LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss review

LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss review

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If you know me or my posts at all, you know I’m a lip gloss addict. How could you not? I proudly proclaim it every moment that I can. But between you and me, it’s a bit out of control. True story, last week I was in a store and picked up a lip gloss that caught my eye; a bright, opaque coral with gold shimmer. So pretty! So…familiar. I reached into my purse and pulled out it’s doppelgänger. But here’s the tragic part, I bought it anyway. Because I was sure the new one would be different in some way, despite looking identical. I’m telling you, I may need an intervention.

But something exciting happened a few weeks ago when I opened our delivery of LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss. I gazed upon lip glosses that truly were different. Honest!

It was love at first twinkle…

Are you as mesmerized as I am by the shades shown above? Know why? These contain holographic pigments (hence the 3D moniker) which give them a multidimensional look. You can see it a bit in the tube, but when you actually get them on your lips is when the true magic happens.

It’s also apparently terribly hard to capture in an online swatch. The ones you’ll find on the retailers are nowhere near accurate. So I’ve asked our reviewers to describe them for you (they’re nice like that). Shown from left, they are:

Untamed: Full on, bright coral with coral and hot pink micro shimmer.
Polished: Light opal pink with white silver shimmer.
Cliché: Neon bubblegum pink-meets-fuschia. Bright silvery shimmer with tiny cerulean blue flecks.
3D: True metallic copper, like a new penny! With pink and silver glitter. (I’d say the glitter is largest in this shade~Stef)
Intermix: Burnt orange brown with rosy copper shimmer.
Vivid (not shown, but received): Bubblegum pink with a greenish-gold iridescence and silvery shimmer.

Here’s a closer look…

To add to the mystic, these glosses have full names but are only usually referred to by their first name. Untamed Sauvage is just called Untamed online. Like Madonna!

Other points you should know about these glosses…

• Faint fruity smell that dissipates quickly.
• Fabulous brush, short and dense, that makes application a breeze.
• Very smooth and creamy texture, with very little stickiness. Yet, it wears for a long time.
• Paraben-free, with added antioxidants. So they not only look good, but are good for you.
• “Gloss” really doesn’t do these justice. Think liquid lipstick meets gloss hybrid. Lots of color with mega shine!

But the main point you should know? They’re truly fabulous. Review Team and readers, do you agree?

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17 thoughts on “LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss review”

  1. Oooooo! I love a gloss post! I have tried Lorac’s Lip Polish gloss in the past and I loved the product! The only drawback was the petite bottle. It was hard to transport for a night out, as it had a habit of leaking.
    I am thrilled to see that these come in easy to carry tubes! Thanks for the post Stef! I will absolutely check these out!

  2. I am a big fan of LORAC. And I am a big fan of glosses. I have been very interested in trying this new fangled science fiction gloss. But I was a lit hesitant. But now with Stef’s amazing lip gloss expert seal of approval I am absolutely in! I will be buying one! I usually hate a gloss with a brush-but since you mention that it is a nice brush I will make an exception. Thanks!

  3. As the lucky tester of 3D, the true metallic copper with pink and silver glitter, I am shouting, “Amen, sister!” to Stef’s review. 3D’s base color really does shine like a brand new copper penny, and the big glints of glitter add even more dimension.

    In a lifetime of gloss addiction, I have never seen a gloss that makes my lips look metallic, like something from The Terminator! My lips in all their 3D glory would scare people during the day; at night, though, look out! I can’t imagine a more luxe, futuristic lip product.

    I was already a fan of Lorac, so I guess I’m a Super Fan now. 5 shining, glittery stars from me!

  4. I love love love mine. I tried Cliche, and it’s got a really light, pleasant scent and the smoothest texture on the planet. I was also really amazed with how well it was still sticking around long after I applied it. Usually glosses this, well – glossy, don’t have any staying power, but this one defies the standard. I think that Cliche is a great shade for the bright pink spring lip trend!!!

  5. I love LORAC! Everything that I have tried of theirs has been first rate. I am a gal who fights dry lips constantly. This did not dry my lips out at all.

  6. No surprise here, I love these. I chose Untamed, being the coral fan that I am. It’s really beautiful.

    Kellie, I’m normally not a fan of brushes either (I much prefer a doe foot). But this brush is great. Because it’s short you can control it really well. And because it’s dense, the bristles don’t splay all over the place.

    The formula of this gloss is great. Super creamy and very hydrating. And like I said, wears very well for such a smooth formula. The base color wears off before the glitter and shimmer, but I found with just a quick swipe of balm, you kind of reactivate the color.

    This is really the kind of gloss that I want in every color. They’re all so unique. Even the pinks, which I’m normally not drawn to.

    One last thing, I’m not a huge glitter fan. But the glitter in these is really different. With the exception of 3D, it’s super tiny. And very flattering. Not so much “look out, glitter lips coming through!” as just a light catching accent.

    I could give these nothing but 5 huge stars.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..BleachBlack Dickweed Nail Polish =-.

  7. I received Intermix and I absolutely LOVED it when I saw the tube. Then I tried it on and… I kinda hated it. The brush was pointy and kinda sharp and I was expecting a gloss. However, I persevered including breaking up the brush tip so it was softer which allowed for the gloss to be spread better. Now? I LOVE it again! I find myself wearing it almost every day! The color is amazing and it really does make your lips look amazing. 5 stars!

  8. Vivid is the color I received, and the name is true. The classic BubbleYum color with lots of silver sparkle is quite vivid indeed. The multi-faceted shine does give the illusion of plumper, porn star lips (hmm…Vivid is a multi-faceted name, perhaps).
    I’ve found that this thick gloss illuminates every crevice of your lips, so make sure to exfoliate and use lip balm first if you have dry or problem lips.
    This is a cool color for sure, and I do tend to look better in warmer tones, but with a smokey charcoal eye I can get away with it. I think “Polish” would have been a better color choice for me, though.
    The scent is sweet and pleasant without being overwhelming. Overall, a great night -on-the-town gloss. I would definitely want to give some other colors a try.

  9. These look gorgeous. Going to have to go check these out in person. Stef I’m so like you…I have so many shades that are identical, but I can’t stop buying them. I do the same with nail polish. Better to be addicted to coral lip gloss than worse things I guess!

  10. I haven’t tried these actually. I’m really sensitive to scents but I may have to try them at Ulta when I go there next. I’m still trying to learn how to handle the Urban Decay caramel scent on the lipsticks (note to self: sniff the lipstick BEFORE you buy it not the other way around). I love the color of LoveChild immensely, not so much the scent.

  11. These sound great! I usually shy away from ultra-glossy lip glosses because they tend to look great but are uber-gooey and sticky. But a super gloss that’s creamy and not sticky and that lasts?? I’m in!

  12. Gosh, I always forget how much I love Lorac until I see reviews like this. I love the name “Cliche” for that pink shade, and I think I neeeeed Intermix in my life. Fantastic review! I didn’t want a new lemming in my life, but you managed to give me one. :D

  13. I love LORAC products! Everything is so high-quality. I may or may not (do, in fact) have a hoard of several of their limited edition eyeshadow/face palettes from years past that I am deathly afraid of ever having to live without again!).

    This gloss had a wonderful, even texture (I had cliche, the bubblegum pink). I’m into all things posy, girly pink this spring. It’s a pretty, retro shimmer and it will be loads of fun to experiment layering it over darker colored procuts. The holographic look to it really does make your lips appear fuller, smoother, and less wrinkled!

  14. My color was 3D and I would describe it as champagne with shimmery pink undertones. The pink showed up more when I applied it to my lips. It’s a nice lip gloss, and I get full coverage very easily with the brush wand. It wasn’t really appropiate for me to wear to work because the glitter is very noticable. I felt like a disco ball. However, I did wear it to my daughter’s dance recital this weekend and felt appropiately glittery for my little one. (She even asked to wear some. Her lips were sparkling and so was her performance.:-) )

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