Lashes To Die For courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth

Lashes To Die For courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth

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Our review of the mascara and brush that deliver killer lashes

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I love experimenting with new makeup and since becoming a tester for this fabulous site I’ve been introduced to a slew of products and brands I would never have tried on my own. And while it’s fun to try new things, I still remain faithful to a few choice items. One of those is my mascara; that infamous, affordable mascara in the pink and green tube has been my trusted brand for years. But, I have to admit, I may have found a mascara that’s not only worth shelling out a few extra bucks for, but one that could become a permanent addition to my makeup collection. It’s Peter Thomas Roth’s Lashes To Die For, The Mascara.

Lashes To Die For, The Mascara ($22) is a special formula created to deliver great looking lashes while nourishing and protecting. Thanks to Roth’s background of natural Hungarian skin therapy, his concern for beneficial products not only draws upon those traditional treatments but a variety of advanced and innovative technologies to offer a line of products to make you look and feel good. True to philosophy, with ingredients like bamboo, aloe vera, macadamia nut oil, silk powder, vitamins A, C and E and Pro Vitamin B, this mascara not only conditions but protects against moisture loss and makes your lashes look gorgeous too!

One of the secrets of its success is in the special brush applicator. Unlike a traditional mascara brush, this is like a rounded plastic comb (check it out in the top photo). The applicator has two sets of bristles: the longer for lengthening, separating and enhancing curl, the shorter for coverage and thickness. I found that if I turned the applicator one way I could fully coat my lashes without looking clumpy. Another turn and they were lengthened, separated and nicely defined. I haven’t touched my eyelash comb since using this mascara and my lashes have never looked this thick, long and lush before! And while it goes on smoothly with only a couple of sweeps for full coverage, I can still build up the product for a dramatic look while still keeping my lashes soft and natural looking.

The one issue I did notice is that while it’s advertised as water resistant I found it tends to smudge a bit if it gets wet. I’m actually ok with though, this since I’ve never been fond of the waterproof mascara death grip. So unless you’re standing in a downpour or jump in a pool, this will actually last all day without flaking or running.

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For, The Mascara’s ability to deliver long, voluminous lashes while using beneficial ingredients makes it a nice addition to my collection. And has it given my go-to brand a run for its money!

Testers and readers, do you agree?

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16 thoughts on “Lashes To Die For courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth”

  1. Every once in a while a product crosses my vanity that I absolutely can’t wait to review. Peter Thomas Roth, The Mascara is one of those products.

    Mascara is not a product that I go gaga for. I lust for color, so a workhorse product doesn’t usually blow up my skirt. But then at the same time, I seem to be on the eternal quest for the perfect mascara. One that lengthens, is a nice glossy, dark black and DOES NOT clump. Seems simple enough, but somehow I bounce from mascara to mascara never being truly happy (hmmm, maybe this is why mascara doesn’t excited me?) Until now…

    The Mascara is nothing short of fabulous. Does exactly what I need it to do, and does it every time. The formula is obviously great, but I chalk a lot of it up to the brush. As @kari said, it’s more like a rounded comb. The bristles are plastic rather than fiber and pretty short, so you can really get into your lashes to coat every single one of them. And as you see in the picture above, the bristles on the tip are super tiny, and they’re like a mascara laser; honing in on the tiny little lashes and making them huge. The applicator also doesn’t pick up a ton of product, so it’s not at all messy. AND, it’s a manageable size (what is it with all these giant wands lately? I always stab myself in the eye with them!)

    I tell you, I’ve found a winner in my quest! Love, love, LOVE this mascara! 5 stars.

  2. That is a mascara brush unlike any I’ve seen before. My main mascara complaint is clumps on the end of the brush, and this nifty brush looks like it wouldn’t have that problem. Great post, @kari!

  3. I am beyond thrilled to read this review. Mascara is one of my number one favorite cosmetics and I have literally STOPPED wearing it altogether for the past — I think it has been almost a year..I have tried really expensive brands — really inexpensive brands…nothing. I had worn Lancome for years and years and then it seemed like either they changed the formula or I kept getting a bad batch but it never worked like it used to. I’m going to try Peter Thomas Roth – crossing my fingers!! Maybe I’ll have one of my favorite cosmetics back again.

  4. Just like @stef I don’t crazy for mascara either. But the older I get the more I have found myself reaching for it. It is a key product that I use to wake my face up. But for some reason I don’t obsess over it like some people. I hate clumpy/flaky/spiky gross mascara. I go for a very natural mascara application.

    The Peter Thomas Roth Mascara really is an amazing product. The ingredients are outstanding as they are very natural. The formula and the wand/brush give you the option of a natural or dramatic application. I found that it caused no flaking or clumping. It did smudge a bit in extreme heat. But I don’t really care. I hate mascara that is impossible to remove ie. super tough waterproof varieties. This mascara is easily removable. But stays in place under all but extreme conditions.

    I give this formula 5 stars! It is awesome! The performance is excellent and the ingredients are pretty darn good for you. It’s a win, win!!

  5. I didn’t receive this for review but a few weeks ago–when attending the craft fair–@tyna was talking this mascara up, WAY up. I was in the market for a new mascara, wondering if anything could ever compare to my fave Lancome Definicils. I just wanted to try something new since even Lancome has so many new mascaras. I just HATE to buy one that doesn’t work…super-smudgy, clumpy, runaway fibers, etc. Well, based on Tyna’s love of this product I went out and bought some Peter Thomas Roth for myself. This really is fantastic. I have no smudge issues and definitely no clumping issues (that tiny-tooth comb/wand sees to that, not allowing excess product to stick to the usual brush). I’m so glad I bought this one; it’s well worth the $$.

  6. Ooo…I’m a mascara junkie and this sounds fabulous. And I’m with the anti-waterproof folks; I don’t mind it, but the hassle isn’t always worth the reward.

    Testers, were the bristles on the wand fairly stiff? I have had a bad experience with a similar drugstore wand because I’m a goober and poked myself in the eye with the some of the bristles on the brush. I’m thinking they might be too short to do any damage, but I’m just wondering, just in case. :-)

  7. The more I use this mascara the more I fall in love with it! I was wary at first of the applicator as I’m so used to the normal brush kind, but the PTR wand is perfection. I’ve honestly never had a mascara do such a great job of giving me long, natural looking thick lashes without clumping or gunk buildup. And it honestly does give a bit of curl too! The eyelash curler and eyelash comb have been untouched for weeks now.

    @lyssachelle, the bristles are stiff enough to separate and define but they don’t seem too rough in general. The wand has a bit of give and bendiness to it, so maybe that would help relieve any eye poking pains?

    In regards to the smudging, the only time I had that happen was when it got wet from some rain. Otherwise, I’ve worn it during some particularly sweltering humid days this summer and I’ve not had any problems with smudging.

    Peter Thomas Roth totally deserves all 5 stars!

  8. I am a HUGE fan of this type of applicator brush when it comes to mascara. This past Christmas, my mom gave me what is perhaps one of the best gifts I’ve ever received…a Lash Stash Mascara Sampler from Sephora. In it is a mascara from Urban Decay called Skyscraper Multi-Benefit. The applicator is similar to Peter Thomas Roth’s, and it does, in fact grab and separate my lashes like no other. I’m interested in trying Lashes to Die For!

  9. This sounds like something I would love to try but if one person in the world experiences smudging, then it’s 99% most likely that I will be a culprit as well. I will put this in my mental “to try one day” list :)

  10. I am constantly in search of a mascara that looks like I am wearing fake eyelashes, but looks natural as well. I know, that makes no sense, but it is my way. I hate looking like I’m wearing mascara, but I want to see noticeable results. This mascara gives me those results. I only needed one coat of this to have longer, thicker lashes. The brush is great for getting every lash–even those tiny ones that are on the outside of my eyelids–and I have almond-shaped eyes, so those little lashes are next to impossible to reach w/out smearing mascara all over my lid. Even better, this held the curl in my eyelashes that my eyelash curler gave me. Usually, I curl my lashes, apply mascara, and within an hour my lashes appear almost straight. This product held the curl. I had a little smudging, but I have very oily eyelids, so that’s just a fact of life for me. 5 stars!

  11. @melinda, it totally does a better job than my eyelash comb ever did! If you get a chance to try this brand you’ll be amazed.

    @krista, I know EXACTLY what you’re describing! One of the first things I thought after using this mascara was that it looked like I was wearing fake eyelashes in the sense of how long and full they were but that still looked real. I’ve never been able to achieve that with other brands I’ve used.

  12. I too, don’t care for waterproof formulas (I had a nightmare experience once with a wp Max Factor mascara that would not come off after repeated attempts with makeup remover, then vaseline, then baby oil, and even after all three of those products, there were STILL traces of it on skin.). So anyway, that was a long way of saying that I love non-waterproof formulas, and if you combine that with a new/unique/innovative brush? I am SO there. This mascara is calling to me, I tell you! :)

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