Lip Blushing Colors: How To Find the Right One for You!

Lip Blushing Colors: How To Find the Right One for You!

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Any form of cosmetic tattoo is a long-time commitment, whether they’re permanent or semi-permanent. 

This includes lip-blushing tattoos. As such, you need to make sure you’re sticking to something you will like for a long time; after all, lip blushing is not easy to get rid of. 

A closeup shot of a woman undergoing the procedure of lip blushing with a tattoo machine

Luckily, there are a wide array of pigments to choose from, and finding one that will look good on you is not as daunting as you may think. With some considerations, finding your perfect lip shade will be easy.

Read on to learn more about finding the right lip blushing colors for your skin.

What Is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a form of cosmetic tattooing that many undergo to enhance the look of their lips with pigment. 

Unlike permanent lip tattoos, this treatment uses natural, semi-permanent pigment, which gives your lips a more natural flush of color. 

Since lip blushing is a semi-permanent treatment, the pigments fade as time passes by. Luckily, it stays on for between two to three years. 

You can also make the color last longer with regular touch-up sessions with your artist. 

Why Get a Lip Blush?

Here are some reasons people opt to get this permanent makeup procedure done. 

(Semi-)Permanent Lip Color

This is usually the primary reason most people consider getting a lip-blushing procedure. Lip blushing is convenient and saves you time in the morning.

If you get lip blushing done, you don’t have to worry about using lipsticks or lip stains to give your lips color. 

Enhances Lip Color

Some people opt to get lip blushing to add more color to their lips. Due to genetics or age, some people have less pigment on their lips, making them look ashen and pale. 

Through lip blushing, they can add color to their lips, offering a healthier appearance. 

Covers Lip Scars

Do you have a nasty scar on your lips that you want to cover up? You can get a lip blush done to cover up the scars’ discoloration.

How To Find the Right Lip Blushing Shades

A part of the lip-blushing process is choosing your lips’ tattoo color. This step usually happens during the consultation before getting your semi-permanent makeup lip color tattooed. 

During the same step, you also decide the shape and design of your lip blush and how intense or soft you want it.

A closeup and cropped view of a woman's pink pouty lips isolated on a gray background

However, a lot of people do wonder how one finds the right shade for their lip pigment tattoo. For this, you need to consider several factors. 

Align Your Expectations With the Lip Blushing Process

Most fail at managing their expectations regarding semi-permanent makeup lips’ colors. Many expect them to transform their lips from their natural shade to a completely different one. 

However, that’s not the case, or that shouldn’t be the case.

Lip blush is only meant to enhance your lips. Usually, people get lip blush to even out their lip pigment or to add some color to pale or dark lips. As such, you know your lip-blushing job is a good one when the result looks natural. 

Bold, bright, and intense colors don’t often come out well since such colors don’t appear natural at all. 

Before and after lip blush tattoo colors should reflect a natural enhancement to your lips instead of a loud, unnatural lip color. 

During the consultation, choose a nude that gives a “my lips but better” look or a lighter wash of the lipstick color you’d want on for a long time. 

However, the best artists usually create a custom shade depending on your preferences and what looks good with your skin tone. 

Think About Your Skin Undertone

Color theory plays a big part in choosing the right lip blushing colors you should consider. A part of that is getting to know your skin’s undertones. 

There are three traditional skin undertones that you can fall under: warm, cool, and neutral.

People with warm undertones usually have yellow to peachy undertone colors to their skin. 

Meanwhile, those with cool undertones may notice a bluish or pinkish tint to their skin color. 

Those with neutral undertones have a balance of yellow and blue undertones.

There’s a fourth skin undertone that many may also consider, and that’s olive. This skin type usually has both yellow and blue undertones, along with some green.

What does this have to do with choosing a lip blushing color?

Some lip color undertones look better with a matching skin undertone.

For example, warm lip colors like spice and rust work better with warm undertones, while cool lip colors like crimson and cherry blossom work well with cool undertones. 

Knowing your skin’s undertone helps you pinpoint which shades may look natural when tattooing. 

Consider Your Complexion

Undertones are not the only skin color factor you should consider before choosing your lip pigment tattoos’ color. You should also think about your complexion. 

Intense colors can look better on melanin-rich people than on pale individuals. The general rule is to find a lip color that won’t create an unnatural contrast on your face. 

So if you have pale, cool-toned skin, avoid deeper lip colors. If you have a dark complexion, bright or pale lip colors won’t look natural. 

Tip: If you have difficulty finding the right color, check out your makeup bag. Look for the lip color that looks good on you, and consider getting the more natural-looking shade that looks good on you!

Here’s a lip blushing color chart that you can use as a reference for the lip blushing shades you can pick and those you can avoid. 

An infographic featuring lip blushing color chart by choosing the right shade for your complexion
Skin Tone and UndertoneCan UseShould Avoid
Fair/Light (Cool)Pink nudes, light roses, light mauves, cool-toned beiges, raspberryLight warm pinks, corals, peachy nudes, warm nude beiges, berries, deep nudes, deep browns, deep purples
Fair/Light (Warm)Light warm pinks, corals, peachy nudes, warm nude beigesPink nudes, light roses, light mauves, cool-toned beiges, berries, deep nudes, deep browns, deep purples
Fair/Light (Neutral)Pink nudes, light roses, light mauves, cool-toned beiges light warm pinks, corals, peachy nudes, warm nude beigesDeep berries, deep nudes, deep browns, deep purples
Medium (Cool)Deep muted pinks dusty roses, dusty mauves, berriesLight or deep peaches, light or deep corals, tan nudes, caramel
Medium (Warm)Light or deep peaches, light or deep corals, tan nudes, caramelDeep muted pinks dusty roses, dusty mauves, berries, deep browns
Medium (Neutral)Light or deep peaches, light or deep corals, tan nudes deep muted pinks, dusty roses, dusty mauves, berriesShades that are too light or too dark
Deep  (Cool)Hibiscus, blossom, berries, wine reds, deep rubies, deep burgundies, deep Bordeaux reds, brick reds, dusty mauves, dusty roses, deep raspberriesPale and light warm pinks, pale and light reds, pale purple shades, pale and light nudes
Deep (Warm)Muted fuschia, deep roses, true corals, brownish reds, coppers, spicy reds, deep wine reds, deep burgundies, saturated plums, deep Bordeaux reds, deep raspberries, brick reds, cabernetPink nudes, light roses, light mauves, cool-toned beiges
Deep (Neutral)Muted fuschia, muted reds, bronzes, burgundies, deep peaches, deep muted oranges, deep roses, tan nudes, deep berry pink, deep raisin, berriesBright pinks, bright purples, pastel pinks and purples
close up of woman's lips before and after a lip blushing treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Would Lip-Blushing Procedures Cost?

Getting a semi-permanent lips tattoo color can cost a lot of money. The main procedure can go anywhere between $500 and $1,500, depending on the artist, design, and materials used in lip blushing. 

However, you should also consider the touch-up sessions you must go to to keep the intensity of the pigment you’ve picked. These can go for at least $100 per touch-up.

Does Lip Blushing Hurt?

During the procedure, the artist will apply numbing cream on your lips so that you won’t feel any pain when the pigment is tattooed. 

If you feel discomfort during the procedure, make sure to tell the artist so they can apply more numbing cream if needed. 

After the procedure, however, there is a healing period, and you will need to take care of your lips for five to ten days to ensure nothing wrong happens. 

Can People With Darker Lips Get Lip Blush?

Yes, but the process of achieving your desired lip blushing color may take longer than for people with a lighter lip color. 

If you’re opting for a lighter lip shade than your natural lip color, the artist needs to neutralize the darker pigment’s appearance. This will let your chosen shade appear as saturated as it should be.

Compared to people with lighter lip colors, lip blushing lasts shorter for those with dark natural lips. Instead of the usual two to three years, lip blushing on dark natural lips lasts only one to two years.

Can Lip Blushing Make My Lips Bigger?

Physically, it can’t make your lips bigger since no filler or lip plumper that would do so is injected during the process. However, depending on the design or color, it may make your lips appear bigger. 

By playing around with the intensity and softness of colors on your lips, this procedure can give your lips the illusion of being more defined or plump.

Add a Flush of Color to Your Lips

Lip blushing has a lot of benefits, and one of them is letting you have a personalized lip shade that fits you. 

You can achieve gorgeous yet natural-looking lips while eliminating the everyday hassle of putting on makeup. While it seems a bit costly, for many people, it’s worth the confidence they gain from better-looking features. 

A specialist wearing white gloves doing a lip blushing color to a woman's lips

Do remember that lip blushing is a long-time commitment, so you need to be thorough in choosing the shade you’d want to get. 

While it may sound daunting, you won’t need to worry as experts, including your artist, will be there to help you. 

Ready to make that commitment for a semi-permanent lip tattoo color? Choose your shade, and get ready to get your lip blush!

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