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London Calling – and it has what you need for strong nails

Color me ashamed. On a recent trip to the drugstore for nail polish remover, I went straight to the cheapest one, mistakenly thinking it wouldn’t matter. “I’ll save my dollars for a more fun purchases” I thought. What a fool. This bargain basement remover sucked every drop of moisture from my nails and surrounding skin. But I’m an even a bigger fool still; because I kept using it. Then wondered why my already brittle nails seemed even more brittle than usual.

Like a gift from the nail gods, my package arrived from LONDONTOWN containing the Kur System (pronounced “cure”). And I have progressively watched my nails improve with every use.

This 5-step system strengthens, hydrates and restores every part of the nail (from deep within the bed to the delicate cuticles) with a British family concoction of evening primrose oil, rapeseed flower oil, natural extracts, vitamins and minerals.

The founder’s grandmother used to blend similar botanicals with oils and massage them into her hands and nails to hydrate and protect them from the cold English air. How luxurious does that sound?

Luxurious is exactly what this set is. But it’s so much more than just price (the 5-piece set is $125, though the products can be bought individually for $18 – $35.) There is just something so incredibly decedent about a matching set of nail care products. It’s like the ultimate splurge. The fact that they work is just the icing on the cake. And the big sugar flowers reserved for birthday girls is that they’re vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free too!

Here’s the lowdown on the products…

Shown above is the Restorative Nail Cream ($35 for 1 oz.). This deliciously scented cream (think of an English Garden) has a whipped, thick and creamy texture that penetrates nails to replenish keratin and balance the natural oils. It comes with gloves and you’ll notice an improvement after just one night.

In a tie with the cream for my favorite product is the Strengthening Lacquer Remover ($18 for 4 oz.). If you would have told me a year ago I’d be buying an $18 nail lacquer remover, I would have laughed at you. But the visible difference in your nails after using this versus a cheap one is amazing. Acetone-free and enriched with vitamin and mineral extracts, I can almost hear my nails sigh after usage!

The Nail Hardener and Protective Top Coat ($25 each) carry on the good work of the other products thanks to the good for you, 5-free ingredients. Both work to create a glossy, strong nail that resists chips and peeling.

But if I had to suggest an absolute necessity of the bunch, it would be the Nourishing Cuticle Oil ($25). This instantly hydrates your nails and the rapeseed flower oil makes this as delightful to smell as it is to use. When I have a busy weekend swatching nail lacquers, a cuticle oil is a savior on tender, dry skin. And I love that you can opt for the brush or a dropper.

There’s no denying that these products are expensive. I’m not going to sugarcoat it – this isn’t going to be an easy purchase. But if you suffer from brittle, dry or weak nails, if you do your nails often, or if you just want to treat yourself – I can’t recommend the Kur system highly enough!

we heartsters, are your nails jealous after reading this review? Which product would be a must have for you?

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  1. SO jealous! I believe to have an all around great looking, long lasting manicure, you need the right essentials – basically everything BUT the nail polish. I want to try this stuff soooo bad. The packaging is exquisite, and a cream that smells like a garden? Goodness @Stef :) I’m glad I read this post so I can add these guys to my wishlist!

  2. Definitely the Nourishing Cuticle Oil–I freak out a little bit if I realize I don’t have some sort of cuticle balm in my purse AT ALL TIMES. I have been using the Burt’s Bee’s stuff, but now you’ve made me covet the Kur oil, Stef!

  3. I appreciate that you pointed out which item you thought was most essential, because although I would love the whole set, my wallet wasn’t too excited! My nails aren’t in great shape, nor are my cuticles. In fact, when I do swatches of nail polish on my blog, I’m a bit embarrassed by them. I’m so hard on my hands that it seems like my past efforts to beautify them have just been in vain.

  4. I’m jealous too! $125 for the set – eek. That’s steep. But getting one or two of the products might be possible. My problem isn’t brittle nails – it’s that they are super soft. They just sort of bend when they get past the tip of my finger and eventually the bending turns into a crease and then the nail comes off at the crease mark. I totally want to try the Nail Hardener. I’ve used a number of drugstore hardeners that add some thickness, but don’t prevent the breakage.

    Also @Stef – the next time I visit you I will testing out the cream – an English garden? Sounds divine.

  5. Great review, I have been looking for something to fix my nails…they are always breaking, esp. mu index finger. I’ll prob splurge and get the oil, like you recommend. Would be nice to get some healthy long nails for once.

  6. Well, I am impressed! I have the weakest nails for some reason and It just may be from the cheap nail polish remover.. I have to admit this line has my attention but boy that’s some price tag it’s sporting.. I would love to try the Strengthening Lacquer Remover and Nail Hardner too.. saving my pennies!

  7. I never once thought that nail polish remover would make a difference but, logically, of course it does! I could justify springing for this remover to treat my weak nails more tenderly. I would also love to try to the “Restorative Nail Cream” or the “Nourishing Cuticle Oil.” I once had a cream (cannot recall the name) which hydrated my nails and enabled them to grow long and strong. It was discontinued. Since then I’ve tried everything, including a very strong Vitamin B supplement, but they are oh-so-fragile, especially after showering or having my hands in water. This is a tremendous line; glad you can purchase the products separately. What’s the purpose of showing off luscious spring polishes and decals when your nails and/or cuticles are raggedy and in need of care?

    1. By the way–thank you, thank you, thank you @kari and WHT! I purchased O’Keeffe’s hand cream and it is nothing short of a miracle! My husband’s hands were bleeding; mine were winter-whipped. Now our skin is incredibly smooth, supple, and presentable for public viewing! We are stunned that a $7.99 product changed us completely (we had tried one thing after another before that came along, and nothing worked anything like it!).

  8. I’d never heard of this brand! I don’t have weak nails, but the Restorative Nail Cream and Nourishing Cuticle Oil sound like purchases I might have to make for myself on a special occasion…

  9. Beyond jealous! The entire set goes right to the top of my dream list. My nails are a weak, brittle mess, and the idea of an effective treatment system is very appealing indeed!

  10. All of these products sound amazing! I am always so disappointed in the condition of my nails. I just never manage to keep them in tip top shape. I am so often drawn to amazing, expensive polish removers. I hate the chemicals and stench of the affordable versions. But I have yet to bite the bullet and give a fancy pants polish remover a try. Maybe this is the brand that I should pull my wallet out for.

    1. Polish remover just isn’t a sexy purchase! No colors to ooh and aah over, no fancy package. But now that I have a quality remover, I don’t see me going back to cheapies again. It’s made SUCH a difference in my nails!

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