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Liz Earle Skincare review

It always amazes me that someone can be a household name overseas, but virtually unknown here in the US. Liz Earle is famous in Great Britain for so many things: author of over 30 books on beauty, health and wellbeing; host of a BBC show, Beautywise, on those same topics; creator and host of another popular show, Liz Earle’s Lifestyle; and, in 1995, founder of a namesake botanical skincare line with a rabid cult following.


Inspired by the lush landscape of the Isle of Wight, where Liz Earle Beauty is headquartered, the line offers products for skincare, bodycare, a color range, fragrance… the entire gamut of beauty. Now, Liz Earle is bringing “British Botanical Beauty at its Best” stateside and I was lucky enough to test it. My introduction to the line was their award-winning three-step skincare system, their “anchor and icon.”

The stages of Liz Earle skincare are simple and satisfying:


1. Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser ($24.50)

Liz Earle’s one and only cleanser is plant-based and has a two-phase application: cleansing and polishing. The company calls Cleanse & Polish their “hero product” for its universal benefits to any skin type. In 2012, the product was named “The Most Revolutionary Beauty Product of the Last 20 Years – Mass or Prestige” at the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Awards, the UK’s “Oscars of the Beauty Industry.”


The cleanser is creamy yet free of mineral oil, and is designed to whisk away all traces of makeup, even mascara. The cleanser contains cocoa butter and geranium, as well as eucalyptus and rosemary, so it’s moisturizing yet also a little bracing. The scent is heavy on the eucalyptus.


After cleansing, I used the included pure muslin cloth soaked in hot water as instructed to polish off the cream, then splashed my face with cool water.


2. Instant Boost Skin Tonic ($23.90)

After cleansing, the next step is this mild, moisturizing floral tonic designed to soothe and brighten the skin. Free of alcohol, the tonic contains vitamin E, aloe vera and rose-scented geranium.


I poured it onto a cotton ball and swept it over my face and neck. It smells like flowers, and does feel soothing. Liz Earle suggests the tonic can also be spritzed over the skin for an instant pick-me-up during the day.


3. Skin Repair Moisturizer ($39.90)

The third step of the Liz Earle process is moisturizing, in my case with the rich cream designed for dry skin. Avocado and borage plant oils and vitamin E are combined to create an emollient yet quickly absorbed cream.


I didn’t need much to lock in the moisturizing effects of the toner. The moisturizer does not contain SPF, something to be aware of during the day.



    Basic in the best sense of the word; the three steps are quick and easy to follow
    The trio is an affordable way to experience the entire Liz Earle regimen
    The mint green packaging is well-designed and appealing
    Responsibly sourced ingredients
    No animal testing


    All products are scented, which might be a deal-breaker for the sensitive

At the end of the three steps, my face and neck felt soft and refreshed. I was also aware of fragrance, something I can be very iffy about, especially in facial products. In this case, however, the scents are floral, light and pleasant, and they added to my enjoyment of the products.

we heartsters – Have any of you tried products from Britain’s most famous skin care expert?

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  1. @turboterp – This line is very interesting and I can’t believe I have not ever heard of it. I love discovering new lines – especially skincare.

  2. I like the idea of using a muslin cloth for cleaning, it helps gently exfoliate the skin. I haven’t used Liz Earle products, but I would love to!

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