Kate Somerville Exfolikate & Line Release review

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The life of a celebrity, wouldn’t it be great? Only the good parts though; lack of a private life, stalkers, press junkets, we’ll skip all of those things. I’m talking about people begging you to wear their clothes and jewels. Jet setting around the globe. Guest lists galore. But the perk that I think is most appealing to me would be the access to an expert esthetician and the accompanying treatments all within reach. Party in Malibu? Book me a facial! Oh, we’re in Bali next week? I think I’ll get a body wrap today. That’s what my caviar dreams are made of.

But there is one way that we can get a taste of the good life. Facialist to the stars, Kate Somerville’s product line gives us regular folks a glimpse of the high life. A touch of what it’s like to be a big deal, but in the luxury of your own paparazzi-free home! I had the pleasure of trying 2 of her amazing products recently and I’m telling you, had I a red carpet event coming up, I would be so ready.

First a bit about Kate. She is absolutely adorable (that’s her on her site’s home page). And like you’d want and expect from a skin care expert, she just glows. For the past 15 years, she has dedicated her life to healthy skin through research and development. From the pioneering of the Skin Health Pyramid (five fundamental elements for attaining and maintaining beautiful skin), to the opening of her Melrose Place clinic in 2004, to the release of her 20+ product line, I truly believe Kate when she says “everyone can achieve beautiful skin, and it’s my promise to guide you there.”

To say I delighted when Tracy and Megan sent me ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, one of their best selling products, would be a huge understatement. I’ve been dying to try this product. They advertise this as “the next best thing to seeing Kate in the clinic.” And let me tell you, I can see why. Hands down, this is my new favorite skin care product (and if you knew my bathroom cabinets, that’s saying A LOT!) A blend of fruit enzymes polish your skin by removing dead cells & eliminating bacteria, leaving a smooth, glowing complexion. You feel Exfolikate doing exactly that. It’s a bit intense (and if you have sensitive skin, I suggest picking this up in the Gentle formula) but oh, the results! I looked exactly like I do after an hour long (and twice as expensive) facial. I haven’t seen my skin this smooth in months. 2 other points worth mentioning, it’s “highly effective in combating acne, including stubborn blackheads.” Hooray! And this stuff is FAST. 20-30 seconds and no scrubbing involved. I heart Exfolikate!

Lucky chick that I am, I also got to try the Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream.Created to directly address the key complaints of her clients; dark circles, puffiness and crows feet. And again, Kate hits it out of the park. This is an eye cream junkie’s dream. It’s a “high-performing, powerful eye-brightener & line-fighter, that cushions the delicate eye area & instantly firms & lifts.” And you know what? It’s all true. I noticed immediate results with this extremely hydrating product. It’s not a cream, to me it feels more like a serum. And I would recommend using it well before you apply your makeup, as I noticed the longer I let it soak into my skin, the better (I preferred using it at night, actually). But with a list of ingredients that reads like a science book, this made me look instantly younger, absorbing into my wrinkles and making them less pronounced and reducing puffiness & circles. Kate developed this product because she was a non-believer in traditional, heavy eye creams. And her reasoning makes total sense; “most eye cremes are filled with mineral oil and other pore clogging ingredients leaving the delicate under eye area with hardened oil deposits.” So that’s what those horrible bumps are from! I’m glad to know that won’t be an issue with my new go-to eye product.

If you are new to this line, check out the The Discovery Kit for TSA-approved, travel size, samples of 5 products and 2 samples, including the above reviewed Exfolikate and Line Release.

No surprise here, Exfolikate and Line Release get 5 glowing stars from me!


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  1. These products must be amazing. If you get 5 stars and the statement of go to product from Stef you are doing something right. I’m very intrigued by the fact that the eye cream is like a serum vs a cream. I may have to buy some. Darn you WHT girls feeding into an addiction.

  2. We do what we can! Kate Somerville = amazing products.

  3. I, too, now want the eye cream. I always wanted to try the Exfolikate. I think Sephora has a code right now to get a deluxe sample of that with any order of $25 or more, just use the code KATE in the promo code field.

  4. Good find Krista! You want the Exfolikate too, probably even more so.

  5. oooo Thanks Krista! I want to try the eye cream and Exfolikate too! :) I’m going to Sephora.com now!!

  6. I’ve always wanted to try out Kate’s products. You are so making me want to spend some $$$ right now. Thanks for the sephora code:)

  7. Tiffany, I try to do what I can to help the economy!

    Hey, Sephora Beauty Insiders just got a 15% off coupon in their inbox! Good for one week online or in store. That makes the Exfolikate $72 bucks. Now would be the time…I’m just sayin’.

  8. Ooohh, that eye cream sounds so good! It does everything – lightens dark circles, fights fine lines and plumps skin? Sign me up! Also, I got a gander at these items during our distribution and the packaging is divine, loved everything about them. Why, oh why didn’t I test them out when I stayed over?! Doh.

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