50 Gorgeous Long Layered Hair Ideas For 2020

50 Gorgeous Long Layered Hair Ideas For 2020

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woman with brown long layered hair

Are you looking for the cute and sexy long layered hair ideas?

It’s no secret long hairstyles with layers have been a hit ever since they emerged in the beauty and fashion industry. These long layers look sexy and flirty and cute. No wonder they are popular.

Finding the perfect style for long hair can be very challenging. It can be difficult to find on that matches your face; not to mention, your overall personality. Here are some ideas to get you started! 

Trendy and chic long layered hair ideas

Check out this list of long layered wavy hair.

1. This multi-layered mix is simply gorgeous.

For women with sexy long hair, this is the perfect long layers cut.

It’s chic and sleek. And it has body and volume, which isn’t restricted in its movement.

And check out the mixture of layers. Notice how the shortest layers serve to frame the face, which is great at accentuating the features.

Overall, this is a great long layered hair idea.

2. Swoopy long layers for sexy long hair.

Just look at the volume, thickness, and density of this stunning hairstyle.

Having long hair with lots of layers can make your locks look sleek and polished. On the other hand, the shorter and choppy tresses enhance the texture and body of your curls.

If you’re wondering what long layered hair idea to suggest to your hairdresser on your next visit, this is a sultry one.

3. Want ideas for blonde and layered hairstyles for long hair?

Check this one out.

With multiple layers, you can make your long hair look absolute luscious.

On your next visit, tell your stylist for varying lengths in layers. With multiple layers, you give your locks movement, and it’s easier to style; these include shaggy ponytails, messy buns, and undone braids.

4. Do you want it straight and chic long hair ideas?

I just love the shine and texture on this one.

This cut is absolutely sultry and bewitching. The style looks very sleek and chic. And check out the ends on this one.

It’s a great shape that gives movement to long brown hair with layers.

5. Long layered hair with highlights.

This one is a classic look for the ladies.

Notice how the shorter front tresses cascade into longer pieces. Don’t they just look good?

With the bangs framing the face, it accentuates the beautiful facial features.

In addition to curly and wavy hair, this hairstyle is also great with straight textures.

6. Brown long layered hair idea.

Are you always on the go?

Then you probably want a hairstyle that requires less maintenance.

Check out these tresses.

Usually, long and straight hair needs more care since you have to build up its fullness, volume, and texture.

But with this gorgeous hairstyle, you don’t have to do much work. It’s perfect when you have little time to maintain your locks.

Because it is full and fluid, this glamorous hairstyle is alluring even if you didn’t get to do much time to style it.

7. Thick and layered long hair with gorgeous highlights.

Here’s a cute hairstyle that frames your face very well.

And to go with the layered look is the multi-dimensional color that adds character and flair to your overall style.

8. Cute, layered, and low maintenance hairstyle.

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Do you want a “wash and go” hairstyle?

You’ll love this natural layered look. It’s cute and low maintenance.

9. Check out these subtle long layers.

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Do you love the subtle look?

Seen here, the layers seem imperceptible as they blend together seamlessly with the rest of the hairstyle.

If you want to the impression of volume and illusion of layers but don’t want to lose your long locks, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

10. Do you want long wavy layers?

Without the layers, your hair may tend to look lifeless.

And if your hair is really long, it can appear heavy.

Which is why layers is the way to go. They will reveal the texture and volume of your locks in a natural and seamless way.

So if you’re looking to rejuvenate your gorgeous curls, you can breathe life to it with simple and casual wavy layers.

11. Want it tousled and messy?

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This is a sexy ‘do, isn’t it?

With your long layered hair, you can achieve an unkempt style that looks sexy and alluring. Combine that with bangs and you got sultry written all over you.

12. Achieve that long layered ombre look this fall.

Are you ready for autumn?

Snag this gorgeous style. It’s a combination of long and short layers with none in between.

Extreme hair layers provide the needed volume and texture, giving your tresses much movement and that wow factor.

If you’re a ponytail type of gal, this hairstyle will amp up your game.

13. Want voluminous bangs and messy curls?

Doesn’t this look sexy without even trying?

It’s simple and doesn’t look overdone.

You can achieve this piece when you use different barrel sizes to curl your hair. Make sure to alternate the direction when curling.

And for a sexy and sensuous touch, have your side bangs a bit messy to achieve the unkempt and undone look.

14. Want long layered V cut for straight hair?

Here’s what I love about long layered hair; they’re versatile and easy to style.

You can leave it in a bun, messy and unkempt (that’s usually the case when you’re running late or on the go). Or you can keep your long locks simple and straight.

If you have it long and straight, may I suggest getting the long layered V cut?

This piece adds volume and movement, especially to thick hair.

When washing them, I suggest using a deep conditioner. It leaves your hair silky smooth with minimal effort.

15. It’s the deep V cut for long layered hair.

Do you have thicker hair?

Want more depth and movement?

Then a deep V cut is an ideal style for you.

For finer hair, a different feathered style might work for you; this one might get the bulk and volume.

16. Tired of tying up your locks in a ponytail?

Check out this piece. It packs a punch.

With its layers, you can let your hair down. So you don’t have to tie it up most of the time.

And if you want hair that can impress, this style looks better when you add highlights, as seen here.

17. Making sexy long hairstyles with choppy cuts and layers.

When cutting layers, you can do with shorter cuts.

Tell your hairdresser to snip your locks just light and sparse. No need to make dramatic differences in hair length between the before and after cuts.

18. Face-framing and extra-long layered hair.

Doesn’t this feathered cut look lean and sexy?

It can lovingly frame the shape of your face.

And to complement the long layered hair are the brown highlights, which blend perfectly to create cool tones.

If you’re planning to grow your hair to sultry waist level, don’t forget to trim its ends every two months or so.

19. Get a lot of volume with long layered black hair.

With shorter choppy layers, you can get your hair to look more voluminous.

While highlights can make your locks look more stunning, you can’t go wrong with sticking close to your natural color.

To get the most volume for your hair, try using a blow dryer with your head down. For the ends, use a big curling iron or round brush to get them curled.

Once you’re done, put a bit of hair wax or shine product to set everything.

20. Long and flipped layers are perfect for long hair.

Is your hair damaged and frizzy?

To promote hair health, I suggest getting graduated haircuts. This style can also reduce the risk of hair drying and damage.

Speaking of dry and damaged hair, don’t let the ends split. Once it does, it will slowly creep up until the damage reaches the midshaft. As a result, you get frizzy hair that looks dead and ugly.

You might want to cut sections of your hair; just short snips right above where the split ends are. This way, you can save the rest of the strand from further drying and damage.

21. Want bouncy and voluminous layered hairstyles for long hair?

Don’t you just love it when your hair sways gracefully as you move?

Long layered hair can do that.

When the layers blend together, they make your tresses look fuller, creating a free-flowing and beautiful style.

Check out the wavy that looks bouncy. You can form these romantic ringlets using your curling iron.

And for a perfect face-framing style, part your hair from the middle to create a curtain-like drop that will reveal your face.

22. Long layered haircuts for women with thick hair?

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Do you have thick hair?

Thick hair is great if you want to achieve a textured and multidimensional look.

Ask your stylist for a cut that generates the most bounce and movement.

23. Long layers, long hair? Flip the ends for structure.

Want to add more structure to your long tresses?

You can do that using a straightening iron. Here’s how you do it. Try flipping the ends of the individual tiers.

It also helps to strategically snip the short layers to create depth and shape of your hair.

Of course, your choice of hair color can also give it volume and contributes to its sense of structure.

24. Long layered hairstyles for women with blonde hair.

Layered haircuts for long hair plus blond balayage make a great duo.

This combo makes your hair look dimensional and smooth.

And what a great way to show off your beautiful hair color and style by wearing a dark-colored outfit. The contrast of hues will make your hair stand out.

25. A wavy shag creates a beautiful tousled style.

Looking for a layered cut that won’t make you look like a little girl?

Try this wavy and tousled look. With lock messed up like this, it gives your hair a wavy texture. It’s so rock ’n roll.

And if you add some highlights, you give your look some flair.

26. Check out the medium layers on this long layered hair.

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Wondering what’s a great hairstyling technique for long and layered locks?

Try round brushing. Ask your stylist about it.

In this styling technique, your stylist will wrap your hair in large round brushes. While your hair is damp.

The stylist will only release your hair from the round brushes when it’s completely blown dry and cooled. Once it’s set, the result is bouncy hair and flouncy curls.

27. Chopped locks and blonde texture.

Want to get more from your regular trim appointment?

May I suggest getting highlights that flow with your layers?

A shaggy balayage will compliment your long and feathered tresses.

28. Here’s a gorgeous long layered hair that cascades.

Check out this chic and sleek style.

It’s a great look that features layered curls at the end; this gives it a sense of bounce and length. And the center part of it works well to blend in.

29. Waves and curls that can run for days.

Do you want to give your long layered hair an extra dimension?

Get your locks twisted and curled. Check out this hairstyle. The gorgeous tresses give the long layers some bounce and volume.

30. Feathered long dark hair with layers.

Here’s a fantastic way to show off your gorgeous long layered hair.

Have you considered getting a feathered look?

You can part your hair to the side while the feathered locks run from the center to the bottom. The cascade of layers immediately draws attention.

31. Long layered hairstyles for black and brown hair.

Want to go for something that’s not plain-looking?

Here’s a gorgeous blunt choppy cut that will make you look glamorous and captivating.

Doesn’t it look sexy?

32. Multi-colored layers at past shoulder length.

Do you like your hair thick and long?

Check out this wavy, layered piece. The balayage and feathery look make it a great choice if you’re looking to grow out your hair from a lob cut.

33. Check out these soft layers for long hair.

Do you have thick hair?

You’ll love this long feathered cut. The layers make your thick locks look even more gorgeous.

Add some highlights and you enhance the voluminous shape and bounce of your hair.

34. Wrapping feathered cut for blonde hair.

Want to get that “just got out of bed” look?

Try out this chic hairstyle. It gives you that appearance like you just woke up and rolled out of bed.

It’s a great style if you desire an effortless look. The feathered style helps in having your locks fall into place.

35. Brunette and curled style for long layered hair.

Here’s a classic look that’s perfect for long and wavy hair.

This type of cut is easy to style yet still gives you a ravishing look with an air of sophistication.

36. Light layered hair enhanced by color.

Want to get your hair look more flirty and sexy?

You can add highlights to enhance the effect on your long layered hair.

Color puts extra depth on your locks, making it look richer and voluminous.

37. A messy cut and a care-free attitude.

Want to keep it loose and care-free?

Check out this delightful hairstyle that spells without a care. See the layers that are just randomly snipped. Unkempt and tousled yet seductive, isn’t it?

To style it, I highly recommend doing it in loose waves and in alternating directions.

38. Want to get a feathered long cut?

Check out this free-flowing style.

With light feathery layers, you can achieve this look.

What I love about it are the lush locks that flow freely. It just looks so soft and smooth. And with the blond balayage, you get great hair complexion and structure.

39. Get a beachy feel for your layered brown hair.

Beach lovers, rejoice.

Here’s a great style that gives you that beachy feel to your long, beautiful locks.

Get that sun-kissed look. Upgrade your tresses with long feathery layers and highlights.

This summery combination can bring volume, depth, and fullness to your long layered hair.

40. Sleek, straight, and soft layered hair.

Want to get luscious locks?

This style is perfect for everyday wear or when you want to go to a party.

The lush tresses flow freely, creating the impression of soft and sleek. Tell your stylist about this.

41. Do you want to get a layered flip?

Check out the volume and bounce.

If you love hair that really stands out, you’ll love this style. It’s got waves and shapes that’s perfectly formed.

42. Check out this face-framing long layered hair.

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With long layered hair, you get volume, shape, and bounce.

And you can choose between light and heavy layers; these layers can give you the chance to try face-framing styles.

43. Soft layers for long tresses.

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Slam-dunked dimensional SUNkissed

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Looking for a cute cut for your long hair?

Forget short pixies and blunt bobs. Try feathered layers to create soft ripples that look cute and sleek.

44. Have thick long hair? Get these classy curls and layers.

Not sure if you can rock curls and waves?

Check out this gorgeous piece. It’s a great option that will erase your hesitation about long layered hair with textures.

45. Here’s another gorgeous face-framing style for long hair.

You can part your hair on either side and let the bangs do their work.

Check out the curl that goes to the side, revealing the pretty face that goes with the sultry hair.

46. Get into the ombre trend with this long straight hairstyle.

Soft balayage highlights and soft cuts make a stunning look.

This hairstyle offers a sleek and smooth piece. And with long layers, you can relieve your locks of bulk, adding volume and movement.

47. Long choppy layers for improved bounce and shape.

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Get volume and bounce to your hair with clipping too much.

This cut makes your hair pop without compromising its fullness.

And to add sophistication, consider having balayage highlights.

48. Gorgeous highlights for long layered hair.

Here’s a chic style that looks and feels natural.

These tresses fall smoothly, don’t they?

This hairstyle is great with beachy waves and subtle layers.

49. Blending with layers for long hair.

Perhaps you might want to consider highlights and layers for your long hair.

How much blending you want depends on the look you want to achieve. For this one, the layers are cut at medium length.

And to draw attention to the cute locks, it helps to have delicious highlights.

50. Try this layered haircut for long hair.

Long hair can easily fall flat and look heavy.

But with layers, it can look bouncy and full of life.

Add volume and depth to your long hair with layers.

Do you have long hair?

I know the struggle of having long locks. I’ve been there too.

You’re probably what’s the ideal choice for your long hair?

What style best suits your long locks?

May I suggest going for long layered hair?

Long layers, long hair.

You might ask, “Why is it a suitable choice for my long hair?”

Well, for one, it’s easy to create. With long layered hair, you get an effortless style that gives you a chic and modern look.

Imagine getting the hair salon treatment with this type of hairstyle. But here’s the catch. You don’t have to spend big bucks to get the beautiful hair look.

Plus, long layered hair is easy to manage. And because it has several long layers, this hairstyle gives the appearance of volume.

Not sure how to style long layered hair?

What’s great about long layered hair is that it’s easy and effortless to style.

So how simple it is to achieve it, you might ask.

If you’re lucky to have long hair and you want to get the long layers cut, this post is for you.

Try some of the best long layered hair ideas listed above.

Are you able to grow and manage your long hair?

If so, you are among the few who are fortunate enough to sport long locks. A lot of women tend to struggle with brittleness in their hair. For others, having long hair can be a burden and literally a heavy one at that.

For the lucky ones like you, I recommend getting layered haircuts for long hair. It’s the best option for hair that grows to envious lengths.

Why should you consider getting long layered hair?

First, layered haircuts for long hair add volume. You’ll look ravishing with the hairstyle.

Second, long layered hair gives you more flexibility when styling. With the bangs, you can style it straight or on either side.

Third, you can ask your hairdresser to give you graded layers to suit your face. You can work this hairstyle to make you more captivating.

Fourth, you can choose long layers or a long shag style.

If you want to have a smooth and sleek look, go for long layered hair. On the other hand, a long shag hairstyle is perfect when you want to get that messy and undone look.

Do you want to have long layered hair?

For an effortless style that looks chic and sophisticated, long layered hair is the perfect choice for your lengthy locks.

These tresses can give you a salon-style look that’s easy to manage, leaving your hair looking voluminous.

Have you considered getting long layered hair?

long layered hair ideas

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