Love Anybody by Loey Lane Review

Love Anybody by Loey Lane Review

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Chafing and Stretch Marks Are Our Summer Targets

I was all kinds of excited when I found out my we heart this assignment was going to be anti-chafing and stretch mark products. I’m not sure that opening statement works when you can’t actually hear the sarcasm of my voice. I mean, I don’t exactly have a thigh gap, and I am definitely in possession of a stretch mark or two, but does everybody need to know?

Truth is, I’m not hiding either. The other truth is, Love AnyBody is a great line and deserves a spotlight. More truth still, don’t be ashamed! Love your body, ANY body.

Love AnyBody is a product line created by body-positive YouTuber/Instagrammer, Loey Lane, an outspoken advocate of all bodies, great and small. It’s time we all get on board with her.

My stretch marks unfortunately appeared in adolescence. I had a growth spurt the summer before ninth grade where (seemingly) overnight I went from a training bra to a DD cup. With that came the most embarrassing stretch marks on my boobs. I didn’t even know what they were. My arms got them, too, as did the back of my knees, likely from the four inches I grew. I didn’t wear shorts, sleeveless shirts or even a bathing suit throughout most of high school.

Stretch marks aren’t only for the large or pregnant among us.

And neither is chafing. Yes, we call it chub rub, but chafing happens to others as well. Wet suits and gym clothes can be both tight and wet-two things chafe loves. Anytime friction happens, so happens the chafe.

So you see, Love AnyBody is really for EVERYbody.

I hadn’t known of Loey before being introduced to these products (where were you in high school, Loey?), but I found her videos to be quite engaging, sharing positive messages of self-love with humor and confidence. Heck, if Loey’s not afraid to bring chafing and stretch marks into the conversation, then neither am I! Okay, my loves (that’s Loey’s catchphrase/line namesake), let’s dish!

Love AnyBody’s products are as follows…

Anti-Chafe Ointment ($8.99) – Slick, cooling ointment made with sunflower oil and olive extract as well as lactic acid, that slides on anyplace friction has rubbed raw.

Anti-chafe Stick ($8.99) – Glide-on stick with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that effortlessly applies anyplace chafing may happen in order to prevent/minimize its occurrence.

Stretch Mark Serum ($10.99) -Light jojoba oil and Vitamin E-based serum to soften the sometimes-painful affects of stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Cream ($10.99) – Soothing cream with Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and Cocoa Butter to improve the texture and tone of stretch marks.

The Anti-Chafe stick is my new best friend. I don’t wear short-shorts anymore, but I love to wear sundresses in the spring and summer. Usually I wear an under garment that extends below my thighs to prevent the dreaded chafing. The anti-chafe stick has freed my thighs! A couple swipes with the deodorant-like stick allows my thighs to pass by each other like ships in the night. Because of this, I haven’t needed the ointment, but it’s on stand-by for that time I know I’ll forget to apply the stick.

As far as the Stretch Mark Cream and Serum go, it should be noted that no product could make stretch marks go away, but the texture can improve, and the color can lighten. My stretch marks, aged 35 years, have long lightened and are less sensitive, but the cream and serum do plump the skin and improve the texture so they are less noticeable.

These are keepers. The cream, in particular, is much more effective than my regular body butters when it comes to improving the appearance of the stretch marks (it’s got to be the Hyaluronic Acid, usually reserved for face creams, that makes the big difference).

I love that Love AnyBody is available at Target and is so reasonably priced. Target is that one place where everyone shops. How appropriate that such an inclusive line would be available at such an inclusive store? Yay.

Now, talk about “all kinds of excited…” we heartsters, I’d love to hear your embarrassing stretch mark and chafing stories in the comments…and how excited you are to try Love AnyBody!

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  1. Okay, so I am going to have to check out the anti-chafe stick…I usually wear bike shorts under my sundresses to avoid any chub rub on my thighs, but when it’s 90+ degrees (It happens in New England–it’s 92 today!), I really hate wearing those stupid shorts under a dress. The things we as women have to worry about…*sigh*

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