Looking for a Lightweight Moisturizer with Major Results? Look No Further...

Looking for a Lightweight Moisturizer with Major Results? Look No Further…

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Everyone knows, everything is better whipped. But who would have thought moisturizer would be on the list? I’ll tell you who; anyone who has tried the new Olay Whip Advanced!

I have to admit, moisturizer and I tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship. I know my skin needs it. (Yes, even oily skin like mine.) But too many times I’m left feeling slick rather than hydrated. And if it’s not immediate, the feeling arises later in the day as my makeup performs a magical disappearing act.

And primer? Forget it. It’s not even love/hate, I avoid it all together. One too many slippery-feeling primers made me shun them forever.

But new Olay Whip Advanced Facial Moisturizer (available in select locations and on Costco.com while supplies last) has changed all that for me. And has moved straight to the coveted spot on my bed side table!

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It’s Olay’s most advanced whip technology from the line of Whip formulas; unique lightweight moisturizers with ten years of research behind them and powerful hydration that skip the weight but include a slew of benefits to leave you with visibly healthy skin.

Olay Whip Advanced is formulated with Carob extract and Vitamin E. Not only does it actively replenish moisture, it perfects your skin tone by subtly blurring imperfections.

But it’s the gorgeous lightweight feel that I want to concentrate on today. Olay calls it “Active Rush Technology.” It’s what transforms the cream into a liquid when on contact with skin so that it absorbs instantly. And it’s the same technology that’s able to absorb any oils in your skin that may pop up during the day. Or in my case, that DO pop up during the day.

The fluffy Whip formula leaves a smooth, matte residue-free finish that preps skin instantly without having to wait for it to dry to apply makeup. My makeup doesn’t just glide on my freshly moisturized skin better, it sticks around longer.

Did I just find a moisturizer that double-duties as a zero-weight primer? That’s the kind of magic act I like!

skincare held in hand against a blue sky and a tree with flowers

So #feelthewhip – I think both you and your skin will be glad you did.

Are you ready to discover your dream moisturizer? Olay Whip Advanced is now available for purchase online and in store at Costco in a cost-saving double pack. Pick up some today and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to hear if you’re as impressed as I am!

5 thoughts on “Looking for a Lightweight Moisturizer with Major Results? Look No Further…”

  1. What!!? I’m so excited to see if Olay Whip Advanced Facial Moisturizer is everything you say that it is. F it’s a fraction of what they boast, you know I’ll be all over it! I hope the Costco that I go to has it I need to get there this week I’ll let you know! I’m looking forward to check it out! #feelthewhip
    As everyone knows,
    I am the facial cream lover!

  2. Your photos alone convinced me I need this new Olay formula even before I read the details! The product even looks light and airy, which is exactly what I look for in a summer moisturizer. I will #feelthewhip as soon as possible… heading to Costco this weekend!

  3. As an oily gal who knows she should moisturize (but it always feels so HEAVY on my skin :( ), this seems like it’s right up my alley–I NEED a lightweight moisturizer and even better if it can act as a primer/make my skin look flawless. Leave it to Olay to come up with the answer to all of my skincare needs. Yet again. I’m sure I’m going to #feelthewhip in the very near future!

  4. I am ALL about this for summer! I too, am super oily lately, and need a lighter moisturizer during the hotter months, so this Olay whip couldn’t have come at a better time! I love that it can act as a primer too, because my makeup just seems to fall apart so much quicker in the heat. Adding to my list for my next Costco run!

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