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Korean Beauty products from It's Skin using Centella Asiaticasponsored post

Especially if it’s K Beauty from It’s Skin…

When I discover a new skincare or cosmetic brand, it’s like Christmas, my birthday and a particularly good Halloween rolled into one happy day. I can spend hours reading all about different products and making a prioritized wish list. When it’s a brand like It’s Skin USA, which offers dozens and dozens of inexpensive, fun products in every conceivable beauty category…let’s just say I’m tempted to buy it all!

If you’re already a Korean Beauty aficionado, you’re no doubt familiar with the line. But for K Beauty newbies, a quick introduction; developed by dermatologists from Seoul University, It’s Skin is a leading cosmetic brand in Korea. The brand is known for its blend of science, natural ingredients and fun packaging. Based on the quartet of products I sampled, I’m so happy that It’s Skin is now widely available on our shores.

K Beauty from It's Skin using Centella Asiatica

The products range from serious skincare to seriously whimsical treats. First, let’s talk skincare…

The famed scientific know-how and natural ingredients are on display in the first product I tested, It’s Skin Tiger Cica Moisturizing Balm ($30, 50 ml). This lightweight moisturizing balm is infused with an extract of Centella Asiatica (also known as gotu kola and Indian pennywort). This plant is a perennial near the Indian Ocean, where locals know all about its anti-aging properties.

Scientific studies back up the folklore; applied to the skin, the plant does indeed increase collagen synthesis. Tiger Cica balm is designed to soothe the skin and protect against environmental aggressors, making it perfect for sensitive to dry skin. The silky balm sinks right in and makes my skin feel supple and soft. Even the packaging makes me so happy– I love the debossed tiger on the lid!

Korean Beauty products from It's Skin with Tiger etched on silver lidRawrr!

Korean Beauty brand It's Skin Tiger Cica Gel Cream

Oily gals, they’ve got you covered too. Though the Moisturizing Balm has a light texture, It’s Skin Tiger Cica Gel Cream ($29, 50 ml) has an even lighter gel texture (as the name would imply!) and an even higher concentration of the soothing Centella Asiatica; 68% to the Balm’s 55%.

If the rest of the skincare line is anything like the Tiger Cica products, it holds its own with luxury lines but with a much lower price point. You’ll have plenty of cash left over to splurge on a not-so-serious treat or two– like this fun stuff…

Korean Beauty brand It's Skin Macaron Cream Filling Cheek blush in Cherry Blossom

It’s Skin Macaron Cream Filling Cheek ($12) comes in six beautiful shades in adorable twist-off cookie packaging.

Korean Beauty brand It's Skin Macaron Cream Filling Cheek blush Apple Cinnamon swatches

Cherry Blossom – warm pink with golden shimmer
Coral Chou – bright coral cream
Apricot Jam – bright peach cream
Rose Caramel – rosy nude cream
Apple Cinnamon – cherry red wash
Cassis Berry – pale cool pink cream

It's Skin Macaron Cream Filling Cheek blush in Apricot Jam with fine china teacup

My two favorites are Cherry Blossom and Rose Caramel. Just a dab of the peach-scented, cream to powder formula blends easily into to my skin for a natural flush. A little layering gives more dramatic color. The light scent is fruity, good enough to eat, and works on lips too.

It's Skin Macaron lip balm in pineapple

Speaking of delicious scents, this too-cute cookie-shaped lip balm It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm ($9) comes in five flavors, all formulated with shea and cocoa butter; Love Choco, Pineapple, Grape, Greenapple and Strawberry.

It's Skin Macaron lip balm in greenapple

Strawberry is my favorite, but I’ll be honest, I’m craving the other four flavors just as much. They are smooth and non-greasy, and let’s be honest; pulling them out of my purse for a touch up makes me oh-so happy. I would love them just for the adorable packaging, but the product inside lives up to the pastel cookie that holds it.

It's Skin Macaron lip balm in strawberry

It's Skin Cookies and Hand Cream in Mint

Last by certainly not least is It’s Skin Cookie & Hand Cream ($10 80ml) which comes in three scents; original (a sweet cookie scent), strawberry and mint. I have flipped for mint which is formulated with peppermint extract. It looks and smells exactly like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, right down to the take out-looking packaging. You’ll get the feeling you had this freshly scooped at your favorite indie ice cream shop! There are even “cookie chips” in the cream. Not only do my hands feel super-soft, I can’t stop sniffing them. Mint chocolate chip hand cream, girls…life is good!

It's Skin K beauty Korean beauty skincare line

If you already know your way around the world of K Beauty, you’ll find plenty of It’s Skin products to tempt you. If you’re brand new to the realm, treat yourself to a Macaron or two. You’ll end up making a lengthy wish list just like I did.

we heartsters, who has tried this line? Share your favorite products in the comments!

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  1. I got to try out the cream cheek filling in Cassis Berry. I love the sweet scent and the texture–it’s not a greasy cream blush, but it doesn’t dry to an overly powdery finish, either. The shade is way too pale for my tastes–it’s a very pale, cool pink, which barely showed up on my pale face. But I like the cute packaging and everything else about it that I’d love to try another shade. Probably the Apple Cinnamon because I love reddish cream blushes.

    Can I just say that I love the macaron packaging on the lip balms and cream blushes–those are just so much fun to pull out of a handbag :)

  2. I loooove the macaron lip balm (and omg makes such a cute gift), but the Cookie & Hand Cream (original scent) is AMAZING. I was a little skeptical about the texture, but it easily melts into your skin, and it smells good enough to eat.

  3. I tried the macaroons…cheek and lip balm. The packaging is adorable, but I must say I thought it more appropriate for a teen or tween. The balm is scented fairly strongly and I was pleasantly reminded of my teen dream Lip Smackers, while the packaging reminded me of Avon. I loved it in my teen/tween days. But the flavor was yummy and lips were appropriately lubed. The product is good.
    The cheek cream I tried was the Apricot one and I liked that it wasn’t as greasy as I thought it would be. The color was a bit pale on my skin and did seem to disappear, but all in all , a good product, sweetly presented. I’d definitely give these as a theme gift. Now, who do I know turning SWEET 16?

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