Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow review

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Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

New Design Heralds the End of Morning “Pillow Face”

I’ve tried more anti-aging creams and potions than one could imagine. Truly, sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the products or genetics that are responsible for my generally unlined skin. But who knew that my pillow could make me look old before my time? JuveRest is making a pillow that claims to minimize facial wrinkles.

Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

Those lines on your face that mimic the folds of your pillowcase first thing in the morning —the ones giving you a bad case of “Pillow Face”— are actually the first step towards compression wrinkles. Over time, as skin loses its elasticity, those morning wrinkles tend to stick around. Remember when mom said, “Don’t make that face—it’ll stay that way”? Well, she was kind of right.

We all know about expression lines. A furrowed brow, a laughing face or a squinted eye; expressions we make over and over again until we have a wrinkle reminder of all our happiness, our sadness, our anger. We know less about compression wrinkles, the ones made while we sleep, smashing our face into our pillows, blankets and stuffed penguins (don’t judge). Just as we must all laugh or cry, so too must we sleep, right? Juverest says with their pillow we can all sleep right, keeping those compression wrinkles at bay.

Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow ReviewLook what happens to your face with a traditional pillow at night!

The JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow ($195 including cover) was designed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Goesel Anson, MD. The pillow is designed to promote back sleeping, as well as compression-free side sleeping. Side sleepers and belly sleepers are most prone to sleep wrinkles. The pillow itself is made of supportive foam, and has many hollows, steps and arcs.

For back sleeping, there is a transition slope for your back to neck, a neck support and a cradle for your head. There are raised wings on either side of the head cradle to discourage shifting your position while sleeping.

For side sleeping (on either side of the pillow for left or right side sleeping), there is a face support that supports the forehead, side of the head, jaw line and neck to discourage movement. There is a shoulder cradle to support shoulders and neck, while keeping the spine aligned. There are graded steps to minimize face-to-pillow contact, as well as raised edges to keep your face from rolling off the pillow.

Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow Review
Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow Reviiew

Well, it certainly seems as though they’ve done everything possible to discourage the nighttime face-plant, but how is that going to work for a belly sleeper like me?

First, the pillow comes with a removable and washable velvety velour case in a light blue color that matches the many shades of blue in my bedroom. Otherwise, its presence is conspicuous. The pillow is 25 inches long, and that’s a lot of space—definitely more than my share. I have a queen size bed that I share with my 6’5” husband and, occasionally, my spoiled 25-pound pup. As an occasional side-sleeper, I decided this feature is the one that would be the best for me. Unfortunately, that left nearly half the pillow dangling from the side of the bed.

But you know what? It worked. For nearly half the first night I slept unmoved, supported and properly aligned without mushing up my face. When I awoke and wanted to switch to the other side, however, I realized I couldn’t without slapping hubs in the face with the lengthy pillow. I relegated it to the floor and grabbed my usual pillow to finish off the night.

Over the course of the next weeks, I did keep using this, but I definitely had trouble committing to using it the entire night, every night. I found sleeping on my back was easier than the side, but still I move too much. The grand thing is, I’m getting used to back sleeping!

Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow Review

In summary, the JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is comfortable, and compression lines are non-existent after using it. If you are a back sleeper, it is incredibly supportive. Side sleeping is nowhere near as awkward as it seems it would be, but you need space. If you are a belly sleeper like me, it is likely to be difficult to get used to. The Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is probably the easiest, most cost effective way to keep your face looking young.

we heartsters, how do you feel about JuveRest’s answer to getting your beauty sleep?


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  1. This looks like a great idea, but I’m a face sleeper–I sleep on my tummy and mash my face into my pillow. Not great for the face wrinkles, but that’s what Frownies are for. I paste some on my 11’s and try not to smother while I sleep :D I’ve tried to be a back sleeper, but just can’t do it :/ Great post, @sherrishera!

  2. Well I’m a back and a side sleeper, I guess if I could get used to it it might be worth it. I’m sceptic about the price though.

  3. That pillow looks crazy! And the price is really high. I sleep on my side/on my tummy, so I’m pretty sure I’m mashing my face flat into my pillow. Definitely an interesting idea though.

  4. Well I’m a back and a side sleeper, I figure in the event that I could get accustomed to it may be justified, despite all the trouble.

  5. This pillow looks interesting. Nice concept, but I’m very sensitive to the slightest bump or raised place on my regular expensive memory foam pillow. In fact, I have trimmed it to my comfort level. I’m afraid all the dramatic lines of this pillow would have to be trimmed and smoothed as well and it’s too expensive to chance running. Very pricey!

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