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array of makeup products on a tan backgroundSeven Products + Zero Brushes = One Simply Pretty face

Here at we heart this, we are on pins and needles waiting for the final (squee! and sigh…) season of Lost to premiere. We can’t wait to see what answers will finally be revealed this year, but we’re sad to think we only have this final season remaining with a beloved show. In honor of this television tour de force, we’ll have a few Lost-centric posts leading up to the Season Six Premiere next Tuesday.

We’re kicking things off, of course, with a little makeup talk! For a cosmetics obsessed girl, I wear very little makeup in my day-to-day life. I’m the type that can easily look overdone when I wear too much, especially during the day. I’ve always coveted the natural, no-makeup look achieved on Lost. It’s exactly how I hope to appear when I have my daily face on – fresh, awake, polished, with just a touch of color.

After years of reviewing makeup, I’ve found some must-have basics that can help everyone, from novices to pros, achieve that carefree, natural look, in less then 10 minutes (5 once you have a routine down) and without needing a single brush. I rounded up my favorite, easy breezy products and asked friend of wht, Carmen, to model this super fast and super simple look.

smiling brunette woman 1) We started with Tarte’s Smooth Operator with SPF 20. This extremely blendable, oil-free tinted moisturizer gives skin an even, not too matte/not too dewy glow that lasts for hours and never cakes or creases. A non-irritating SPF 20 keeps skin protected, in the city, suburbia or even a jungle island all day long. (Check back for a full review of Smooth Operator soon on wht). Warm a bit of the Smooth Operator in your hands and then apply all over the face and neck – blend well. $36

2) Need a little more coverage in a few problem areas? Benefit’s Erase Paste to the rescue! This little pot of sunshine conceals flaws, brightens under eyes and stays in place all day long. Use a teeny-tiny dab and blend, blend, blend around the areas that need some help – pimples, sunspots, under eyes, red spots, etc. $26

3) Add some color with my second favorite item from the Untamed Collection from Smashbox, the Creamy Cheek Color. Use your ring and middle finger tips to glide this rich, wearable nude-bronze over cheekbones, with a rounded swirl over the apples of cheeks, for a naturally flushed glow. Bonus: the entire Untamed collection can be found at almost half the price on BeautyTicket.com, the Check Color goes for $14.99.

4) I think Benefit has achieved perfection with their Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners! These shadows are richly pigmented, versatile, super flattering on the eye and last all day or night – without creasing. For this look, we went with “Birthday Suit” a soft brushed chrome to add natural warmth to almost any complexion. Use a fingertip to sweep this cream shadow over the lower lids and up to the arch of the eye – add a bit more color in the arch for depth. $19

5) Next, highlight your eyes with my favorite Untamed Collection piece, the Double-Ended Eye Brightener. Take you pick of the pink or gold side and highlight just below the arch of your brows for some added glow. You can also contour your cupid’s bow. This pencil is always useful and flattering and if I ever do get stranded on an island, I hope this pencil washes ashore. Also available at BeautyTicket.com for $13.99

6) Frame your eyes with a coat of long lasting, natural looking mascara. Here, Carmen is wearing one coat of what I call my miracle mascara, Imju Fiberwig. This legendary formula gives long, lush lashes that still look natural because they never clump. Each lash is coated without sticking to each other. And once it dries – you’re set. From rain and snow, through yoga classes and pms crying jags, even if you’re running for your life from a smoke monster, this mascara stays put. Period. $24

7) Finally, add some color and gloss to your lips with wht favorite, Julie Hewett’s Camellia Balm in Rose or Ruby. What more can we say about this soothing, organic, rosy balm with oodles of uses? We truly heart it! A quick coat of Rose gives lips a subtle sheer pink color for the finishing touch. $18

All right, I know all of my fellow normal to oily skinned gals are ready to mutiny since I have not included a powder in this look. I’m offering a compromise and a tip at the same time! Let’s count your daily, travels-in-your-purse, powder as a bonus step. If your skin needs powder to avoid a midday sheen, please add your favorite powder to this guide. But (stick with me here) do not apply ANY powder during your morning routine. Follow steps 1 to 7 and then go about your morning. I may be crazy but I think this allows my makeup to “settle in” a bit (and I swear it lasts longer). Then apply a light dusting of powder just before you face the world/go into your office/classroom. I’ve found most of us apply powder at that time anyway. By leaving out that first application, you lessen the chances of overdoing the powder.

Finally, while I was inspired by Lost in writing this post, the look we gave Carmen would not work on the set of my beloved television show. For starters, shimmers are a big no-no on the island (can’t pull off a makeup-less look with glitter) but, in real life, you want a little shimmer sometimes. When researching this look, I found a number of great interviews with Lost makeup artist, Emily Katz detailing the hurdles onset and the products used while filming in the jungles and on the beaches of Hawaii. For further reading, and all the beauty product dirt check out these posts at Beauty Blogging Junkie and Beauty and the Feast.

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  1. Such a fun post! I watched the “pop-up video” version of the Season 5 finale last night (did you see it–TONS of new clues and confirmations) and I really cannot believe that we’ve now got only 6 days to go until the premiere. So thanks in advance for this series because it will make this week zip on by!

    I think I need that mascara because anything that can stand up to the smoke monster needs a space in my makeup stash, for sure.

    Carmen is gorgeous, btw! You did an excellent job! :)

  2. It’s the simple things that really make a difference! So natural looking. This is a great post and i love the helpful hints and tips! You are looking lovely!

  3. Great tricks of the trade! Super natural. I’ve been wondering about the erase paste. I need to get one of those! Great photo! Totally natural and lovley!

  4. This makes me feel like I need to amp my daily routine UP, since I don’t even use a foundation – just a quick brush-on of mineral powder… Eek! lol I think that Erase Paste sounds amazing since I definitely DO have days where the Bare Minerals just doesn’t cut it for covering up dark circles or breakouts. Great recommendations!!!

  5. Carmen looks– yes!– naturally beautiful. I was especially interested in your take on Benefit’s Erase Paste, a product I’ve been curious about. I’m always excited to find a great new concealer, so thanks!

  6. Now I have to try out the Erase Paste! I love my MAC concealer- it does a great job. But I’m always open to new options. This is a great look!

  7. I love this! I always have a hard time getting a more natural look and I tend to shy away from lots of creamy products because I am one of those normal to oily girls! I will definitely give this a try and restrain my urge to powder until lunchtime! Or, I’ve also used the blot papers, that work well for me at removing midday oil.

    As for Lost, it’s amazing how much you forget when it’s off the air for a few months. I watched the pop up rerun last night and learned a lot more things I didn’t catch the first time around (ex. Jacob physically touching each survivor of flight 815, at some point in their life)! All I can say is I absolutely adore Lost. It has been such a brilliant, beautifully written show, I almost DON’T even want it to start yet, because I don’t want it to end!!! : )

  8. Nice job T, Love your picks! Carmen looks fresh and pretty.

    Spitfire-I hear you. As an oily girl myself, I can tend to be cream shy too. But if you add primers, they’ll last longer. I know that adds extra steps, but I’ll be honest, me and minimal don’t really go in the same sentence. Tyna can pull off this look really well. I’d feel naked!

    Oh, and everyone-Erase Paste is fabulous.

    Can’t wait to try the tarte Smooth Operator. I am a tinted moisturizer connoisseur.

    I watch a few minutes of the pop up Lost last night too, as did Hubby (who kind of half heartily watches).
    3 minutes in he said “Oh..it’s all making sense!” I said “Really?” He said “NO!!!” I’m a fan and I’ve even forgotten what’s going on.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Mattése Elite Lipstick review =-.

  9. I just got hooked on lost over the holidays and I’m going to speed through season 5 after work this week because I just want to know what that crazy Ben Linus is up to!

    Tarte Smoothe Operator was ALWAYS a foundatio I recommended to clients during my tenure at Sephora. SO natural looking, great BUILDABLE coverage.

  10. I am a Lostie through and through! I will be soooo sad for the last episode! What am I gonna do? Can’t wait for the season to start!

  11. Years ago I read an article on what products that they use to achieve Kate’s (Evangeline Lilly) look. I really wish that I could find that article! Darn! But I suppose that this is the next best thing. Thanks! Oh, and I would love to get the scoop on her hair as I have similar hair. But I would love to achieve the awesome factor that she someone gets with her curls.

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