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We’re taking another look at Laura Geller and her line of wearable color and fun, functional products. Here at we heart this, we’ve learned what millions of beauty junkies already know – a Laura Geller item offers quality formulas, flattering colors, simple packaging and versatile products that woman love.

Our intrepid review team has already thoroughly vetted the very popular Eye and Lip Spackles. Today, we’re focusing on my favorite of all beauty products – eye shadows and liners. I can never resist a colorful new palette – soft browns and creams for everyday wear, vibrant, bright colors for some pop during the height of summer, and most especially, deep smoky blues and grays for a sultry night time look.

No matter what your style is – Laura Geller has you covered. We are testing three eye products from this versatile line of make up. Whether you’re looking for an easily applied, long lasting, polished look for the office or want to create a strikingly smoky and sexy style for a big night out, Laura Geller offers the tools and colors to achieve any look you desire.

Make sure to check the comments for the thoughts from our we heart this review team on the following Laura Geller eye products:

Laura Geller Eye Stay Duo in Champagne/Mocha – This double ended wand (similar to a lip gloss wand) contains two flattering shades of creamy eye shadow that glides onto the lid, can be smudged or blended as needed and then locks into place until you wash it off. The soft tipped applicator is great for adding some definition along the lash line and is the perfect applicator for a creamy eye shadow (much better then squeezing from a tube). The ingenious packaging also makes it easy to stash in a purse or pack in your luggage without any fear of mess.

Sugar Free Baked Shadow in Pink Tart/Plum Tart – I’m so happy to see matte eye shadows making a comeback! This compact contains two richly pigmented eye shadows in the latest matte formulas with a very intriguing background. The shadows “start out as a color-infused liquid poured into individual terracotta pans. The pans are then baked for 24 hours, resulting in silky, long lasting products.” I’ve been hearing that while these colors look a little bright in the compact, they are very wearable and flattering on lots of skin tones and (as promised) and are totally crease proof.

Eye Rimz in Crystal Cobalt – This unique looking and multifaceted shadow/liner is an eye shadow lovers dream! It can be used wet or dry, applied as a fine liner, or layered into a thicker, smoky line or even as a base eye shadow. This compact comes with a travel size, tapered brush to line your eyes. The beautiful, rounded dark blue shade is swirled with pearly grays and whites and has me humming Duran’s Duran’s “Planet Earth” everytime I open the compact – just one more reason I’ve been reaching for this shadow night after night!


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  1. I tried Laura Geller Makeup – Eyestay in champagne and mocha. There was a little insert in the box that gives you Laura Geller’s credentials as a makeup artist and her website:, also application tips – very useful.

    This product packaging is reminiscent of my (Revlon) dual tone lip color. It’s a liquid eye shadow with a soft applicator on each side with the product in the middle. The mocha end is a glittery coppery color. The champagne end is a creamy off-white glittery color. I’m not sure if the colors would be my first choice, but I do like me some neutrals…so I tried it without much hesitation.

    The colors go on as a liquid and dry (quickly) to a powder-like finish. I was able to use the wedge applicator to line my lid – thankfully the shape of the applicator made my usual heavy-handedness a LOT less clunky and the product went on nicely. The highlighter color went on a little brighter than I usually like but I was able to blend it with my finger for a less shocking look. Honestly, I looked like one of the pre-Charm School Rock of Love Bus girls!!!

    As far as length of wear goes…the color has faded slightly 7-8 hours after I initially applied it – but considering the brightness of the original application, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It did make it through a TOUGH night at work – which is saying something – and it survived a trip to the water park (Camelbeach, Tannersville, PA).

    I’m still using the product and will continue to use it until it’s finished. I did see Laura Geller on HSN or QVC or something the other day. I didn’t get a chance to watch the show (because of the pesky child asking for “my shows”) to find out the cost of her products…but I know that I will go out of my way to find them and will probably flip a few extra bucks towards my makeup purchases if I can find Laura’s products locally and see if I can find a few other colors to test.

    I’ll give the eyestay product a 4/5. I’m taking 1 point off for the brightness of the champagne color.

  2. Love the Planet Earth reference. Maybe that’s why I chose the Eye Rimz to review as well (despite using z’s instead of s’s being a personal pet peeve of mine!) Tyna’s right, it’s a site to see! Really, one of the prettiest shadow presentations ever, like some exotic geode.

    My favorite use of this is applied wet as an eyeliner with the fab little brush it comes with. The brush is very high quality, really dense with bristles-it’s very impressive. Used wet, it goes on as a very dark navy with a hint of multi-faced shimmer (blues and whites). It’s gorgeous. Plus it wears well, stayed put all day with no traveling. It is a baked shadow as well, and I can second the silky and long lasting claims.

    Of course, now I’m a bit Eye Rimz obsessed, or should I say obzezzed? (no, I shouldn’t!) I want this in every color they make.

    5 stars from me! Love this.

  3. I tried the Sugar Free Baked Shadow in Pink Tart/Plum Tart and I love it! The matte finish goes on so smooth, and the color is easy to build. If you just want a hint just use a little, don’t let the bold color in the pot fool you. This can work as a subtle eyeshadow or bright, and either way it stays put. The baked process must be the trick, and it really works!

    The Laura Geller web-site suggests layering one of her marble eye shadows above this and I think that would look great. The great thing about this palette is that it stays put so you can start your day with a nice hint of color and then add to it if your going out on the town. As Michelle said the handy insert gives you pointers on how to make your palette work for you and it’s very easy to follow.

    A very generous size, this is an easy 5 stars from me! :)

  4. I received Laura Geller’s Sugar Free Matte Baked Eye Shadow Duo in Pink Soufflé and Plum Tart. I don’t’ ever recall a makeup line touting a claim of being sugar free and BAKED before. So this is unexplored territory and I was, rather hooked in for that reason alone How attention-grabbing is that! Well- Being a goofball on a consistent basis I wondered what in the world would it matter if there was sugar in this.. huh, sugar.. Nobody puts sugar in their shadow.. Geller was referring to the lack of shimmer. The extra calories is the shimmer!! Hello!
    I am pleased with the combination of colors, especially with my blue eyes. But this would look great with brown, or green eyes too! The plum is pretty and blends well the pink soufflé. I lean more toward natural looking eye shadows, so it suited me just fine! I thought the pairing of these turned into a perfect shade of medium dark plum and light pink. It is very matte, and surprisingly easy to apply. The funny thing about this product, because of its treatment, it reminded me of working with colored chalk. It is very smooth and wears long even in the hot summer! I have it on today and it looks natural and pretty dang awesome. You know I even wore each alone and liked them just as much. A few co-workers liked it as well and they have different complexions, which is nice to see the colors working on all types of skin types. The colors are classic and not something you look at and say to yourself, there’ no way, I’m wearing that out in public! I had no idea that the process was so involved in making this line. Did you know it starts out as a color infused liquid and is poured into terracotta pans to be baked for 24 hours? How cool is that! I give this product a good rating of four.

  5. I have to pretty much agree with everything that Stef said. I really liked using the Eye Rimz. When I opened up the case I was blown away by how cool the eye liner was! I have never seen anything like it. I also liked using it wet because I felt it went on and stayed in place a little better than it did when I used it dry. This is now my go to liner for nights out!

  6. I received the sugar free baked shadow in pink souffle and plum tart. I, too, was confused about the sugar-free aspect so I’m willing to accept Irene’s assessment that it just means “shimmer free.” It is completely shimmer-free. I’m a shimmer freak so I actually prefer a little shimmer in my highlighting color (the pink souffle part of this treat).

    I really liked the colors for my brown eyes; the plum really makes them stand out. I didn’t think the colors looked too bright or too bold in its packaging (but then again, I’m not one to be afraid of those things). The color is heavily pigmented so one swipe will do ya. I suppose, then, this could be an economical choice for that reason.

    I did give it a 4 star review because, once again, an eyeshadow that is touted as crease-proof and long-wearing has creased and dissappeared after a day’s wear. Most eyeshadows do, though, on me regardless on their cost or quality.

    For sure this is a nice product. Would I go out of my way to purchase it? Nah. Would I pick it up as I’m running up and down cosmetic counter aisles? Probably. It’s better than many, but not as good as some.

  7. I received the Eye Rimz baked eyeliner to test and have to say I’m as equally in love as Stef and Cori. I used it wet and found it was so easy to apply. It gives you the most beautiful color…just like Stef described. I also have several of Laura’s other baked products that I also can’t live without and use on a daily basis. The best part about them is they last forever! I highly recommend the Eye Rimz…especially if you hate applying eyeliner. This stuff is almost foolproof to apply. 5 stars from me too!

  8. Stef, I knew you would appreciate the Duran reference (no closet Duranies out there?). It’s true, upon opening the compact to the Eye Rimz in Crystal Cobalt the eyeshadow looks like a teeny world globe – it’s pretty cool looking. On top of the appearance, I love the multiple ways to wear this stuff – wet or dry, as a liner or even a base, you have a lot of options. I found that if you first apply a thin line with a wet brush and then another layer on top (dry) the color looks even more vivid and lasts longer. I also loved the included brush – a nice bonus, so you are never searching for a nice thin brush for lining your eyes.

  9. I didn’t think this woman could make a product I don’t like until now……because I don’t just like this one, I HEART the eye stay in champagne and mocha like I’ve never loved a product before!!!!! I can’t believe the staying power even without primer. The colors are so pretty and will be great all year round. The mocha alone is a little bold for daytime wear but mixed with the champagne it is so gorgeous. I’ve been wearing it almost everyday and since I usually don’t bother with more then mascara on most mornings that’s a pretty big deal. The staying power with a primer is insane, I’m pretty sure it would even stay on Kristas eyelids. Another great Laura Geller product, that I most certainly will be purchasing again.

  10. I am so thrilled to have the cool blue globe as part of my makeup stash!! I also tested the Eye Rimz in Crystal Cobalt and it’s a winner as an eyeliner. The presentation is beautiful – love the simplistic yet elegant packaging, LOVE the fact that there’s a mirror in the lid, too. I didn’t receive the travel brush, so I can’t speak to that, but I do have a similar sounding short-bristled brush, and this goes on PERFECTLY with my brush when I dip it in a little water first. It’s so easy to apply as a liner and it’s got a great amount of sparkle to it. I love the swirled gray in the shadow too and it’s a generous amount of shadow, as well. For all those reasons, it’s perfect and it gets full stars from me – but…I do have to mark it down one star for its use as a dry shadow. It goes on easily enough and looks great…but it did not last long on my lids when applied dry – it mostly ended up in my crease. I did not use it with an e/s primer, though – that may have helped, I’m sure. So 4 stars from me – if it was only a liner, it’d have been 5!

  11. I love Laura Geller makeup, especially her blush (of course). I have a few other odds and ends of hers and was excited to try the Eye Stay in Champagne/Mocha. I love cream shadows and I love them more when they last, which this one does. The mocha shade shows up bronze on me and you only need the teensiest dab of the champagne shade at your browbone (or else you look like you should be sporting popcorn bangs and hanging out at the Orange Julius circa 1990). I have a couple of the Eye Rimz liners and I like to pair the Bewitching Bronze shade with this cream shadow. The other Eye Rimz I own, Hocus Pocus (black emerald), is my favorite liner to use to create a smokey eye. I find that the Eye Rimz apply smoothly dry, but if you moisten the brush with a dab of Visine, it will really extend the lasting power. 5 Stars!

  12. I tried the Laura Geller Eye Stay Duo in Champagne/Mocha. I thought that the packaging was a creative way to house these dueling cream shadows, but I have to admit – I wasn’t a huge fan of the lip-gloss-esque applicators. I felt as though I had less control over the product than I do with other applicators. For the most part, I resorted to using my fingers to apply the Eye Stay.

    I also found that the mocha color showed up as a bold bronze and that the champagne color was a little too light on my skin. So for me, this meant limiting the amount of the champagne color and mixing in some champagne with the mocha to tone it down a tad. I thought this worked pretty well and I was happy with the results!

    As shadow, I thought Eye Stay worked well. It took me awhile to master blending with it, but I have a feeling that was because I was simply using too much product. I also liked lining my eyes with Eye Stay – it’s a bit much for work, but great for nights out! I think the best part was that Eye Stay really did stay! I have never used a shadow that lasted anywhere near as long as this one does! Even though longer days did inflict (minimal) fading, makeup remover was a must for me every time!

    All in all, Eye Stay definitely delivers what it promises – long lasting makeup in colors that look just like it does in the tube!

  13. Mel, I’m sorry to hear yours didn’t have a brush with it. It should have! The brushes come packaged with the Eye Rimz. But glad you’re happy with it anyway, even if it’s sans brush.

  14. Hey Mel – do you still have the box? I noticed that the brush comes out of one side of the box and the product out of the other side – ie: you need to open it at both ends. If you just pulled the compact out of one end, you would not even see the brush. I opened brush end first and spent some time trying to out the compact out before I realized you I had to open both sides.

  15. I actually have a couple more variations of Laura’s (first-name basis, we’re tight like that!) duo eyeshadows (some shimmery ones…) So I was super excited to try the LONG-LASTING (with your favorite eye primer of course) version of a matte shade…for those days when I want to “blend in” a little more. (Excuse the eyeshadow pun) (And the excessive parenthetical notations). My gal Laura did not disappoint! Blendable, wearable colors. Mine was a little bit cracked when I got it, so I lost a little product. But the beauty of Baked products is that you really get ALOT more product than you think because they are so well compressed! A+!

  16. Oh Geez – I am a raging idiot!! Well, pretty much just a tired new mommy – no I did not look in the box, T – I’m sure the brush is perfectly preserved in that box in a trash dumb somewhere, darnit! And, I ALWAYS save boxes for way too long even – but since getting pregnant, I’ve been trying to throw out stuff like boxes immediately to save room….of course this time it bites me in the behind! But the product does work perfectly fine with the tiny eye liner brush I do already have…thanks anyways, girls =))

  17. Sorry for my late review but i wanted to wait and use it right, and its taken me this long to have some place to go! Well, anyway i received the Laura Geller Eye Stay Duo in Champagne/Mocha. I used the mocha with my the brown liner that i use and sort of smudge it. For a more dramatic look i took a lighter stroke for the entire lid. I used the champagne on the brow line and it was really easy to use which is key for me. lasted all night because that is another problem i have with powder that it seems to fade. It blends really well and dries quickly. Both wands are really easy to use as well. much more control then i thought by just looking at it. Of course its great packaging. Two great shadows that are sleek and compact. and you don’t have to worry about them breaking when traveling. I hate when that happens. I would recommend this for the makeuply challenged.

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