Julie Hewett Los Angeles - Tish and Simone

Julie Hewett Los Angeles – Tish and Simone

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The perfect nude lip – from Julie Hewett.

For truly red carpet worthy lips, look no further than Julie Hewett. You couldn’t possibly be in better hands! Not only has she worked on some of the biggest stars and sets in Hollywood, she’s one of only 150 members of the exclusive Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in the Hair and Makeup Category. But perhaps most exciting to me (and other lip product lovers), Julie’s philosophy is to work from the lips up. The lips guiding and anchoring the rest of the look.

We’ve previously featured her stellar line of Red lipsticks (the Noir Collection, which she developed while working on the set of Pearl Harbor). Today, we’re going to take a look at a nude lip, as seen through Julie’s talented eyes. While red might be the obvious choice for a big event, nude lips can have just as much impact.

I’m constantly on the search for the perfect nude lip. It’s the obvious choice to pair with dramatic, smoky eyes, but I also like to wear a nude lip with bright, spring eyeshadows as well. The trick is to find the shade that works perfectly with your coloring. Personally, I need just a tiny touch of color in my nude to keep me from looking too ghostly, whether it be a peach or a pink. And of course, a shimmering gloss will always help to add dimension to a nude lip (even when you do end up with a shade that looks like you applied concealer to your lips!)

(from left: Simone, Tish, Combined)

Julie Hewett’s perfect nude lip starts with Simone, from the Bijou lipstick collection, a nude with a hint of peach. The Bijou collection is Julie’s sheer lipsticks which contain the essence of orange blossom. One layer will give you just a hint of color, but further applications can be layered for more intense color. I found Simone to more on the peach side than nude, but the color is beautiful none the less.

Where as I like Simone, I love Tish. This gloss is what my nude lips have been seeking. It’s a true nude, packed (and I do mean packed) with 24k gold shimmer. Julie’s glosses, which she calls Lip Lush, have a high shine finish and contain just a tinge of ginger essence (enough to be slightly tingly and smell fabulous, but not be overpowering). Not only does this make a fabulous nude lip, the gold adds a bit of sparkling depth to any shade. So, how about it? Think you’re ready for your close up?

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18 thoughts on “Julie Hewett Los Angeles – Tish and Simone”

  1. “The perfect nude lip” really got my attention! I’ve never tried Julie Hewett’s lip products, but the swatches look so pretty. Natural but better, a combination of colors that would make my lips look polished but not overdone. And ginger essence, too? I’m sold!

  2. Oh Julie Hewett how I love thee. Seriously, Hewett is my new go to for lip product. Her balms nourish as well as give a hint of color. Looks like I’m going to have to try this gloss next….

  3. Kellie, try a nude with a bit of color and add a gloss with some shimmer. Pair it with some major shadow and I bet you’ll get used to it. Nudes took a while to grow on me too. Now I’m kind of obsessed with them. It’s ALL about finding your shade.

    As I said above Simone is very pretty, but not my perfect nude. It leans a bit too much to the peach side for me (it’s such a fine balance between just a touch of color, and too much that you lose the nude aspect). The Bijou lipsticks are also very sheer. Great for gals who don’t like a heavy lipstick. I prefer a bit more pigment.

    But Tish? Tis’ love for me! And I knew it at first glance. I tend to not go for frosty shades but a nude frost is a lot more wearable to me than, say, a pink frost. It translates as pure nude gold, and kind of looks jewel-like.

    Both of these products smell great too, not too fruity or overpowering. Not like a big ol’ cupcake on your lips (yuck!) Just very subtle. Julie Hewett really has the lip formula down!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..MAC Give Me Liberty of London Unveiling party =-.

  4. I’ve heard so much about julie hewett over the past few years, thanks to We Heart This! I truly appreciate the opportunity to share my opinion/thoughts on so many wonderful products. This time, I have one from her Bijou Lipstick collection to test in simone: this nourishing lipstick is in a very pretty light peach shade and has a very creamy texture when you apply it. What’s unique is how smooth my lips look and feel for wearing a lipstick, it’s as if it was a lip balm, but us not! It’s a wonderful looking lipstick too, nice and sleek in her usual classic black with white writing containers. This also has an essence of orange blossom that I find very refreshing. You can wear it alone or layer it and finish with gloss.. I usually wear it alone, and I love it’s luxurious look.

  5. Julie Hewett makes the BEST lipsticks ever! I was never a lipstick lady until I met Julie. These lipsticks are the most moisturizing, smooth, supple lippies ever. And the colors are spot on! She really has a knack for developing shades that are flattering for everyone.

  6. I tested the lipstick Simone and LOVE it – Julie just cannot do any wrong! I’m not much of a nude fan either – it probably is because as Stef said, you need to find your perfect shade and I’m just not sure what mine is yet. I do love this though. The texture is so creamy – it feels so moisturizing when on and looks beautiful. And with the essence of orange blossom it reminds me of a creamsicle! The color seems to work well with my skin – I am pretty fair-skinned with dark hair and dark eyes. As long as I do a dramatic eye, this has enough color to not wash me out. It actually almost looks pink-ish on my skin instead of peach, strangely enough. It has a way of taking on the colors that are around it, that ‘s really complimentary ~ I love it and wish I could’ve tried the gloss too – but am very happy with the lipstick!

  7. LOVE Julie Hewett. How can you not be amazed with something that has essence of orange blossom??
    How do you ladies think Tish or Simone would look on us darker gals?

  8. I do love Julie Hewett. Ever since trying the Noir collection–then the balm–I’ve been head over heels.

    I was a little underwhelmed when I first saw Tish and Simone. Nudes usually aren’t my thing because my skintone is kind of pale with yellow undertones, and a slight brownish, light rose is the only nude that (I think) works on me. Also, my lips are on the full side (and have some natural color) and I usually like to highlight that feature, not hide them. Tish and Simone both appear pale and peachy-gold (Simone having more peach, Tish having more gold).

    Simone is smooth, sheer and pleasant-scented. I found it did not obscure the natural coloring of my lips as completely as a full-coverage lipstick. This works for me. It seems natural, not Twiggy-in-the-sixties-mod nude. Ok, I like.

    Then comes Tish. Tish is simply liquid gold, amping Simone from girl-next-door to rockstar. Tish compliments some my darker lipsticks as well as this one. Anytime you need some 14 carat sparkle…

    Alyssa, I think these would be MOST spectacular on darker gals. I really do think that Julie Hewett is genius for creating colors that look universally fab on anyone. Again, the color is sheer, so it would simply tint your lips. The Tish gold would be an amazing lip amplifier, I’m sure. It seems very Beyonce or Mary J.

  9. I am loving the one JH lipstick I have and can’t wait to try Tish! I think it would look great alone, but I also like to layer nude sparklers like this one on top of other lipsticks for a glammed out look. The orange blossom tastes amazing, and it was a pleasant surprise in a lipstick. I am really liking everything I’ve tried from JH!

  10. Oh Julie! How we love you. Normally, I pass on lipsticks – I like a sheer color and light lip, so I naturally lean towards glosses or just a balm. So I was pretty excited to test a JHLA Lipstick in a nude shade. The nude lip sure seems like the big look of spring (maybe even summer) and I see me wearing my Simone all season long.

    This creamy, sheer nude does have a peachy hue in the tube and even swatched on the back of my hand, but like Mel it seems to look pinky nude on my lips! I love it, just a hint of color with one swipe, a bit more with two and it lasts so much longer then any of my go-to glosses. It’s creamy enough to wear alone and I’ve had no problem with the color straying or creasing. I like to add balm or clear gloss on top for a shiny, pink nude that works with almost any look.

    Alyssa, I didn’t test out Tish, but I would bet it works with almost any skin tone. At the distribution I took a good look at Stef’s and Tish sure had a lot of sparkle and just a great golden color – I think it would add some oomph to almost any pair of lips!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Planning an Oscar Watching Party? =-.

  11. I received Simone for review and, as I turned up the lipstick tube to reveal the color, I got giddy because, after so many attempts at finding a good nude lipstick for my NC20 skintone, I kind of almost know by sight which ones will be too pink or too orange on me. Or even worse, which ones will look too much like I just put concealer on my lips and called it a day.

    But actually seeing Simone on my lips (it’s the perfect nude for me, btw, because it is more on the peach side of the spectrum and not too orange or pink) wasn’t the actual reason I got so excited after all. Don’t get me wrong–it’s gorgeous to pair with a smokey eye and it’s just fabulous for my coloring. But it’s the consistency of this lovely lipstick that really makes it stand out. On my lips, it feels more like a lip butter than a lipstick. It’s smooth, it’s hydrating, and it’s exactly how you dream that all lipsticks will feel (but seldom do). I just cannot say enough wonderful things about the texture of this lippie–you’ve truly got try it to believe it. I can’t give this one anything but five stars. If your normal lipsticks tend to dry out your lips, get a JH lipstick as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed!

  12. Kellie—I’m like you, I need something with some pigment or I look like an extra from a George Romero movie. You should really try Julie Hewett’s Nude Noir—it’s a golden, shimmery, deeper pink/nude shade that is so flattering and just too pretty for words. It looks even more lovely paired with the Cheekie in Bette (I won’t even get started on my love for JH Cheekies b/c that will take all day…). It’s one of the few “nude” lips that are really flattering on my pale face. :)

  13. I was a lucky girl and got to try Simone and Tish. I instantly fell in love with Simone because I have a hard time finding nudes that match my olive skin tone. Peach nudes work perfect for me and this one was no exception. Tish is equally as beautiful, but not as peachy as Simone. It’s a much lighter nude. I have mostly worn Tish layered on top of other lipsticks to lighten them up some. Until reading Stef’s post, I had never tried to layer Simone and Tish together. Big duh moment for me! They are really beautiful together and the peachy color of Simone balances out the lighter color of Tish perfectly for me. I have a feeling this color combination is going to be on my lips on a daily basis now that I’ve realized how absolutely gorgeous these two are together. It really is a perfect nude in my opinion. 5 big stars from me.

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  15. Everyone has already declared the exact reasons I love Julie Hewett lipstick! It applies so silky and smells devine! These nude shades are lovely. I’m definitely going to give them a try.

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