LashControl Mascara review – purple squeeze formula

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Found: A new packaging design that’s seriously improved!

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I have a long and tumultuous affair with mascara, some might call it a love/hate relationship. While I love how mascara can transform my face almost instantly ~ I hate how it can irritate my eyes, give me brittle lashes, or make me look like a drunken raccoon.

Therefore, I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara. My ideal would provide me with natural looking definition that doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. I have long wondered if I am in fact searching for a mythical creature. Needless to say, I was a little nervous when I was given a new mascara, LashControl Mascara to test. Surprisingly, this little gem has made me fall in love with mascara all over again!

LashControl was created by Jennifer Paulson Lee, a New York Broadway performer and choreographer. In her line of work, she saw an absolute need for perfect mascara application. Jennifer found that most make-up artists were achieving this by wiping the mascara brush free of the excess product before application. While she understood why, this method seemed wasteful and it potentially introduced harmful bacteria into the tube.

Frustrated, Jennifer set out to create the perfect mascara with a sanitary applicator. Each LashControl tube has a built-in squeezable wiper sleeve, effectively making the brush both an applicator and lash separator. The wiper also provides an additional barrier from airborne particles.

I found this packaging really works to get you just the right amount of mascara on your brush! You simply squeeze the soft, colored center as you pull off the lid. You can control the amount based on how hard you squeeze. Best of all, there is never a need to scrape or wipe the brush before applying to lashes; this mascara is a true time saver.

The packaging not only does new things, it also looks pretty sleek; a black hourglass shaped tube with a cushy squeezable band that’s color-coded by formula. Right now, there are three formulas available, Pink Squeeze (lengthening and conditioning in natural black), Clear Squeeze (clear coat control mascara and brow fix ) and Purple Squeeze (2x black volumizing brush with length and conditioning formula). An additional three formulas, including a waterproof version are in development.

The wht team tested the Purple Squeeze ($20) and I can tell you that this mascara is not just about unique packaging. It’s a great formula too! It gives a soft and naturally defined look, which is easy to layer (two or three layers – no problem) for more lash definition. The short, full brush has lots of bristles to catch every lash and add more volume.

I have used other brands with a similar premise, which simply do not work this well. With the Purple Squeeze I have had no clumps, flaking, breakage, and no eye irritation. Seriously! As for the health of my eyelashes; they felt great during and after usage. And I have noticed no brittleness or damage to my lashes since using LashControl.

This may be due to it’s gentle formula. The Purple Squeeze, like all LashControl mascara, is filled with natural and organic ingredients, including chamomile flower, ginko biloba, and ginseng root. In fact, LashControl claims their mascaras work well for contact lens wearers and allergy sufferers – without ever irritating eyes.

A new & improved design that is truly new & improved.
It’s easy to use and saves time.
Great, non-clumping formula lives up to the hype.
Gentle enough for sensitive eyes.

Availability, LashControl is not easily found – yet!
Oily lids? You may want to wait for the waterproof version. It smudged under my oily eyes by the end of the day.
At $20 a tube, I wouldn’t call this economical. But if you have the cash, it’s worth it.

we heartsters and testers – were you and your lashes wowed by the new design of LashControl’s Purple Squeeze mascara? Meet me in the comments to chat about this exciting new packaging for mascara!

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  1. I’m a complete mascara snob (thanks to WHT, they’ve spoiled me! :-) ) so I held this mascara to higher standards than most testers might. I was a bit underwhelmed with the formula, but only in the fact that it was just plain good and not spectacular. (I got thick, long lashes but I prefer my lashes MASSIVE…) The brush makes it easy to get to your wee little baby lashes, but overall I prefer a brush with longer bristles. That being said, this really is a good solid mascara but what makes it shine is the tube.

    It took me a few tries to get used to squeezing the right amount, but once I figured out how much pressure was needed to get thin or thicker coverage, it was really easy. I found that if I twisted the wand as I pulled it out while I squeezed the wiper sleeve, I got the most even coverage on the wand. It was super easy and nicely sanitary for those who are more germ-conscious and hate wiping their mascara wand. It also is more money conscious for us cheapskates; leaving the excess in the tube makes it last longer!

    Four stars from me; a really solid product that doesn’t quite knock my favorite mascaras out but comes close.

  2. This is truly a great mascara. I give it a solid 4 stars. I really love the design. I love that it allows me to achieve a more “natural lash” look if I so desire. I can’t wait to try the waterproof version. If it wasn’t for WHT I would never have known about a GREAT mascara brand like this. Yay for WHT and LashControl!!

  3. hahaha, a drunken raccoon… yes, I’ve used awful mascaras that have done that to me!

    I’m definitely familiar with the trick of wiping down a mascara wand for better application, and have felt it was wasteful as well (although I’ve never “finished” a tube of mascara, even with that trick, and wearing mascara every day, because you’re supposed to throw them away every three months). I love that LashControl made a built in sleeve to get rid of the excess product! Kellie, I love everything you’ve described about the product… except that it give you “natural” looking lashes. I want lashes that make me go “WOW!”

    1. Don’t be scared off by the natural lash thing. What I mean is that you have the option to go natural or to go WOW depending on how much product you allow on the applicator. The nice thing is that you have more options with this one.

  4. What an ingenious idea that squeeze tube is!! I’m very intrigued…will definitely keep my eye out for this one as it becomes more available – and I agree – a waterproof version would be great. Great review, Kellie!


    I rarely finish a tube of mascara, but I’ve actually used up my LashControl! Kellie describes it perfectly- Great natural looking lashes but you can also build up for a more dramatic look. The squeeze design is so smart! My other tubes are a disaster because I scrape the brush on the edges or I end up blotting the wand on a tissue. But no need with LashControl! I do wish it was easier to find because I desperately need a new tube! 5 stars!

  6. I’m another one that scrapes the mascara on the edges of the tube (and that can harden into a mess fast) and follows up with a swipe from a tissue or even tp – heh. Love when people and companies build a better mousetrap!

    As a contact lens wearing, sensitive eyed, oily-lidded, eye rubber I HAVE to use a waterproof mascara. But I was so tempted to try the lash control. The design alone is so smart I really wanted to test it. But I’m holding out for the Blue Squeeze – hurry LashControl, hurry!

  7. It’s too bad that this doesn’t come in a waterproof formula. I absolutely need a waterproof formula! Allergies bite!

  8. The design has me intrigued! I’d even like to try the brow gel. Great review, @kellie76 – I’ll be on the lookout for LashControl!

  9. LashControl where are you?! I must sound like the old “Car 54” where are you bit! I will be looking and waiting for you, like the rest of us very impatient peeps!Great review, @kellie76 -you sure convienced me!

  10. Wow Kellie! Thank you so much for the amazing review and really capturing what our product is all about and thank you to all of you that wrote your own reviews as well. We truly are passionate about our product and excited to share it with the world. Water resistant coming out in Fall! We’ll announce it on FB and Twitter.

    Also, you can get LashControl on Amazon – here is a link to our Amazon store. Thanks again VERY much! Jennifer & I appreciate it greatly!

  11. Woah, what a great idea! I hate the idea of wasting so much product, but it really is necessary for perfect lashes. I would love to see some “before and after” photos, it’s my first judge of mascara. Does anyone have any to share?

  12. Finally, a gimmick that’s not a gimmick–just a great, new idea. Not only will it prevent icky bacteria, but it also sounds as though all that extra mascara that isn’t wiped on a tissue stays in the tube! Love the idea of this. I also love that this is not a new-fangled hourglass shaped brush…the road less traveled…

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