Julie Hewett Pixie Shimmy

Julie Hewett Pixie Shimmy

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If you’ve been around wht at all, you know how much we all love Julie Hewett Los Angeles products, from the perfect nude lip to that Camellia Balm that nobody can seem to get enough of. They’ve even mastered a sunkissed bronzer and a Twilight-inspired makeup palette. So I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when I got to test a little JHLA of my own!

I get ready to go in about five minutes every morning. If a makeup product can’t be applied with expert-worthy results in that time frame, then it gets thrown aside until Friday night. That’s why I absolutely love the latest product in the Julie Hewett cosmetic line – Shimmy. Described as “a luminescent starlight shine to highlight your face, eyes, lips, and body for that red carpet glow.” The Shimmy collection is a set of very creamy, almost gel-like shimmers in luminous shades boasting such fun names as Goldie, Pinkie, and Cleo. I thought my versatile pot of sheer shimmer definitely lived up to Julie’s reputation!

We received Pixie, a pale, very shimmery lilac shade that really makes my blue-grey eyes pop. I found that just a quick fingertip application of Pixie along my upper lashline gave me a shimmery glow that immediately banished my just-woke-up look. The pale purplish shade builds easily with a couple thin layers to get a richer pigment.

My favorite application of this little wonder, however, is a dab along the very inner corners of my eyes. It really opens up the face and is great for a wide-eyed, camera-ready look, plus you don’t get the messy sprinkle effect of a shimmery powder.

Pixie definitely lives up to its reputation as an all-over product. It’s a great highlighter for browbone, and I love to pat a very light coat of it over the center of my bottom lip and then slick some gloss over it. It makes my lips look incredibly full and pretty, and it actually stays on for quite some time!

The convenient pot makes for a quick, easy application, and the cream (rather than powder) consistency makes this a great product to toss in your purse for a quick shot of sparkle and glam on the go.

All that said, I really only have one tiny bone to pick with this product. As an eyeshadow, it creases almost immediately and gives my eyelid a slick, almost sticky feeling. But as I said, my favorite application is a swipe right along the upper lashline, and you get all the eye-opening effect without any creasing.

I did not try this outside the eye or lip area simply because Pixie’s intense violet tint is a bit difficult to pull off anywhere else. The other three shades in the collection, Pinkie “a petal of rose gold shine”, Goldie “a cream puff of beige gold shine” and Cleo “a sultry bronze shine”, sound like they would be flattering highlighters for a fresh faced look.

Enough from me though; review team – what did you gals think of this little pot of gold?

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16 thoughts on “Julie Hewett Pixie Shimmy”

  1. I’m a sucker for pretty things in pots and I love the look of cream eye shadows but I have pretty oily eyelids and cream shadows almost immediatly crease on me. Next time I try a cream shadow I’ll have to try that “along the lash line only” trick.

    After seeing that photo of the pot I’m lemming Pixie pretty hard core right now! I also really like Pinkie and Goldie. *sigh* Must practice self control!

  2. I really like the consistency of this pretty shimmer. The quality is superb. As you mentioned, the color is intense. But surprisingly, when you put it on, it’s way less intense than expected. I think the shimmer is great on the eyes, especially for a glam or night-out look! It’s not something I would wear everyday, but I will turn to it when I need that ‘something extra.’

  3. I’ve been eyeballing the Pinkie shimmy for a great, long while. As soon as I use up my current highlighter, I think I’m going to have to give this product a go. They have some of the shimmies packaged with the cheekies and a cheekie brush for $45, which is a pretty good deal considering you basically get the brush for free.
    Unrelated to the shimmies, I just noticed their Vampie cheekie is no longer available—does anybody know if that’s temporary or a permanent thing? I REALLY wanted that one :(

  4. I already said it once, but this is GORGEOUS on the lower lip! It’s nice that you can really control the amount/intensity of color that you get by layering it on.

    @Katie – This really is perfect for a glam night out!

  5. I hate to say anything negative about Miss Julie’s products, but this one I didn’t much care for. I also tried Pixie and for an all-over color, I couldn’t imagine where I might put this other than my eyes. It was too pale on my lips (so I tried it as a highlighter on my cupid’s bow…eh, ok, not crazy about it). Too purple for highlighting cheeks or using as cheek color. Ditto collarbone.. So, eyes it is. But it was (as others said) far too slippery for my oily lids (even with a fantastic primer). Highlighting my brows? Only for a night out dancing…still too much purple for that. I did like this on my eyes as an all-over lid color on a bare face with only mascara and gloss–it looked surprisingly natural. Too bad it didn’t stay put.
    I finally did get a way for it to stay in place a bit better when I topped with some Smashbox Illusion. The color played nicely with theirs, too.
    All in all, it was a lot of work to find a way to make this product work for me. BUT…I would be happy to try one of the other, more natural colors (particularly the rose-gold shade) to use on my face. I’m sure I would love those. But for now, I’ll skip the PIxie, thank you. 3 stars.

  6. I got to try out Pixie too and like @sherrishera I found I only liked it as an eye shadow. I wear purple eye shadow all the time so I like the color. I don’t have oily lids, so I didn’t find it to be slippery like the others. No creasing for me either. I did use a primer so that might have helped as well.

    I’m not a huge gloss wearer so the purple on my lips freaked me out a bit. I tried it on my collarbone, it wasn’t too bad with my fair skin tone, kind of just added a bit of sparkle. But that was before my freckles popped out. now that I’m darker, I don’t think it would look as flattering.

    So while I really wanted to love this, I found it just ok.

  7. I didn’t know they had this in Pixie. I recently got Pinkie and I have Cleo. I love to use these as highlighters. They crease somewhat on my eyes but I don’t care, they are just gorgeous.

  8. I got Pixie and I liked it MUCH more than I thought I would! I found that the purple is nice on my eyes for just a little tiny bit of color and just enough sparkle. I didn’t like it on my lips, I could see how it could be a good substitute for a little bit of lip shimmer in a pinch. I think it worked best for me on my cheeks and collarbone. The more you rub it in, the color dissipates (at least on my darker skin) so all that’s left is nice shimmer with a faint lilac hue. It’s not shimmery enough for nighttime, but perfect for a fun day out or an early evening look.

    My only real quibble, and it’s the same with all JH products, is the pot is too deep for me to get a good amount of product without getting it under my nails. I have a mini spatula from another product that I use sometimes, or I scoop up with my nail so it’s really not THAT big of a deal. But if you have any kind of nails on a regular basis, I recommend buying the palette instead of the pot.

    4 stars!

  9. As everyone knows I adore JH products, her reds are my dream reds. I tried pixie and I’m kinda with @sherrishera and @cori that this one isn’t my favorite. Every other product of hers I have adored and gone for more, but this one is one that I may not go for again. It’s a nice shimmer, and I adore the color, I just don’t reach for it much. I’ve tried her other shimmy in Pinkie and really love that one, and her cheekies are amazing. This for me was a 4 star, for reasons like the girls above said. But Julie always holds 5 stars in my makeup loving heart, because every other product of hers I’ve tried is beyond that! :)

  10. I am a huge fan of Julie Hewett’s products. However, I went to her website this morning to buy some cosmetics and noticed that the site is down. I recently found another line that seems to be offering the same products, HWood Beauty. Does anybody know what’s up?

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