Le'Saric Caramels - homemade taste, no work for you!

Le’Saric Caramels – homemade taste, no work for you!

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I absolutely love caramel. Actually, at first I only liked caramel until I tasted my first homemade caramel candy. It was love at first bite! Homemade caramel candy has an amazing buttery flavor and literally melts in your mouth. It does take a good bit of work to make it, and it can be intimidating for the first few times. If you overcook it, you end up with jawbreaker caramels. If you undercook it, you end up with caramels that aren’t quite candy, but aren’t quite a sauce either. It’s a pretty difficult candy to make. Luckily, there are companies like Le’Saric who do the work for you!

Le’Saric makes caramels the same way a home cook would. They make them small batches, by hand and use quality ingredients to really provide what they call a “mini dessert in every bite”. They currently make 10 varieties, including Lavender Vanilla and Sicilian Salt, which were provided to me for review.

Salt + caramelWhat’s not to love!? The salt really brought out the sweetness in the candy, and wow, the flavor of the caramel was absolutely amazing. It tasted SO much like homemade caramels that I usually make around the holidays! Oh, and seriously, when they say these are mini desserts, they really are! The caramels are fairly large, so if you make the mistake like me to just pop the whole thing in your mouth, just be prepared to have a large mouthful of caramel goodness. Not that this is a bad thing…

I personally wasn’t a big fan of the Lavender Vanilla, because lavender always reminds me of soap (so therefore I usually don’t enjoy lavender desserts). I felt like I was eating soapy caramel. However, if you love the flavor of lavender, it’s definitely there!

I’m sure you’re wondering about the price. Well, it’s not a bag of Kraft Caramels, but for homemade artisan caramels, the price isn’t bad at all! 1/4 lb. is $6 and a lb. is $17. Considering caramels are pretty finicky candy to make, it’s a deal.

Also, reading up on Le’ Saric’s company story, I especially LOVE that their company aids in the effort to rescue unwanted and abused animals. (My dog Millie was a shelter dog, so companies that love animals as much as I do just warm my heart!)

I definitely recommend Le’Saric caramels, especially for those of you who are curious about genuine homemade caramels, but don’t want to go through the trouble of making them yourself!

Caramel fans, are you tempted?

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6 thoughts on “Le’Saric Caramels – homemade taste, no work for you!”

  1. I am SO tempted. I love carmamel, LOVE it. I’ve had artisan caramels before and they blow any other run of the mill candy out of the water. SO worth it.
    Especially since they support rescued and abused animals. My Maggie is a rescue dog!

    This would make a good Mother’s Day gift…after I of course tested them out to make sure they were mom-worthy. :-)

  2. Oh boy, @niftyfoodie – my mouth is watering for the Sicilian Salt variety! @glamazon56 once gave me amazing caramels made with sea salt that you can only buy in France, and these sound just as good (and a lot cheaper than a plane ticket). And Le’Saric’s animal philanthropy makes these treats even more enticing!

  3. Seriously my mouth is watering while reading this. I love caramel and salted caramel is my new favorite craving these days. Made some salted caramel brownies that were to die for. Going to have to try some of these soon!

  4. Ooh, I would LOVE the lavender variety! I like lavender creme brûlée, so I bet the caramels would be amazing. Throw in some salted caramels as a finishing touch and I’m ready to head myself down the path of a diabetic coma. Yum!

  5. want want want! I love caramels. I had some amazing ones this week sold at the the Chelsea Market here in NYC. But I love putting others to the test :) I must try!

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