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I love seeing drugstore brands, like L’Oreal push to expand their lines by offering more products, new formulas and increasing their color selection. I think it’s great that they’ve stepped up their game to the point where they’re actually competing with some high-end brands.


L’Oreal is definitely attempting to take a big step in that direction by releasing their collection of Colour Riche Ombre Quad eyeshadow palettes ($9.99), with each compact containing four unique shades. That’s a lot of color!


Feeling a little intimidated by the gorgeous swirling hues? The Colour Riche Ombre Quads contain directions on the back of each palette – which colors to use where – to help you utilize all four colors into a sophisticated look. Of course, you can also mix things up and use them any way you want.

I had the opportunity to test four of the new L’OrealColour Riche Ombre Quad eyeshadow palettes, and we swatched seven of them.

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-Rose-nude-5Rose Nude

300 Rose Nude contains four satin-finish colors: a light peachy-pink shade, a warm camel shade, a warm rose shade and a deep brown shade. It’s a very nice basic set of colors, especially for the workplace.

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-Rose-nude-swatches-6Rose Nude swatches

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-Rose-nudeWearing Rose Nude

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-Rose-nude-BA closer look at Rose Nude

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-absolute-taupe-9Absolute Taupe

250 Absolute Taupe has a cool ivory and a cool taupe (which were both shimmer/satin), a warm camel and a deep brown shade (which were both almost matte, but with a very slight sheen).

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-absolute-taupe-swatches-10Absolute Taupe swatches

This one is definitely a good basic palette that’s versatile enough to create a natural look and a bold look. It’s a good “emergency” palette! And the L’Oreal Silkissime eyeliner in Gold pairs nicely with either of these two neutral palettes, particularly on the lower lash line, paired with some of the dark brown eye shadow blending into it.

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-absolute-taupeWearing Absolute Taupe

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-absolute-taupe-BA closer look at Absolute Taupe

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-eternal-blue-14Eternal Blue

280 Eternal Blue is great for making a dramatic blue eye with a frosty white shade, a frosty light blue, a satin medium navy and a satin blackened navy.

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-eternal-blue-swatches-15Eternal Blue swatches

This palette pairs well with L’Oreal’s Silkissime eyeliner in Cobalt Blue, which adds a nice bright pop of blue to my lower waterline and lash line!

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-eternal-blueWearing Eternal Blue

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-eternal-blue-BA closer look at Eternal Blue

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-incredible-grey-16Incredible Grey

260 Incredible Grey is perfect for the classic smoky eye, with frosty white, silver, gunmetal grey and black.

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-incredible-grey-swatches-17Incredible Grey swatches

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-incredible-greyWearing Incredible Grey

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-incredible-grey-BA closer look at Incredible Grey


I paired all of these looks with L’Oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Midnight Black ($8.49). Although I was wary of the brush shape at first, I definitely grew to like it, since I felt that it offered more options for applying mascara since you could get all of your lashes by angling the mascara wand in different ways.


The brush did seem to deposit quite a bit of mascara, so I had to be a little careful about not getting clumps. The formula seemed great though – when layered on thinly, it added both volume and length nicely. It was ever so slightly irritating to my eyes though.

It’s awesome that each of these little eyeshadow compacts are affordable and easily accessible. Each of these palettes has a mix of satiny and shimmery shades to them.


The clear front of each mini-palette allows you to easily see which colors you’re grabbing, and a mini dual-ended sponge tip applicator is enclosed. Although I rarely end up using those little applicators, they are nice to have on hand when you just want to toss a few makeup items into your purse. And these are particularly nice.

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-treasured-bronze-7Treasured Bronze

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-treasured-bronze-swatches-8Treasured Bronze swatches

I do wish that the pan shapes for each color was round or square, and not quite so close together. It was a little difficult to really swipe my eyeshadow brush across one color, without getting a bit of another color on the brush as well.

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-unforgettable-lilac-11Unforgettable Lilac


You’ll want to use eye primer (which I always do anyway, regardless of the brand of eyeshadow). I got the most pigmented results by applying them with a dense brush and layering until the desired color is obtained.

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-emerald-conquest-12Emerald Conquest

Loreal-colour-riche-eye-shadow-emerald-conquest-swatches-13Emerald Conquest swatches

There was ZERO creasing – YAY! – and just a very slight amount of fading by the end of a long day at work and the gym.

Overall, the L’Oreal Colour Riche Ombre Quads are a good value for people looking for multiple colors that pair well together. Grab your favorite on your next drugstore beauty run!

we heartsters – Which L’Oreal Colour Riche Ombre Quad is your drugstore beauty must have?

photos: Stef and Marilyn for we heart this

Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. Marilyn blogs about makeup and fitness over at her blog, Lipgloss and Spandex.
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  • Marilyn

    Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. skin tone: NC25 Skin type: oily, acne-prone Favorite beauty product: eyeshadow


  1. I like them all, but I like Absolute Taupe best! It looks so good on too. I think that one would be the one I”d reach for most. I’ve never given these much thought in store but I think I’ll check them out now!

  2. Ooohhhhh! Treasured Bronze and Rose Gold are gorgeous! How have I not purchased any of these? They look amazing on you!!!

  3. Genevieve says:

    The incredible grey palette looks pretty good to me. I could see it being a staple in a cool toned collection. I think I will get this for my daughter in law -she recently lost her makeup bag and this one would help to replenish her supplies. Lovely colours. Did they wear well? Was the formula easy to use?

  4. Your Incredible Grey look is the most perfect smoky eye ever! I can’t wait to pick up the palette and try it out myself.

  5. Wow! I have every one of these pallets and I used to wear blues.. Only! But I recently have that to a friend that wanted blues.. wish I would’ve kept it now, lol. I wear more nude colors now, but after seeing your looks, I may have to repurchase that blue quad! I love cobalt blue on my waterline, regardless of the eye color. But not for everyday. Thank you for sharing these!

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