LATHER Charcoal & Tea Tree cleansing bar review

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LATHER products have been featured in dozens of magazines, have won numerous awards, and are well-loved by many makeup artists, and for good reason–they do more than just give you beautiful skin, LATHER products promote whole-body and whole-planet wellness.

Take LATER’s tagline of “clean skin for a radiant life” as an example. The phrase has personal meaning to founder Emilie Davidson Hoyt, who had suffered debilitating migraines for much of her life, and doctors had been able to pinpoint the cause, or an effective treatment. But a bar of lavender soap changed everything. Emilie had been gifted the soap by her father, who often brought her back soap from his business travels, but this particular bar actually decreased Emilie’s pain. This sparked her interest in natural healing products, and eventually she created her own. What began as a few olive-oil based soaps grew into an extensive line of products within a few short years: lotions, cleansing oils, face masks, shaving products, sunscreen, lip balm, serums… And they’re all free of parabens, free of synthetic colors, and free of synthetic fragrances.


LATHER products are also environmentally safe, and are never tested on animals (they’re all PETA approved.) Furthermore, they practice sustainability through their in-store recycling programs, their use of renewable resources and by offsetting their carbon emissions. If that isn’t enough to give you the warm fuzzies, they’ve also created partnerships with Clean the World,, and Anti-Slavery International. Talk about products that make you feel good inside and out–and that DO GOOD in the world too!


I had the opportunity to take the LATHER Charcoal & Tea Tree Cleansing Bar ($12) for a test drive. I think a lot of people are hesitant to try cleansing bars–they think it’s just expensive soap, and they are nervous about taking a bar of soap to their face. Ladies–don’t be afraid of soap! I’m a HUGE fan of cleansing bars and soaps. Soap can be both simple (maybe even a little rustic), and also carefully crafted using the perfect combination of ingredients. Using natural soaps has helped my skin issues a lot, and I just love how they smell.


LATHER’s Charcoal & Tea Tree Cleansing Bar totally checks every box for my soap requirements. It’s a “purifying detox soap for normal to oily skin,” and it smells amazing. It lathers beautifully in my hands and feels great on my skin due to the shea butter and organic coconut, palm and olive oils. The tea tree oil and activated bamboo charcoal leave my face feeling perfectly clean and soothed. It has really helped calm the breakouts I’ve been having lately.

I loved lathering up with my LATHER Charcoal & Tea Tree cleansing bar, and I’m jonesing for more LATHER goodies. I love that you can get such amazing, high quality, natural products without breaking the bank. There’s a ton of LATHER products are available online, in numerous spas, resorts and boutique stores, and at LATHER’s five retail stores–be sure to check them out.

we heartsters – let’s hear it from the soap lovers! What’s your favorite bar?


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  1. @lipglossandspandex — oh you lucky girl! Now, I really want to try LATHER. Personally, I love a cleansing bar because it is less mess, less waste and great for travel. I bet this bar be very long lasting. Charcoal and Tea Tree are two ingredients I look for –particular when my skin is “acting up”.

  2. I love skincare products that use charcoal and tea tree oil, so I kind of might need to get this. Stat. I bet this would be amazing for summer–my skin hates sunscreen and sweat. Great post, @lipglossandspandex!

  3. So glad you covered this! Every time I walk by LATHER I think I should stop in and this is the perfect excuse for me to do it! I’m warming up to bar soaps thanks to charcoal ones so charcoal + tea tree? perfect!

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