Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow Duo swatches and review

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Gone but not forgotten, Kevyn Aucoin was a true genius at his craft – the man knew his makeup. One of his biggest gifts was the ability to use contouring to alter one’s appearance. If you’ve seen the examples of his work from his book “Making Faces”, you know that he was truly a makeup artist. I’ve long been a fan of his makeup line and I was extremely excited to see the latest product from his eponymous line: The Creamy Glow Duo.


I already love Kevyn Aucoin’s cream blush, The Creamy Glow, so I felt very lucky to receive Duo #1 Nuelle/Bloodroses and Duo #4 Candlelight/Sculpting. The first is a lip and cheek duo and the other is the contouring palette I never knew I needed. I had never contoured before using this product and now I will not be without it – I HAVE CHEEKBONES, Y’ALL! Who knew?


Housed in a sleek, burgundy compact, The Creamy Glow Duo ($30) screams “LUXURY” before you even open it. Once you push the gold bar button in, the compact opens to reveal a generously sized mirror and two pans of The Creamy Glow.


Duo #4 Sculpting Medium/Candlelight – matte, medium brown/shimmery pale gold
Duo #1 Nuelle/Bloodroses – soft nude with a hint of peach/deep rosy red

The formula on these is a cream that dries to a powdery finish. The wear time is excellent – I got a solid six hours of wear on my oily skin, which is excellent (for me) for a cream product.

Kevyn-Aucoin-Creamy-Glow-5Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow Duo #4 Candlelight/Sculpting

With the contouring palette, I did apply a light dusting of powder on top of my handiwork and it lasted all day. As with all Kevyn Aucoin products I’ve ever used: no breakouts. I have sensitive skin, so this is major for me.

Kevyn-Aucoin-Creamy-Glow-6Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow Duo #4 Candlelight/Sculpting, separate then blended together

I used the contouring duo to contour my entire face for the very first time and not only did this blend impeccably, but I finally got to see what the contouring hype is all about. My husband didn’t know I’d used this, but he did comment that I looked “different, but better”, which is really what most of us strive for, isn’t it?

Kevyn-Aucoin-Creamy-Glow-7Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow Duo #1 Nuelle/Bloodroses, separate then blended together

These two palettes are amazing together. I love Nuelle on cheeks with Sculpting Medium contoured along the underside of my cheekbones, then I dab some Candlelight on the tops of my cheeks and finish my look with Bloodroses on my lips and more Candlelight dabbed on my Cupid’s Bow – the end result is so flattering.I really recommend you promptly order these for yourselves to experience it.

Kevyn-Aucoin-Creamy-Glow-8Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow Duo #1 Nuelle/Bloodroses

Duo #4 gives excellent results in contouring. I’m a contouring novice and I achieved professional results using this.
The small compact is extremely portable and perfect for travel or for popping in your purse for touch-ups

I wish both pans were the same size. One pan is smaller than the other and both sides are equally gorgeous. I hate that I’ll run out of one side before the other.

we heartsters – Are there any other Kevyn Aucoin devotees out there? What is your favorite product from his line? Am I the only person who was a contouring virgin?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. As a huge admirer of Kevyn Aucoin (the man and the makeup line), I hung on every word of your review, @krista ! Contouring is definitely an advanced skill, and if these products can make the process easy, I’m on board! The colors are beautiful. You’re right, I think I need both palettes, because really, how would I choose?

    1. Seriously, @turboterp —I am so pale that any attempts at contouring looked stupid on me and were immediately washed off so that I didn’t embarrass myself. This stuff actually blended until it looked natural–me, but better. You really can’t go wrong with both palettes :)

  2. stephanie says:

    I too have been a long time fan of Kevin Aucoin. His Sensual Skin Enhancer is simply amazing!
    Great post and I want the entire line!!!

    1. I LOVE the Sensual Skin Enhancer! Best concealer ever! If you put it directly on cleansed skin (no moisturizer), it’ll last all day. It’s my secret weapon :)

  3. oh my god…so pretty. I don’t really use cream products but it’s Kevyn Aucoin! Must try.

  4. Oh, thanks for this post and also @krista, I will have to check out the Sensual Skin Enhancer if you say it’s the best concealer!
    I would love to get my mitts on these duos! Soooo pretty! You must feel like an artist when using Kevyn’s methods!

  5. Yeah, the Kevyn Aucoin line can pretty much do no wrong. It’s the gold standard of high-end makeup. Packaging, formula, colors – it’s all just so on point.

    @krista – I’m really happy to hear the contouring shade worked for you. I was worried it was going to be too dark for you. You were moments away from not getting it, that candlelight was waaaaay tempting to me. Such a beautiful, subtle highlight.

    But I think I’m going to take the plunge and order the Pravella/Janelle duo, a punchy pink and coral number that looks divine.

    1. @stef – lol, I was like, “This should be interesting…” when I saw the contouring duo. I was so surprised it actually worked on me! YAY! *claps hands*

      While I can’t speak for the Janelle portion of that duo, I did once own the Pravella cream blush as a single and it’s DIVINE. It’s a perfect pop of pink–it would be glorious on you w/ your tan, blue eyes, and blonde hair!

  6. I was over at Bloomingdales and tried Pravella/Janelle.. Too pretty, I loved it on me.. seriously, it’s gorgeous!

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