Leonor Greyl – the high-end hair care line wins over our drugstore diva reviewer

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I am not fancy. And not just in a modest way, I REALLY am not fancy. Out of all the skin care products I tested, the one that my face seems to like best is a drugstore brand that we’ve yet to review on we heart this. Nice perfumes fade fast on me and department store lacquers polishes chip just as soon as drugstore polishes. It’s irritating and it’s sad, but it’s the truth…my body is kinda cheap.

So I was a little worried when I received a special package from wht containing a major big deal product from Leonor Greyl.

Leonor. Greyl. As in high-end hair-care from Paris featured in major salons around the world. As in one of the pioneers in natural and botanical products with over 35 years of experience. As in regularly used by high fashion stylists on their celebrity clients. THAT Leonor Greyl.

The wht review team was getting a chance for an up close look at the exclusive hair line, and I was was excited and slightly apprehensive to be one of the lucky testers! The company has a long storied history in natural high-end haircare with innovative, destined to be classic ingredients including palm oil, wheat germ, magnolia. The entire line is safe for color treated hair and free of silicone, SLS, parabens and coal tar and, of course, not tested on animals.

Make sure to check back later in the comments to see their thoughts on lush sounding products like Huile de Magnolia ($47), a rich botanical oil blend for the face and body that is specially formulated for after sun nourishment and pampering. Or see if hair gel is making a comeback with the Gel a la Keratine ($34) which is perfect for shaping any hair type and specifically helps fine hair by adding support at the roots. And the Shampoo Reviviscence ($62), which promises aid for hair in ‘desperate need’ of help and even the ‘lost causes’. I’m so intrigued to hear what our tester thought of this shampoo that claims to be an “incredible REPAIR treatment for the hair fiber, a miraculous conditioner, and ‘healer’ for dehydrated, damaged and ultra-brittle hair.” Now that’s some serious haircare!

As for me? Vogue products on my Pennysaver hair? Oh boy, was I in trouble. Such a serious product needed serious testing. I received the Serum de Soie Sublimateur ($42) which is designed to detangle damp hair, and to smooth and condition. I have coarse, naturally curly hair that is not really dry but prone to frizz due to its texture and breakage. No stranger to hair serums, I decided to test this two ways: on damp clean hair, and dry (but not completely clean) straightened hair.

First, the damp and clean hair. Right away I noticed the scent – a creamy jasmine with maybe a hint of lavender. A lush, lingering one that reminds me of old Hollywood, something that would be kept in a lovely glass jar on a siren’s dressing table. The texture is a little thick, but not heavy. If you have thinner or greasy hair, I’d advise a very light touch with this. As for my thick mess, I applied four pumps without even blinking. Serum de Soie slipped right through my hair, not weighing it down or feeling too heavy. It kept my curls pretty well, but I have a habit of running my fingers through my hair, which ruined the effect. Had I been able to keep my hands to myself, I think it would have been better. I would rate this at 4 ½ stars, less ½ a star for a less than universal scent and texture.

On my straightened hair, Serum de Soie Sublimateur REALLY shined. It smoothed and calmed any flyaways, plus had the added bonus of adding a slight shine. Most products that add shine make my hair look glassy and artificial, but this just made it look healthy. Any product that can make my hair look healthy after I’ve attacked it with a straight iron gets 5 stars! – so that’s the grade for my second test.

Overall I want to give this 5 stars, but Serum de Soie Sublimateur retails for more than I’d like to spend on a a product (especially one I need to use more than the recommended amount of), so let’s call it 4 stars overall (more than I hoped for) from this fabulous high-end French hair-care product! Maybe there’s hope for me and my Dollar Store body after all…..

Don’t forget to check the comments for the we heart this review team’s thoughts and experiences with their Leonor Greyl products.

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I am a lucky, lucky lady. I’ve got a loving husband, the best friend a girl could ask for, a job I adore…and I have Leonor Greyl Shampoo Reviviscence. Think it’s crazy to put a shampoo in that list? Oh mon frere, then you don’t know this shampoo!

    Luxurious is really too small a word to describe it. It has a thick and creamy consistency (kind of like creamy honey) and a smell that is beyond gorgeous (the same jasmine meets a hint of herb smell that @lyssachelle describes above).

    And I liken it to doing for fried hair what a massage does for achy muscles. This just drenched my hair in moisturizing bubbles. I could feel it instantly. It felt more like a deep conditioner than shampoo. I waited till my hair was particularly beat up to try it as well (right after coloring, and some harsh desert winds to match). And this pretty gave my hair some serious TLC. After just ONE use, I swear my hair looked like I had a week of conditioning treatments. It looked silky, split ends seemed to gone into hiding, my color even looked better.

    So, yes – this kind of luxury does not come with a small price tag. It’s rather large actually ($67) But I don’t think this is the kind of shampoo I’d use every day. MAYBE once a week just to shake it into shape. I’ll tell you I’m doling it out like it’s made of gold! (I’ve even hid it in the shower in case the Hub gets any bright ideas about washing his goatee with it, like he did my $75 conditioner!)

    I really can’t give Shampoo Reviviscence anything less than 5 stars. Beautiful hair has a price that I am willing to pay!

  2. OMG @stef, promise I can try it out next visit! :) You are making this sound insane! You are one lucky lady, I’ll say that!!

  3. I didn’t have any of Leonor Greyl’s hair products though now I’m wanting to give them a try. It’s not just because of @lyssachelle and her lovely review; it’s not just @stef and her lavish praise…it’s those combined with my love (make that LOVE) of the “other” product here: Huile De Magnolia.
    Huile De Magnolia is a simple, pretty jar–rather large (3.2 oz)–filled with the most amazing natural oil for “face and body.”
    I didn’t use this on my face though it’s reccommended as a makeup remover/moisturizer. I have oily skin and can’t quite see doing that to myself. But for the body! Oh my!! This stuff is to die for.
    After every shower I douse myself with a little pool of this oil and rub it in thoroughly. The magnolia scent is a beautiful white flower and is far from overpowering. I like wearing this alone for it’s subtle feminine scent or layering with my other favorite white flower scent, Noble.
    I’ve used this every day since I received it (a couple months?) and I still have a bit more left. At $47 for a combo moisturizer/scent I think it’s an incredible bargain.
    I will assuredly be ordering more of this asap. Nothing less than five stars. If I could I would give it more.

  4. @stef, I’m so glad you liked the Shampoo Reviviscence! I’ve started to use the Serum when I straighten my hair, it just makes it look SO pretty and healthy. (and not glassy or greasy.) It’s my special occasion product!

    Ooo, @sherrishera, I was VERY curious about the Huile De Magnolia. And it sounds like the oil goes a long way, I bet that if I got it I’d be even in the end if I replaced my other moisturizers!

  5. I received the Gel a la Keratine. And I must say that I immediately figured that this would not be for me. I don’t use gel. I hate the crunchy unpleasant texture. It just does nothing for me. Haven’t used any since junior high school.

    Let me tell you that Leonor Greyl has reinvented hair gel! This stuff is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It left my hair so soft and shiny. I swear this gel will actually improve the overall quality of your hair. A little goes a very long way. So while it is pricey it will last you a very long time. Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part-it truly gives beautiful texture and definition to my often frizzy and unruly naturally curly hair. YAY!!

    This gel is heaven and five stars in my book!!!

  6. Oh Leonor Greyl how I love you! I first got a sample of the Honey and Rose shampoo from Beauty Habit and instantly fell in love with it. First off, the smell is amazing. I wished I could have bathed in it because it smelled so good. I quickly ordered a bottle and made it last as long as I could. The Honey and Rose shampoo is perfect for adding shine and volume which I desperately need. I loved it, but couldn’t justify splurging on it for my everyday shampoo. I do miss it and think I need to order me some more. Leonor Greyl is a luxury line, but definitely worth it!

  7. aww thanks @stef – I heart you too!

    And omg @tiffany – the Honey and Rose Shampoo sounds divine. I’ve got to try that.

    I was the lucky tester of the Tonique Vivifiant – fancy french words for a leave-in hair treatment (my one must use hair product). This one is is especially designed to protect against hair loss. And while I don’t have problems with significant hair loss (knock on wood) I do have very fine hair and bemoan every strand I lose.

    While I didn’t see a difference in the amount of hair I saw going down the drain in the shower or around my house, after a good two months of use (and no haircut during that time) my hair does seem thicker and healthier – and possible shinier.

    I love the light spray the pump bottle produces (2 months in it has never clogged) and the fine mist is virtually scent free. They recommend you rub the treatment into the scalp and it has soothed skin I didn’t know was irritated. After a few days of use, I noticed mt scalp just felt better, less dry and less itchy.

    The spray in mist also seems to lightly condition my hair to help a wide tooth comb go through, but I would like a bit more detangling strength in this product. Overall, for me a 4 star product.

  8. Your description of the scent alone makes me want to empty out my bank account and buy the whole line! Perhaps you’re a little more fancy than you think, @lyssachelle…
    Great review!

  9. @kellie76 As a gel snob, I am VERY impressed to read your review! Gel seems to be the one thing that companies can’t do right, it’s either too stiff or doesn’t hold. Yay for you finding your gel soulmate!

    Oh my gosh, @tiffany, Honey and Rose Shampoo? GAH, you’re killing me, that sounds AMAZING. I think out of all the things that Leonor Greyl does right, luxury scent is right up there on the top of the list.

    I’m glad you liked the Tonique Vivifiant, @tyna! I feel you on the detangling, that’s an important factor in a leave-in, but healthy hair and scalp is a great bonus!!

    Thanks @turboterp! It could be a mite heavy for some, but it just smells rich and sumptuous!

  10. Free of silicone, natural ingredients and animal friendly = a perfect combo for haircare. love it!

  11. Thanks for introducing this line of hair products. This high-end hair care includes organic ingredients such as palm oil, wheat germ, and magnolia.

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