Lip Balm Hall of Fame: Sara Happ Dream Slip

Lip Balm Hall of Fame: Sara Happ Dream Slip

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Apply it like a balm, It moisturizes like cream, you’ll love it like nothing else…

Every time a new lip balm comes around, there is one thing I am reminded of: everyone uses them-some, obsessively. We have all unabashedly declared our need, and we have all been on the quest for the best. This tells me that we all want the same thing-soft lips.

Sara Happ definitely has the best. Their Lip Slip balm is coveted, and their lip treatments are destined to become legendary. Today I bring to you The Dream Slip ($32), a night cream for your lips.

Unlike most companies, Sara Happ is just lips: all lips, all the time.

It’s a specialty borne of that smooth lip obsession many of us have admitted to. Sara Happ does scrubs, balms, glosses and treatments. “Do one thing and do it well” is a mantra embraced by entrepreneurs as diverse as the founder of McDonald’s to UNIX.

Sara Happ Dream Slip packaging

So what about that one thing? Isn’t the balm market saturated? Night cream for the lips isn’t revolutionary. But, McDonald’s didn’t invent hamburgers and UNIX isn’t the only company writing code.

The Dream Slip isn’t the first night treatment for lips. I’ve used a good one before, its one drawback being its slightly gloppy white lotion appearance (not the best to kiss your hubby goodnight!). Dream Slip, however, is the gold-capped pot at the end of the rainbow.

Dream slip applies like a cream but melts onto your lips like a gloss. Containing soothing chamomile, sweet almond and jojoba oils, in addition to lip repair lipids, this smoothes like a dream. Doing one thing and doing it well.

Sara Happ Dream Slip swatchDoesn’t that look luxurious? It is!

Using The Dream Slip as an overnight treatment, lips are definitely smoother and thus appear plumper. But I don’t only use Dream Slip overnight. I find myself applying before doing housework, settling into a good book, or as I sit here writing this at my computer.

I feel a slightly warming quality as I wear it, and there is no scent other than the faint sweetness of the almond oil. The Dream Slip is like a comfy blanket for my lips.

Sara Happ Dream Slip Dream Slip hasn’t left our editor Stef’s night stand since this Insta post!

Another thing to love about Dream Slip is that the smooth, soft, moisturized effect it has on my lips lasts. After a treatment, it’s not necessary to apply balm all day and all night. My lips are primed and prepped for whatever the day brings; from matte lipstick to kisses.

Yep, doing one thing and doing it well…obsessively.

we heartsters, what’s your lip care regime?

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