Le Métier de Beaute Nail Lacquer Review – including the summer 2012 shade Penny Lane

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A Love letter to the Luxurious Lacquers

photos: we heart this

Recently I wrote that nail polishes are an excellent place to scrimp and save. Bold and beautiful collections that perform well can be purchased at the corner drugstore. Why, I asked, would one choose to spend close to twenty dollars on the latest, greatest color when one could approximate any trend for under five? Sheer silliness, I said.

Then, as if to smack my beauty-product-obsessed face, a couple bottles of Le Métier De Beaute Nail Lacquericon find their way to my collection and I am reminded of what luxury nail color looks and feels like.

Le Métier de Beaute translates to “the craft of beauty,” and craft they do. Known for partnering with couture and ready to wear designers (and other fashion pundits of great acclaim), their nail lacquers are creamily divine in consistency, rich in wear and perfectly in tune with the symphonies playing the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York.

We heart this took a look at four colors from the ever evolving collection of hues and I received two incredible specimens of high fashion nail lacquer:

True Romance, a shimmery bronzed taupe, must have received its name due to it being over-the-moon dreamy. The consistency of the polish itself is almost like that of a rich lotion. There is no dripping, no thinning. The color deposits eye-catching, multidimensional shimmer in one coat. I rarely find a shimmer polish that can do this.

Though this isn’t marketed as a “one coat” polish, but when you see the price tag ($18), this will be an important fact to ponder. I also loved how this shimmer didn’t separate, maintaining an even, molten quality in the bottle and on my nails. Oh yeah, this stayed virtually chip-free on my nails for over a week.

Snappy Dragon, a super saturated bluish-pink (from the the Limited Edition Spring Haute House Hues collection) is my new favorite color due, in part, to the fact that the great and powerful Oz—er, Senior Vice President and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing—says it should be. A strong, saturated hot pink, Downing created this to complement to rich floral prints of the spring runway, as well as the English Gardens that inspired them.

Once again, one coat deposits a glossy, nearly neon stain that is to-die-for. Two coats look like true lacquer (disclaimer: trying this at home may result in a beauty coma). This will be on my toes all summer long. Like one would expect, this is also chip resistant for over a week.

Penny Lane, a new hue for Summer 2012, is a bright and bold burnt orange that is “reminiscent of women sun bathing in Ibiza.” This one would look amazing on your fingers, while sipping an umbrella cocktail, at any water side locale.

Mais Oui, is described as a bright, snowy white but it’s clean, opaque formula works as the ultimate summer white as well.

All this greatness gave way to a nagging doubt. Call it the devil’s advocate of many a critic. Is there a fatal flaw of this seemingly perfect formulation? Considering that these were such phenomenal performers, could it be that these were the nail polish equivalent to achingly high, muscle-pinching-hammer-toe-inducing stilettos? Were these “bad for me” beauty?

Because of the non-peeling, non-chipping formula and dreamy consistency, I finally started to wonder if those wretched nail polish additives: Dibutyl Phthalate (DBT), Toulene, and Formaldehyde Resin were hiding in my perfect polish. Happily, I found that they are not. On trend, and somehow crafting incredibly performing luxurious product, Le Métier de Beaute is also Big 3 Free. Whew. Pure awesomeness seems to be their only ingredient.

Long Wear (advertised as up to 14 days)
Rich, no-drip consistency
One coat does the job (two makes it spectacular)
Fashion-forward colors created with the consultation of some of the world’s great design icons
Smooth finish with no streaking, no dragging
No DBT, Toulene or Formaldehyde Resin

At $18, this is a splurge
Snappy Dragon is a limited edition! What will I do next year??

Comparing these nail lacquers to lower-end brands is, to borrow from fashion, like comparing H&M to Chanel. I‘m happy to wear both, but close-up no one is going to be fooled.

Ladies, can you afford a little splurge for luxurious couture nails?

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  1. I tested out Le Metier de Beaute Nail Lacquer in “Mais Oui”. I didn’t know what to expect as I held this beautiful bottle of very white nail lacquer. The design of the bottle is super classy and not your everyday average bottle of nail polish! This was a first for me as I never have painted my nails bright white before. I applied it to my fingernails but thought it was too white for me. Perhaps it will grow on me; it wouldn’t be the first time that happened. This also was a bit streaky with one coat, it needed a second coat. It lasted for almost a week but I work in my garden often so it gets great marks for not chipping or fading. I plan to use this when I go for my next Mani-Pedi. I love getting French manicures even on my feet and I’m guessing this will work fantastic for that!
    I love that it is formulated without formaldehyde. That’s super important. However, I’m a bit taken aback by the price tag for this but would consider paying that for another color such as “Snappy Dragon”. That looks amazing! I also saw “Halo of an Angel” at Nordstrom’s and fell in love with that! Four Stars from me.. Only because of the price

  2. true Romance and Snappy Dragon look gorgeous!! And yes $18 is a lot of money for nail polish. But the quality and the colors seem pretty worth it to me. So I say “treat yo self”!!

  3. Wow the True Romance and Snappy Dragon look beautiful! I don’t mind splurging once in awhile if it’s a great product and this polish sounds like it’s worth it.

  4. I own the fingers shown above, and I can tell you – this is one FABULOUS polish. Mais Oui was a bit streaky, even with 2 coats. But I have yet to meet a white creme that isn’t. As for the others, polish perfection. Totally worthy of a splurge. The good thing about a polish splurge too is that you’re still under 20 bucks. A face cream splurge does WAY more damage.

  5. Penny Lane and Snap Dragon look so pretty… and the length of wear on these sounds really impressive. I’m really hard on my nails, but it’s still annoying when my polish chips after a few days. These might be a nice treat ;)

  6. Great review, @sherrishera! I need to get my hands on Snap Dragon before the end of summer and True Romance for fall.

  7. I love the great instant gratification of a new fancy polish. I am also a gardner and hard on my hands. Time is one thing I never have more of so I am very attracted to the longetivity of this product.

  8. You had me at “up to 14 days of wear”. I’m a lazy nail polish wearer. And a perfectionist. I need a nail polish that will go on, dry sometime today, not get too many sheet prints, and stay put for at least 3 days for me to bother. I hate putting in the effort of giving myself a manicure, only to have it chip on day 1 or 2. Oh, hells no.
    Penny Lane is calling my name–I’ve been on an orange kick all summer and this shade is too sassy for words! Do you hear it calling my name? “Krista…Krista….Kriiiiiiiiiissssssstttttttaaaaaaaaaa”. (Shhhh, nail polish! Shut your mouth…I’m on a budget…)

  9. I got to try Penny Lane, it’s a gorgeous orange color and definitely on trend. The consistency is great and covers well even with that one coat, and great with two coats. I did however give 4 stars instead of 5 because the price is definitely steep for me.

  10. I’m distracted by the price but like @Stef said, when a splurge is eighteen bucks, it’s a splurge I can feel good about. It’s kind of like, I can’t afford a Chanel suit but I can afford a pair of Chanel sunglasses. If it makes you feel good, do it–if only to remind you of what luxury feels like!

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