Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Oil and Mineral Salts – review

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Holiday Stress? Bathe it away…

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Oil and Mineral Salts

I never used to be a bath person. I never felt like I had the time for them. Once I wrapped my head around the idea that that was precisely why I needed them, I embraced the whole ritual. Nothing makes me stop quite like a warm tub full of water, fragrant with potions. I feel a bit more relaxed just writing it! Especially since I know a Kneipp bath awaits me when I’m through with this post.

Do you know Kneipp? You should. The line was developed by a naturopath and priest, Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) who cured himself of tuberculosis through the combination of water therapy (dips in the icy Danube River), plants and herbs. In 1891, Kneipp entrusted a friend and pharmacist with his lifelong work and his holistic philosophy became the basis for the line that’s a German household name today. Kneipp, as a company, has been operating internationally since 1951.

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Oil and Mineral Salts

There are five elements of the Kneipp philosophy. Balance (as in a balance lifestyle, I’ve heard about those), Nutrition, Exercise, Water and Plants.

It’s those last two that are really the heart of the line. Water is the basis for what they call the “Kneipp-Kur”, alternating hot and cold showers to stimulate circulation and condition your body’s immune defense system (don’t forget, he cured his tuberculosis!) And every plant that is selected for Kneipp products is there for a specific purpose.

I’ve had the joy of testing these practices with their Pure Bliss Bath Oil and Mineral Bath Salts.

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Oil and Mineral Salts in action

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath Oilicon ($20 for 3.4 oz) is a shockingly scarlet mix of red poppy and hemp natural essential oils. The scent is absolutely amazing. It fills the tub in a enveloping but not cloying way that is just so beautiful, I don’t want to get out! Poppy and hemp aside, there’s Mandarin Orange Peel and Bergamot oils, making it an earthy citrus floral combo.

Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salts packaging

For maximum effect, you can pair it with Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salts ($5 for a 2.1 oz sachet). Kneipp salts are the last salt works in Europe minded by using traditional methods, producing crystals that are free from chemical additives or environmental pollutants. And did you know that good ol’ salt relieves minor aches and pains, relax muscles and gently exfoliate your skin? But Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salts do so in a much more elegantly scented fashion than your typical epson salts!

Pure Bliss Bath Oil and Mineral Salts product

The combo of the Pure Bliss Bath Oil and Mineral Salts is nothing short of heavenly and rightly named. The moisturizing properties of the oil, combined with the exfoliation of the salt left my skin soft and gorgeously scented.

A feet with a gold nail polish inside a bath tub

Check out the catalog at the Kneipp site for a wealth of tips on the perfect bath; from ideal water temp (97-100 degrees), duration (10-20 minutes) and resting AFTER your bath (did you know you should chill for 30 minutes after your bath to get the most benefit from it?) As well as all sorts of products designed to relive stress; like Arnica products (Warming Massage Oil with Arnica and Ginger) and a whole line of products for DIY foot massages. Ahhhh. has a great selection of Kneipp products too. Like gift set of 10 Herbal Baths for just $42 (attention anyone reading this who buy me gifts – I want this for Christmas!)

How about it readers; have you experienced a Kneipp bath? And are you a bath fan in general?

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of hot baths. They seem to help soothe my soul after a long hard day. I got to try the bath oil. I must say I was panicked and shocked when I saw the red liquid pour into the tub. My first thought was that this red liquid may stain my tub and I had company coming over. It does not stain. This stuff is like having a spa soak in the comfort of your own bathroom. The only downside is that 3.4oz for $20 is not inexpensive. I think I got two to three baths out of my bottle.

    Four stars

    1. @hao9703 – we actually got much smaller bottles to test (under 1 ounce, I believe). I surprised you got more than 1 bath out of it – I dumped the whole thing in like a big ol’ bath piggy!

    2. @stef – Well,initally I think our samplers said you could get one to two baths. However, I freaked a little when I poured this in my tub and saw the red color because I was scared this would stain. (I have stained the bathtub before using various products.) So, I think I poured about 1/3 of the bottle initally. I also want to be clear. THIS STUFF DOES NOT STAIN. My second bath was the real test of 1/2 of the bottle. (I liked it so much I kinda wanted to strech it– so the last bath was the last bit left.)

  2. I don’t take baths but this post made me realize how much I need one since I somehow hurt my back this weekend. If only I could smell this through my computer screen! :)

    1. If you have back pain, try the Arnica Joint and Muscle Herbal Bath. For over exertion, you may prefer the salt. And then after, slather on the Arnica gel or Arnica Cream. Arnica naturally relieves aches and pain.

  3. At one time in my life I was a huge bath taker – had a plastic pillow I could relax upon and all sorts of bath goodies. Somehow, I fell out of the practice and haven’t had a good soak in the tub for years. These images and the Kneipp product descriptions have me yearning for a long, hot bath! The scents sound delish and the colors are amazing – it’s all so tempting! I may snag some of @Stef ‘s leftover testing oil this weekend and treat myself to a day after Thanksgiving bath.

    1. “leftover oil” – that’s funny! (see above comment)

  4. Let’s all take a bath after Thanksgiving!! I’m going to scrub my tub and blow up my plastic neck pillow! I love a hot bath like crazy but rarely take the extra time to run the water for one! That’s going to change… Thanks for the nudge @stef! This was a great post and I’m laughing over the “leftover oil” comment! Nice tootsies too!

  5. I hadn’t taken baths since I was a kid, til recently. Lately I haven’t had time for them. I do like relaxing in the tub with some candles and a glass of wine, and some nice bath products :) The red color is pretty intense (CREEPY), but the combination of fragrances sounds divine.

  6. I’ve seen Kneipp in the stores, but for some reason I’ve never tried their products. After reading this, @stef , I know I need to. I have a big, old clawfoot tub and I love a good soak after a hard day. Can’t wait to check out the Kneipp catalog.

  7. I love baths in the winter, and being in water in general. What I loved about these Kneipp products where the scent and the scarlet color that it turned the bath water. I like my products to give the bath water some sort of color or foam, or fizz. I also used the oil for a foot soak and it was heavenly since my feet can be painful. Nice products overall!

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