L’Oreal Visible Lift Color Lift Blush in Rose Gold – Swatches & Reviews

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Drugstore Find: a blush that beautifies and brightens

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blush 

Recently I have been having a love affair with L’Oreal Visible Lift Smooth Absolute Foundation and was excited to begin a new love affair with their latest offering, L’Oreal Visible Lift Color Lift Blushicon.

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blush

L’Oreal is one of my favorite brands for makeup because they tend to improve my skin and instead of just masking problems, they enhance the good points. This latest cream blush from L’Oreal builds color while blending seamlessly and contains pink tourmaline pearls, a brightening mineral, which makes your cheekbones POP.

Seriously, use this, look in a mirror, and say “HELLO!” to your cheekbones. The end result is dewy, never cakey, and naturally gorgeous. L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Color Lift Blush comes in six natural looking shades and I tested out Rose Gold Lift, a rosy pink with golden shimmer.

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blush Rose Gold

L’Oreal Visible Lift Color Lift Blushicon ($12.95) is a cream blush that’s housed in a simple plastic compact with a golden base and a clear lid. It’s definitely the perfect size to squeeze into the smallest of purses.

Only downside: Where’s the mirror? While I can apply cream blush like a pro and don’t require a mirror, cream blush tends to require reapplication through the day and most people would look like they’d joined the circus without a mirror handy. Wah waaaaaah… *sad trombone*

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blush Rose Gold swatch

One of the most natural cream blushes I’ve ever used. If you are into the no-makeup look but require blush, this is for you. The color applies very sheer, so you can build up as much color as you prefer.
Pink tourmaline pearls define cheekbones like nobody’s business.

It pains me that the compact doesn’t contain a mirror. Like, it causes me physical pain.
Staying power isn’t as great as I’d like. I have oilier skin, so I expect to reapply my cream blush at some point during the day, but this lasted only about 2 hours, leaving only a sparkle here and there.

Even with the minor cons, it goes without saying that loving cream blush the way I do, I need to collect all six shades of L’Oreal’s Color Lift Blush. We’re talking, I’m probably going to do a Target run later tonight. Remember, ladies, it’s only a problem if it interferes with your day-to-day life…

we heartsters – Have you tried the wonder that is L’Oreal’s new Visible Lift Color Lift Blush? Did you say “HELLO!” to your cheekbones?


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  1. I’ve been on the hunt for a new cream blush and definitely think this L’Oreal one might be worth the drugstore trip. The color options look great for summer!

  2. PRETTY. I am SUCH a sucker for rose gold anything, even when it doesn’t always look great on me.

    I need a good cream blush again, I’m almost out and I’ve been too lazy to find another one. I’ll have to check this out, even without the mirror!
    And this might be blasphemy, but I prefer my blushes to not have mirrors? I’m almost never without my powder compact, so I always have one on me, and too many products with mirrors just weighs down my makeup bag…can we still be friends, @krista?

  3. @lyssachelle – We can still be friends, but you’re gonna need a time out. Get in the corner! *points to dark and gloomy corner, devoid of sunshine and rainbows*. 15 minutes. I want you to think about what you just said, young lady…

    1. And I thought I was the only one who gave detentions around here!

  4. I too am a sucker for shimmery roses, and this one looks fabulous. I may have to hit the drugstore and try these out. Sometimes I just need a quick little compact to tote around on the go, so I like that these aren’t huge compacts.

  5. That is a seriously pretty shade! A hint of gold shimmer, but not too much and just a gorgeous pink. I’m off to Target tonight and will have to keep an eye out for these. Thanks for enabling my blush addiction @krista!

    1. You’re so cute!

  6. That’s really pretty! I haven’t even considered these blushes before until now. Thank you for the awesome review. and I agree on the mirror thing!

  7. @krista, I had a rose gold blush from Jane Iredale which I loved (and lost). This looks delicious–perfect for my skin!

  8. What a lovely color! I am a huge fan of a natural looking flush for my pale skin. This could really work for me. Yay!!

  9. The mirror debate is a good one. I could care LESS about a mirror in my blush. As long as I ave one in my powder compact, I’m good.

    I was the lucky swatcher of this and not only is it really pretty, it feels kind of cool going on (as in temp). Did you notice that @krista – or am I imagining things again?

  10. The short wear time is such a disappointing…I was looking forward to these but thank you for saving me money! :)

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