L’Oreal Triple Resist Advanced Haircare collection – review and free samples!

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LOreal Triple Resist Advanced Haircare 

Snob (noun) 1. a person who imitates, cultivates, or slavishly admires social superiors.

Hair Care Snob (noun) 1. See Stef Andrews.

I’m not proud of it, but it’s true: I am a hair care snob. Although I often try to open up to drugstore products, so many have failed me that I’ve just come to terms with my snotty status. But, don’t cry for me and my $30 shampoo receipts. Because today I bring you a contender that makes both my hair and wallet happy – it’s L’Oreal Triple Resist.

Before we go anywhere, would you like a free sample of the line? Click here and tell them we heart this sent you! Ok, back to business…

L'Oreal Triple Resist Line

Triple Resist is just one of 5 collections in L’Oreal’s Advanced Haircare lineup. A lineup that had five years of research, holds eight US patents and was tested on 5,000 women; resulting in what they call their “most effective and transforming line ever.” As if that’s not reason enough to be excited for the line, my snobby side doesn’t forget that this is a French company we’re talking about, after all!

The task of the Triple Resist collection is to reduce hair fall-out due to breakage. The main ingredient is concentrated arginine (an amino acid) which attaches to weakened fibers to enhance and protect hair from root to tip. L’Oreal claims when all three products are used together it will leave hair up to 3X stronger. So what are those three products?

L'Oreal Triple Resist shampoo and conditioner

The Triple Resist Reinforcing Shampoo and Conditioner are the first two steps towards stronger hair. They’ve got a delightful smell that’s neither too fruity or too floral. Before I even used them they received giant bonus points from me for having different shaped bottle with their dispensers on opposite ends. Such a plus for my sleepy, dazed-in-the-shower self!

L'Oreal Triple Resist conditioner

I noticed immediately too that they both have a really nice consistency and feel especially silky while I’m using them. I chalk that up to silicones being pretty high on the ingredient list (Dimethicone is the 3rd ingredient in the shampoo, Amodimethicone is the 4th in the conditioner). My hair works well with ‘cones, so I’m pleased.

L'Oreal Triple Resist solution

That silky feeling carries over to when it’s dry. But not without first applying the Triple Resist Ultimate Strength Solution. I expected more of a detangler with this. But one squirt of that applicator and I knew this stuff means business.

L'Oreal Triple Resist solution packaging

Rather than a fine, wimpy spray, this shoots a mighty direct stream to your roots, which you then massage gently with fingers to stimulate micro-circulation (Note to self: do this more often – it feels good!) The Ultimate Strength Solution has the highest level of arginine of the three products. Breakage-prone hair doesn’t stand a chance!

I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks so I can’t attest to any long term effects. But I can tell you this:
• My hair does feel a bit thicker.
• I don’t seem to have quite as many hairs in my brush.
Combine this with it’s pleasant smell and silky feel, and you know what? I just found some drugstore haircare that I really like! We may have to redefine Hair Care Snob…

we heartsters, have you tried any of L’Oreal’s Advanced Haircare line? Don’t forget, click here to get a free sample of the line (tell them we sent you!)

L'Oreal ParislogoGet instant results and lasting transformation with Advanced Haircare Triple Resist from L’Oreal Paris. The triple action power of the formulas with concentrated Arginine reinforces strands and helps hair resist breakage. Change the life of your hair.

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  1. I signed up for samples—I’m in the market for a new shampoo and conditioner. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older than my hair breaks a wee bit more, so I’m all about protecting what I’ve got.

    1. Jinx @krista! I was writing the exact same thing at the same time – lately my hair has been on a mission to break and/or hang out in my combs or on the bathroom floor – I need to fight to keep them on my head!

  2. I’ve got a soft spot for L’Oreal, as they were my first cosmetics love. I spent all my cash in the drugstore on their lipsticks and eye shadows! And I still pick up their products today.

    This shampoo and conditiner sound great – I love a nice drugstore set and I’ve yet to be disappointed by L’Oreal purchase. I’m especially interested in the Ultimate Strength Solution – lately I’ve been otice more hairs in my comb/brush and more breakage. With my fine hair, I need to hold on to all that I’ve got! Will be checking this out (and its space-age dispenser) during my next drugstore run!

  3. I requested a sample too! After numerous bleachings, my hair could use some strengthening. I usually get plenty of nice shampoo and conditioner for free being a blogger, and also from my uncle, who works in a salon, but when I buy hair products for myself, I tend to head to the drugstore! Fragrance is key for me, so I’m excited that this smells good.

  4. I am so NOT a hair product snob–I have like one Keratase mask, and I hoard it like precious diamonds or something. In other words, I am well acquainted with this Loreal line–and it’s really good! It’s made my hair feel softer and stronger for sure. And signed up for free samples–yay!

  5. Totally getting samples of these. I have passed by these way too many times at the drugstore considering this line. I guess this post was a sign :)

  6. Just signed up for my samples, can’t wait to try it. I feel like pregnancy hormones have caused more braking and hair loss so I need to try something new!

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