KleanSpa Body Scrubs & Polishes review

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Shower goodies so yummy, you’ll be tempted to eat them.

KleanSpa Body Scrubs & Polishesphotos: we heart this

As a Midwesterner I’ve gotten used to the cold blustery climates. I’ve honed my skills of winter driving, learned how to layer clothes to buffer against the chill and most importantly, gathered an arsenal of moisturizers and skin treatments to combat the dry seasonal weather. But even with the best moisturizer I’ve found my skin could still use a little help, which is why the body scrub has become an essential mix in my skincare regime.

Thankfully, there’s KleanSpa, a company providing body scrubs and polishes that will not only delight your senses but make your skin feel and look beautiful. KleanSpa’s founder and creator, Jennifer Hardaway’s love of fragrances, as well as bath and body products, resulted in her delicious KleanSpa line of scrubs, cleansers, moisturizers and more.

Looking to create lush and natural products at a reasonable price, KleanSpa uses unrefined cane sugars mixed with nourishing ingredients like almond and coconut oils, shea butters and essential fragrance oils in their luscious body scrubs and polishes. Not only do these jars of joy moisturize and exfoliate the skin, but the line boasts an array of delicious scents and fragrances. Seriously, these smell so good that they should be called “flavors” instead of fragrances.

Smooth-EZ Body Polish in Fig n’ Fern

I received two jars of KleanSpa scrubs from their ever evolving line of scents and formulas. First up, the Smooth-EZ Body Polish in Fig n’ Fern (5.54 oz $13.50), a whipped concoction of sugar, shea butter and coconut oil. This scrub had a lush, fruity scent with a slight hint of vanilla – all in all so delightful that it almost distracted me from the fabulous job it was doing of smoothing and moisturizing my skin.

The handmade formula with cane sugar was abrasive enough to work on the rougher parts of my body like elbows and feet, but also gentle enough to be used on the rest of my body. Plus after the sugar dissolved, the butter and oils kept working their moisturizing magic and I was left with ultra smooth skin.

Sugar Body Polish in Toasted Coconut

I also tried the Sugar Body Polish in Toasted Coconut (9.2 oz $23.00), a more oil based scrub that also contains bits of coconut. This was my favorite of the two as it has a heavenly, ambrosial scent of warm nutty coconut that left my mouth watering, while my skin felt silky and supple.

The Sugar Polish has the same great exfoliating action of the Smooth-EZ with the added bonus of extra oil to provide that oomph of moisture that thankfully left my skin soft but not overly greasy. Oh and a handy tip from the KleanSpa site: after washing off the sugar, use the remaining oil as a shaving base for legs. This worked really well and gave me a nice close shave. And as I’ve said before, anything that can multitask gets bonus points with me.

Amazing fragrances
Great exfoliating action
Paraben Free

Limited availability in stores- but that’s why there’s online shopping!

The wht team received an sampling of KleanSpa Sugar Body Polishes in scents like Thai Lemongrass, Pink Grapefruit-Vanilla, and Fresh Rain, as well as Smooth-EZ Body Polishes in Tiare Blossom, Cecile, and Lavendar Cream. And if my experience is any indication, I can only imagine how good the rest of these scrubs smell! Make sure to check the comments for their thoughts.

For those looking to add some spa like quality to their daily shower, I highly recommend the affordable line of luscious scrubs and polishes from KleanSpa – just try not to lick the jars!

we heartsters and Testers – have you been tempted by tasty scrubs of KleanSpa?

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  1. Mmmmmm, those all sound delicious! And I love supporting smaller brands that make affordable, quality products. Especially if it can help me get a closer shave. :) Great review, @kari!

    1. I agree Marilyn – we love when we find local brands (KleanSpa is soo local to wht!) that makes quality beauty items. There’s something to be said for the whole “think global, buy local” effort. I really try to put it in effect with food – but beauty works too!

  2. This is a lovely polish I tried, here. Cecile has a sweet scent–more muffin than cupcake–that doesn’t linger. In fact, this scrub smelled so muffin-like that I could have sworn those little black beads sitting in the rich, white scrub were poppyseeds…they’re not (as far as I can tell), but c’est la vie.
    I do like that the scent doesn’t linger since I then don’t have to worry about it clashing with perfumes or lotions. Speaking of lotions, there’s really no need for me to use one with this ( well maybe in the driest days of winter) since it seems to do the work of a mild one.
    There is a very slight milky lather when rubbing this into the skin that feels luxurious. Maybe more milk than lather, but I do feel like this cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes–a trifecta of good hygiene.
    There is less product than contained in most body scrub packaging, but it’s lasted me longer than most, as well.
    I find nothing to complain about with this except for the fact that it’s not on the shelves of the local pharmacy or grocery store where I almost always end up buying my bath supplies. 4 stars.

  3. I tested the Klean Spa Body Scrub in Pink Grapefruit- Vanilla. It is a lovely scrub with enough grit to exfoliate, but with serious moisturizing properties as well. The scent is clean and not overpowering, which I like.
    The scrub left my skin smooth and soft.
    I love the tip about using the remaining oils to shave with! I will definitely try that the next time I use it!
    Nice scrub, nice price! 4 stars!

  4. Toasted Coconut really appeals to me! And what a great tip about using the oil for post-scrub shaving. These scrubs sound scrumptious, @kari !

  5. Man, the Toasted Coconut sounds as yummy as the pink grapefruit vanilla! I’ve tried this company’s product in the past. Their commitment to use high quality ingredients is what I remember and I really liked their sugar scrubs. What I’m super please to see the new label and packaging. It has really improved! Before, it had hard to read labeling and was my only beef. KleanSpa has incredible ingredients in their line and have you seen their website? It’s just loaded with amazing products!

  6. Everyone should try the Toasted Coconut! I seriously had the urge to taste these when I first tried them! Weird I know, but they smell that good!

    They’ve really helped keep my skin beautiful and soft this winter! I’m dying to try some of the other scents. Especially that Pink Grapefruit Vanilla!

    5 stars!

  7. I was the happy tester of the Thai Lemongrass Sugar Body Polish. As mentioned, these body polishes really do smell divine – this one has a lemon base with a sweet fruity background. It’s all I can do not to lick the jar when I use it.

    I also really dig the formula – nice medium sized grains that exfoliate well without scratching or irritating my skin. And the little bit of extra oil is great – it makes the consistency so much easier to work with when scooping out of the jar and applying to the body. Not to mention that it has helped to banish my dry skin, especially from the elbows.

    And in the local handmade angle – the variety of scents and the range of sizes of the polishes (there’s even a trio sampler pack where you can pick 3 scents to sample) plus the great price – and I’m giving KleanSpa 5 stars.

  8. These sound so yummy! I’m getting hungry now. I love a good scrub…I will definitely be checking these out on the site. You’re right – thank goodness for online shopping :) It’s my safe haven.

  9. I’m adding this company on my list for the next time I purchase scrub (which will be soon living in New England). The scents sound amazing, especially the coconut which will give a nice tropical feel to make me forget the frigid temps and snow on the ground.

  10. I chose to test a Smooth EZ body polish in Lavender Cream, for 2 reasons:
    -I never tried a creamy body polish before
    -Lavender Cream sounded delicious
    Let me tell you – I am so glad I took this scent and formula! The texture is incredible. Like buttery sugar, or sugary butter. It’s whipped and airy and feels absolutely incredible while you’re applying it. The scent is out of this world. Think macarons or some sort of delicate Parisian dessert. It’s sweet with a hint of lavender. It’s so amazing. I let out a big “boo!” when I scooped the last of it out. This went straight on my shopping list, top spot actually! 5 stars.

  11. While companies that purposely misspell their names are a pet peeve of mine (I know, I know) I think I can forgive all with that coconut scrub! It sounds AMAZING. I’m just afraid that I might eat it in my sleepy morning state, haha! It’s a pretty reasonable price, so I can see this going into regular rotation at my house. Great review @Kari !

  12. I tried Fresh Rain and it is wonderful. The smell is not too overpowering but gives a nice calm scent that was truly fresh! It’s more oil based which is great for my super dry skin. I need that extra oil to keep me soft in the winter! I love using it on rough spots too. My hands get especially terrible in the winter and using it as a hand scrub works too! I love this scrub! 5 stars

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