Lubatti – another Malone wows us!

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Our review of the Lubatti Bath and Body collection

The Lubatti Bath And Body Collection photo: we heart this

How often does a skin and body line come along with a story that grabs you like a great beach novel, the kind you just can’t put down?  I can only think of one; Lubatti, a London-based newcomer with a history and a product line that has me positively spellbound.

Lubatti‘s products are created using the secret recipes of Madame Lubatti, a skincare expert and homeopath who set up shop in London in the 1920s.  Madame Lubatti hand-mixed creams and lotions in her stylish apartment, and had an impressive list of celebrity clients ranging from movie star Vivien Leigh to Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.

Add to this intriguing backstory, the Malone women and their passion for skincare.  Mother Eileen was a London society facialist in the 1960s and 1970s.  She trained and worked with Madame Lubatti, and eventually inherited Lubatti’s trove of secret recipes.  Eileen’s daughter Jo Malone (yes, THE Jo Malone!) achieved early worldwide fame for her eponymous line of scents, bath and body products.  Tracey Malone, Jo’s sister, grew up watching her mother and Madame Lubatti in action, and learned over time to hand-mix their creams and build upon them.  Tracey has spent the last 20 years honing the power of these concoctions on her own celebrity clientele.

For decades, only a Hollywood star or an English royal could experience the secret recipes.  But now, Tracey Malone has launched Lubatti, and we can all feel a little stellar!

Closer look of The Lubatti Bath And Body Collection

I tested Lubatti’s Dreamy Night Cream ($52), infused with Mango & Avocado, and right from the start, I was charmed and impressed and can easily see why this is their most popular product.  The packaging sets the mood with gorgeous botanical graphics; covered with layered photos and illustrations in a variety of techniques.  Even the cream itself looks extra thick and white.  I don’t usually like scented facial products, but Dreamy has such a light, fruity, natural scent, it just added to my happiness.  The cream is super rich, and I wondered if it would be greasy or lead to breakouts.  This was not the case; the cream disappeared into my skin quickly in the most soothing manner.  And as promised, I awoke the next morning feeling soft and silky-smooth.  Dreamy is an intensive night cream that feels natural and pampering.  It couldn’t be lovelier!

We received a range from Lubatti Collection to review/fall in love with, including:

Luxurious Hand Cream ($25) with Vitamin E & Calendula, a treatment that moisturizes and hydrates while absorbing quickly.

Sparkling Eye Gel ($43) with Green Tea Extract & Aloe Vera, which doesn’t just nourish the delicate eye area, but calms redness and reduces puffiness.

Pure Indulgence Bath Oil ($37) available in a range of scrumptious-sounding scents, such as Bergamot & Grapefruit, Tuberose & Mimosa, Wild Violet, and Scented Rose.

Check the comments to see if the wht review team is as starstruck as I over this truly special new line.

You can buy Lubatti direct from their website or from Unique Luxe (who offer free worldwide shipping). And, here’s a currency calculator to help convert those pesky pounds.

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. l love the packaging! These Lubatti products just look beautiful and rich. The bath oil sounds amazing…Bergamot and Grapefruit? Wow.

  2. Oh wow! I agree with @jpal, I love the packaging as well! It’s like a mixture of modern and vintage kind of look with the title and the faded/sepia/b&w flowers in the background!

    And I’m impressed by the light scents =) I can’t stand heavy scents for creams/lotions/bath&body items =O

  3. This line looks delish! I too love the classy packaging.
    @turboterp, thank you for the great post. I am intrigued by the light scents.
    Who knew Jo Malone came from a long line of beauty mavens!?

  4. This line sounds insane!! It has such an amazing pedigree. And the packaging looks so sexy and mysterious! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these amazing products. Great review!

  5. Well, isn’t it nice to know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the world of great skin care and amazing fragrances? It was a nice surprise to learn that Tracey Malone is Jo Malone’s sister. Everyone knows our great LOVE of her line! Talk about a family of star studded talent. What a cool discovery! Ms. Tracey has her niche too! I received Lubatti’s Pure Indulgence Bath Oil, infused with Scented Rose. I have to admit that I used this product prior to my knowledge of the family background. In a way, I’m glad because her Pure Indulgence Bath Oil proved its greatness all on its own! I love Rose! It’s too bad it sometimes gets a bad rap from a few people. This is just lovely, its fragrance is beyond captivating and I get more complements than I can count- mostly from our male friends! LOL! Let’s just say it’s not your old lady rose, at all! I absolutely love the gorgeous packaging.. It just screams elegance and looks so feminine to me. I normally don’t take the time for a relaxing baths but found myself quickly preparing one for this! I got the hot water going in the tub and poured a couple caps of this oil into the running water, I had to get my butt in there and once I did, I just melted into the most milky and creamy bath of delight. My skin drank up every drop of the amazing rose bath oil and it (my skin) thanked me for it all day long. I really noticed that my skin felt softer and suppler longer. This special blend of bath oil is no mere everyday bath oil! It has the amazing Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E- no wonder my skin was so happy! Thank you for this amazing treat! I gladly give Labatti’s bath oil five stars! *****
    PS. I’m dying to try Lubatti’s Dreamy Night Cream sounds dreamy!

  6. In case it wasn’t obvious, Lubatti gets a solid 5 stars from me! I’ve grown to love the Dreamy Night Cream even more since I wrote this post. I swear I have sweet dreams when I’m using it!

  7. great reviews everyone. I love how you wht reviews the prettiest packaged items :)

  8. Great review, @turboterp! As everyone else said, the packaging of this products is absolutely exquisite. What a delicious line, and the backstory is wonderful as well!

  9. Great review @turboterp – love the family history! I too am an avid Jo Malone follower, so it’s nice to see the whole family has these talents. Every one of these products sounds great, but I may just have to try the hand cream and/or the Tuberose and Mimosa Bath Oil.

  10. Choosing an item to test from the selection of Lubatti items we received was no small feat! From the beautiful packaging to the delicious sounding ingredients, they fought for my attention. But when I spied the Luxurious Hand Cream with Vitamin E & Calendula, I knew I found the one.

    Although Vitamin E is no slouch, I am a fool for Calendula (and if you’ve been around here for awhile, you know I talk about it every chance I get). I’d bath in it if I could. It heals like no other herb I’ve ever known. So the idea of this going to town on dry, cracked hands sound heavenly to me. Guess what? It is!

    This smells amazing, light and fresh and not too floraly. The formula is light enough to not feel greasy, but heavy enough to not disappear immediately and make you wonder if you just applied hand cream or not (don’t you hate that?) And the calendula feels smoothing, like only it can.

    If my tube was bigger than 2.5 oz I’d be applying this on other body parts as well. But I’m doling this out like gold, trying to hang on to it until the col months when my hands will REALLY need it.

    5 stars, I only wish it were easier for us to get in the states. But surely, it can’t be long till the whole world knows the joy of Lubatti!

  11. oooooo…I loved the Wild Violet. I was suprised that it didn’t have any overt floral scent, and this was the happiest surprise of all. Florals can go so wrong for me, very wrong. Yet again, florals can go very right. There’s just no middle ground. For me, this product was light and neutrally scented, its moisture quickly absorbing and not too rich.
    Beyond all that good stuff, the packaging is beautiful and looks lovely amongst all my jars and bottles of beauty products.
    5 stars

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