Kahina Giving Beauty 100% Organic Argan Oil review

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Give back while giving your skin organic care with Kahina

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We’ve got another unique and eco-friendly review for Green Monday wht readers! Today we’ll be taking a look Kahina Giving Beauty’s wondrous ingredient and star product, 100% Organic Argan Oil.

The word ‘Kahina’ just sounds beautiful and I really love a company with a story behind it. According to their website, “Kahina is named for a Berber queen and prophetess who reigned in Morocco circa 700 CE. A heroine to the Berber women, Kahina represents empowerment and vision for women worldwide.”

Founder Katharine Phillips L’Heureux started Kahina after visiting Morocco and discovering the wonders of argan oil. This ‘miracle ingredient’ has been used for centuries in beauty and skin care remedies by the indigenous Berber women of Morocco to protect skin against the severe desert environment.

And I was thrilled to learn this is a company with heart! Kahina works with the Berber women who harvest the argan oil and gives back 25% of their profits to these poverty-stricken communities. (The signatures of these women that work in the argan cooperatives even adorn the packaging of Kahina Giving Beauty products as artwork.)

Now on to the 100% Organic Argan Oil that is the star of this beauty line. There’s a reason woman have used this oil for years – it’s touted to have antioxidants and neutralize free radicals, while hydrating skin and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also loaded with vitamin E and essential fatty acids to nourish skin. Pretty impressive stuff. Plus this all organic oil is one multi-tasker – and can be used as a body oil, frizzy-hair tamer, hand treatment, cuticle soother and face oil.

Since I’m about to celebrate my 31st birthday, I’m starting to look for natural products to help slow the development of wrinkles. Could this be the perfect product for me? Inside the box is a dark violet recycled glass vial (that diffuses light to keep ingredients safe) with an eyedropper style applicator that dispenses the light, yet super hydrating oil.

Happily I have only good things to say about this colorless, odorless oil and how it reacts with my skin. I tend to have a very flaky T-zone, especially in the winter, which I slather on lotions to no avail. I found that applying Kahina’s organic argan oil right before bed (sometimes after a light facial scrub) gives me a flake-free morning.

I also use this oil before putting on my make-up and it gives me that dewy glow that I’m always after without turning skin into a slick shine. The eyedropper style applicator is perfect for dispensing the oil as only a few drops of this non-greasy oil goes a long way. I think this oil is worth the $82 price tag (3.3 oz bottle) since it lasts forever and the applicator cuts down the chance of wasting any product.

The odorless, colorless oil works with ALL skin types.
Seriously, even those with oily or combo skin can use this on the face.
Product has multiple uses – face lotion, flyaway/frizzy hair tamer, body oil, hand cream and more.
Kahina Giving Beauty is a company that gives back – always a plus in my book.

Ingredients are 100% organic.
Bottles are made from recyclable violet glass.
All paper and packaging comes from recycled materials.
Kahina doesn’t use artificial fragrances, colorants, preservatives or parabens and are cruelty-free.

The cost could be too high for some.
For now, the Argan Oil is only available in one size. A smaller (cheaper) size could be a great introduction to this oil.

Additionally, I got to sample a few more Kahina Giving Beauty products from their carefully crafted and growing collection. I was most impressed with the Antioxidant Mask containing their signature argan oil, rhassoul clay and extracts of acai and pomegranate. The mask was very relaxing while I let it sit and detoxify my skin and then when I washed it away worked as a gentle exfoliator.

I also enjoyed the Face Serum which helped tone down my flakiness and calmed a bit of the redness I have in my cheeks. Using Kahina’s eye cream and eye serum together seemed to smooth out my under eye area well. Overall I was very impressed with the entire Kahina Argan Oil line that made my dry, flaky skin very happy.

Now that I’ve raved and rambled on over the 100% Organic Argan Oil, which you should guess I give 5 stars, I can’t wait to hear the wht review teams opinion of Kahina. Did anyone with oily or combination skin like it too? Please meet me in the comments and we’ll find out!

Buy 100% organic Argan oil and more at Kahina Giving Beauty!

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  1. Yay! Face Oils!
    I do love a face oil, although sometimes I feel they don’t like me. If you look at me a certain way…I break out. I tried the Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil. While I love the feel and smell of the oil, I think my mind got to me and I always thought it was breaking me out.
    I have heard about the benefits of Argan oil and Kahina Giving Beauty has a conscience, which is lovely! Great post, @lucylemonade!

  2. Even though Kahina Argan Oil sounds like a dream product on paper, I’ll admit I was very wary of using it on my face. My skin tends to be dry in the winter, but even so, heavy moisturizers can break me out. Once I tried it, I was so happy and surprised by how lightweight this product is. A tiny drop used before bedtime absorbed almost like a serum, leaving me with soft, smooth skin in the morning.

    I tried it as a body moisturizer (wonderful but I was afraid I was going to use it up), a hair treatment (just a tiny bit to add shine) and, best of all, a hand treatment. My hands were so dry and itchy, and Kahina restored them. Even my cuticles look better now!

    I also got to sample a few of Kahina’s other products and loved them all! I was especially impressed by their Eye Serum and Eye Cream, which added moisture without irritating my eyes or causing dreaded puffiness.

    I agree with you about everything @lucylemonade – even the price, which isn’t that high given the pureness of the product and the benefits to the women of Morocco. I will definitely buy this again! 5 stars for Kahina.

  3. I’ve never heard of Argan oil, but it sounds like something I would love. I’ve always used oils as a body moisturizer and this one sounds quite perfect. Thanks for the great review @lucylemonade!

  4. When I received Kahina Organic Argan Oil- I practically tripped over myself as I ran into the bathroom to test it out! I’m a lover of such products and for good reason.
    This product is especially amazing on many fronts. It’s multi-usage is endless. I use it in my hair, face, hands and wherever I need it to work some magic. That’s a lot of boasting but really, it’s known, at least in my sphere of world that Argan Oil is indeed a miracle-like ingredient! You see it in so many products but not like this.– I’m glad to find it so well made and in a beautiful dark violet glass bottle with an easy to use eyedropper applicator- No mess, no germs. I’m always impressed with the practices of a company like this who purposely seeks to do-good in all aspects of their business. I love the handwritten packaging.. It speaks volumes of the love and work behind it. Think about how beautiful Moroccan women are-their skin and hair is gorgeous into their golden years-it obvious, they’ve known about this secret for years. Thank you for sharing! I love this because for one, it’s good for my skin, heavy on the antioxidants and second and most important, for its calming affect it has on my skin. It absorbs well does not clog my pores and my skin is looking younger. I’m no spring chicken either! It’s light and not greasy after its goodness has soaked into my skin, only to leave it softer than a baby’s bottom.. I exaggerate, but you get my drift. It’s pure organic argan oil. Two words, moisturizing and restorative. I was floored by the price tag, as if this was gold.. Well, it is! I give this product 5 glorious stars! Good review @lucylemonade

  5. More chiming in from Pamela Irene!!! I also about flipped over the Antioxidant Mask.. I so want that product now! LOVED THIS! It’s made very well and wished it had more in the sample jar! It’s scent is so up my alley.. energizing eucalyptus and mint. Repeat, so up my ally! I also found the Eye Cream to be awesome. It was super moisturizing-what else can I say other than I want more! I sound like a broken record by now.. The eye serum is also fantastic. I thought it was wonderfully soothing too-I learned that alfalfa is calming. I also want to point out that you only need a tiny bit.. You really only need a drip, less than a drop.. I read that sugar beet helps to circulate blood flow and helps to minimize those dark circles. Who knew rhodiola root extract reduce puffiness and inflammation? Woo-hoo, all this stuff is fantastic. The only thing that I really would have liked to try out more was the cleanser. I really needed more of it to sample.. It cleaned well as far as I could tell, but too little of a sample.

  6. I simply cannot say enough about Kahina Giving Beauty!
    I received an assortment of samples and a full size bottle of the 100% Organic Argan Oil and I’m smitten. I’m no stranger to Argan Oil (having used a similar product from another organics company) but there was just something… different about this one. I tested it side by side (on my hand) against the other bottle I had and the Kahina Giving Beauty oil absorbed into my skin much quicker and plumped up the lines on my hand. Wow! That’s impressive.
    Having combination skin I find that it’s a bit much to use the Oil on my face during the day (I get a little bit too much shine) but it’s WONDERFUL for nightly use! My husband likes it because it’s scentless and absorbs quickly. He says it doesn’t “taste funny” like some other products, and he’s REALLY picky about the stuff I put on my face when he wants to kiss me! (If he had his way I’d never put anything on my skin, LOL.)
    Another one of the samples I’m a huge fan of is the eye cream. I have terrible allergies which lead to a LOT of eye rubbing (bad, I know). The eye cream helps soothe my sore skin and- I swear- lessens the itchy feeling I get.

    The products are a little pricy, but with how little you need to use at a time it’s really pretty cost effective. And I LOVE the company’s story and ethics! Overall it’s an indulgence but one that makes me feel good and helps others. 5 stars!

  7. I LOVE face oils! I’ve used two different brands now and they’re my favorite kind of moisturizer! I’ve also recently become more and more intrigued with Morocco so this is perfect. And the price tag seems hefty but like you said @lucylemonade facial oils last a long time because you don’t need much. Great post! This is going my list of products to try!

  8. I have always been afraid of face oils. However, with all of these positive comments I really want to try it. I am off to the Kahina website now!

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