (but noticeable) shimmer, and the orange taste is delish.

    I don’t think it’ll ever go any further than my lips!

  8. I tried the Camellia Rose Balm and was so excited to finally try this coveted product! I love the smell and it’s very good at hydrating. It feels silky without being waxy and it’s pretty long lasting. I can see using this alot through the winter months. If I’m going to use a colored lip balm, I wish I would’ve tried the Ruby color as a deeper color is more my preference, but this is really nice too – it just really doesn’t show up on me. I also am not a fan of pots – other than how pretty it looks. I hate digging my fingers in (it does get under my nails). I have used it on my overly dry knuckles while I’m at home when I don’t care about the slightly rosy color showing, and it works very well on hydrating that area. I gave it 4 stars, but if I had the rosy color in a tube, I’d probably give it 5!

  9. Oh yes! I love camellia balm by julie hewett, los angels, too! At first, I didn’t realize this was an organic version of the camellia balm until I looked closer. What do you expect? My eyes are getting bad, let me just tell you that I am now using reading glasses.. Not much fun, cause it happens so fast and it’s very annoying to have to wear them. You youngsters will remember my words someday! Just like Stef mentioned, we love this line with all our hearts. I have had julie hewett’s lips, eyes, face and hands from her and love it, but now I am even more in love after I received this Organic Camellia Balm in pot in rose. It’s the prettiest shade of light pink. I use this on my cheeks too.. LOVE IT! I love the pretty glow and I know that the benefits of putting this on my skin. The reward is so great. Did you know that this is loaded heavily with vitamin A, B, D & E, and that camellia oil is considered the closest to our skins natural oils? I have cuts constantly from working in the garden, and this really soothes and heals them quickly.. It’s truly an amazing pot of love! I can’t help but give this FIVE stars!

  10. I’m a total lip balm junkie, so I was beyond excited to get the chance to try Camellia Rose Balm because it’s just so talked-about and coveted. First let me say, what an amazing gift this would be to receive! The box and presentation alone are just so impressive. But what impressed me the most is that this formula is organic and paraben-free. That’s a combo you just can’t beat. But then, to have it smell like fresh oranges? That just sent me over the top! I love love love this balm (I’ve only been wearing it on my lips but can’t wait to try it on other areas of dry skin). And if you’re a germaphobe like me, never fear! You can simply use a Q-Tip to scoop out just the right amount and apply it directly to your lips with the Q-Tip! (And if you’re a germaphobe like me, Q-Tip makes anti-bacterial swabs now…just an fyi). :) From the packaging to the fragrance to the ingredients to the formula itself, I can’t help but give this one 5 stars.

  11. The Rose Camellia Balm is another list topper for my favorite products! I’ve had the Camellia Balm for some time and as the ladies have said it works wonders on not only your lips, but dry skin patches, cuticles, and knuckles. So knowing that I already loved it made getting this pink hue even more exciting. I love the subtle color, perfect for every day…just a hint of pink.. same with your cheeks. I’m excited to have one pot specially for my lips and cheeks now, with it’s rosey hue. Now I’m using my old one as a dry skin go to pot, great especially during the winter when your hands get extra dry. I even used it on my pup who had a little dry patch and it seemed to sooth her little skin really good!! of course she tried licking it off as is smells like a dreamy orange blossom, but some of it soaked in and helped her for sure.
    I can’t say enough how great this is, I find it a perfect product, 5 glowing stars fro me!!
    The regular Camellia Balm comes in a lip-stick tube or pot so you have your pick if your not a pot fan, Mel, I totally understand, I really prefer the stick to the pot as far as lips go :) And the Stick is less $ only 14 dollars. The pot has more product and goes a further so its totally worth the 20 dollars. If you are looking for a great gift this would do it!! What sassy lady wouldn’t love a go to pot of goodness!! I HEART Julie Hewett!!

  12. I haven’t tried this yet! I think this balm would solve my dry lip woes.

  13. I had a chance to try out the Ruby shade. It came just in time for me as the temperatures were starting to dip, and my lips were starting to get drier. I love the slight hint of color it gave my lips, and it was moisturizing without being sticky. I also let my 4-year-old use it sometimes because she gets extremely chapped lips in the winter and she just likes to wear Mommy’s make-up. I didn’t know it was organic, and that just makes it better.

  14. Whee! I’m so glad all of you ladies love the camellia Balm as much as I do! I tried the Rose this time and since I gushed over it in my post, you can guess that I too adore this balm. I love the fresh orange smell. I love the non greasy, almost oily formula that instantly soothes chapped hands, knuckles, elbows and lips. And I love the slight rosy sheen this gives my lips. I too have used this on other areas in a pinch – it adds a nice flush to checks. And I’ll use it on my hands too – they’re already red from winter weather!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Our mega giveaway – $1270 in beauty products! =-.

  15. I tried the Camellia Rose Balm and fell in love! First off, the smell is amazing…nice citrus scent. The texture is so creamy and keeps my lips super moisturized. Love that it has just a hint of a pink color. This is truly a luxury lip balm that makes me feel super fancy when I pull it out of my makeup bag. Love it and really want to try the ruby shade too!

  16. I received the Rose shade and i love it. I like the subtle shade it gives, a soft pink hue that i really like. I’m not a big lip stick wearer or gloss wearer for that matter so this was a nice little pop. Also it isn’t super glossy looking, which for me is perfect. I really liked the consistency because it wasn’t gooey just slick enough. I’ve been using the Benefit lip and cheek rose tint but its been replaced by this!

  17. I love lip balm!! i own the rosebud salve and it made my dry winter chapped lips soft again after two days!

  18. I <3 Julie Hewett Camilla Lip Balm!!! The Rose is such a pretty girly color! The Ruby is sexy and lush! The smell of both of these is to die for. Smells like freshly squeezed orange juice! The texture is really silky and nice, goes on smooth and makes your lips feel soft. I've never been a big fan of lip gloss/balm pots either, but I found a drug store brand retractable lip brush that I carry with me in my make-up bag that works great! Thanks so much ladies of We Heart This for offering these little pots of lushness and for picking me to win them!!!

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