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Rescuing sweaters from pills and fur one closet at a time

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The Lilly Brush brings two of my favorite things together. I am passionate about good looking clothes and pets. Sadly, my two biggest passions are not exactly complementary, because no matter how wonderful your outfit looks, pet hair is not a good accessory. (Especially when it’s on a pill-y sweater that has seen better days.)

Closer look of Lilly Brush

I was so excited when I got the Lilly Brush ($12.95) in the mail. WHY, you may ask? I am the harried mother of two perpetually shedding children, Duke a harlequin Great Dane (read: gray, white and black fur) and Tuba, a very overweight orange tabby. I battle fur in every color.

Fur is a problem because it sticks to clothes, rugs and upholstery. I hate that it makes things appear unclean, unkempt and disheveled. I have unsuccessfully tried a myriad of things to keep things clean and pristine as possible. What is a girl to do?

Closer look of Lilly Brush body or handle

The Lilly Brush came as a solution to my problem. Lilly Brush is a lightweight, compact bristled brush that removes lint, pills and pet hair from all natural fibers.

This brush won’t damage delicate fabric and sweater weaves and does a great job of “clean up” with minimal effort. It reminds me of a modern twist on a brush my Grandfather used to use on his wool blazers.

Closer look of Lilly Brush

I hate pills on my sweaters and other clothing items because they make them appear old and abused. I was shocked that with just a few swipes of the Lilly Brush that my woolens and sweaters were resuscitated. This saved me from prematurely donating the items and extended the life span of some pieces that now look practically brand new.

Lilly Brush in action

It also does a great job of sweeping up pet hair from clothes and furniture. I’d love to get my hands on a larger sized version for cleaning furniture, but the current size does a fine job. Once “full”, the brush head is easily cleaned of fur, and is ready for more. (So much better than trying to remove fur with one of those tape lint rollers!)

A collage image of Lilly Brush in action before and after text

Great Green alternative
No batteries or refills needed
Works with minimal effort

Anti-pilling only works on natural fibers not acrylic
I wish there was a larger brush available to use on bigger jobs like my car and couch.

The Lilly Brush is also perfect to have when you are on-the-go to remove lint, fuzz and pet hair. Its sleek design and convenient portability make it easy to toss it into a purse or glove compartment.

Testers, what did you think of the Lilly Brush we heartsters, how do you keep your clothes pill and pet hair free?


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  1. I love this Lilly Brush. I seem to use it far more often than I ever imagined. I actually want to get two more. This would give me one for home, my car and my travel bag so Lilly is always with me. I love that they are small but, deliver big results. Good-Bye lint, pet hair and sweater pills.
    5 stars.

  2. Great review! I need one of these badly for my purse. I have five of those tape rollers that are never on me when I need them so this would be a lifesaver!

    1. I have the same problem — pilling is a huge problem with some of my favorite sweaters, but they’re synthetic. :-( But I really like how compact this is; it’d be great to slip into my desk drawer at work and use to get rid of the dog hairs that I missed at home and are now glowing in the fluorescent office light!

  3. I have 4 dogs and the amount of shedding in my house is kind of out of control! Especially the white dog hair on my mostly dark clothing! The Lilly Brush works REALLY well on pet hair; clothing, furniture, even carpets. It gathers it fast.

    Pills on sweaters is another area of trouble for me. But sadly most of my sweaters are synthetic (which is maybe why they are piling…hmm?) so I can’t use the Lilly Brush on them. But OMG, on my wool coat? They were gone with just a couple of sweeps.

    I’m going 4 stars only because I can’t use it on everything I own. But I love that I can cut down on my use of a tape roller for at least a portion of my wardrobe.

  4. Wow, I NEED this one! I have an Aussie and 3 cats, so even after de-furring in the morning, I still walk into school, with hair everywhere. My students have seen me on numerous occasions desperately using masking tape to get some stray pet hair off my clothes! This little gadget sounds great and would be nice to keep in my purse or desk drawer.

  5. I need this! I have 4 furbabies at home and one with especially long white fur that is now covering my wool peacoat. It doesn’t matter how many times I go over the coat with those lint sticky rollers it always looks covered in hair. Need to grab one of these for my purse, and the price is good too!

  6. I was really impressed with the Lilly brush. I’ve never tried anything like this before, but last fall I picked up a gorgeous camel trench from a consignment shop that was showing slight signs of wear. I took the Lilly Brush to it and it made a huge difference in the fabric’s appearance. Definitely recommend it!

  7. I got one of these to try and LOVE it! my cat sheds a lot, and more if I bug her and play with her a lot and this works wonders. We also tested it out on my boyfriend’s wooly sweater from the depths of his closet and it worked like a charm! This is a 5 star product for price and efficiency…I too hope they make a larger one!

  8. Ooh, sounds like a great product! I still have an old electric fabric shaver to take care of my pills, but this would be a better maintenance tool for my natural fibers. And much quieter! Too bad it doesn’t work on synthetic products.

  9. This looks amazing! I can most likely can tell my husband, “You know, your sweaters are wearing too much of our dog’s hair and they could use an overhaul.” (He is neat to the point of being OCD.) I would explain that our fabric shavers are worn and he would very enthusiastically say, “Wow! Buy it!” The small size is another plus. Great review; thanks for the information.

  10. I purchased one from reading the review on this blog. I must say I am not impressed. I tried to remove lint, pills, and hair from my clothes. I was not successful. I tried to tug the brush across different sweaters at different angles but still no luck. In fact it made it look like I spread the pills out over a larger amount. This also took a long time. I think I will go back to an electric shaver to remove pills. Hopefully this works better in removing other random things on the seat of my car. Otherwise, I will have to throw it away.

    1. Sorry to hear that! Where the clothes you were using it on natural fibers (cotton, wool etc.)? It def. does not work on sweaters with anything synthetic.
      I tried it on a poly blend sweater and got the same results as you describe above.

    2. I tried it on a synthetic one and also a cotton blend one. I will go try it on a 100% cotton one to see if I get a different result. Who would have thought that would make such a difference. Hopefully it will work on the 100% cotton/wool sweaters.

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