Lubatti Anti-Age Wonderlip review

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Introducing the first anti-aging product from the elegant and ageless Lubatti brand

Lubatti Anti-Age Wonderlipphotos: we heart this

There is that which one notices first when catching a glimpse of a Lubatti product: the elegant packaging rife with glorious pen and ink drawings of flora in its natural splendor. Here one will find something beautiful and timeless; the package doesn’t say it, but it tells us nonetheless, like pages of a beloved old sketchbook.

Lubatti, the company, was born of Jazz Age romance and sensuality, and today they make lips a priority in their classic quest for beauty. Welcome Anti-age Wonderlip.

Closer look of Lubatti Anti-Age Wonderlip

Based on the heretofore-secret alchemy of London Society’s famous early twentieth century homeopath, Madame Lubatti, the Lubatti Collection wants to pamper the face and body…and make it look younger, too. Madame Lubatti created potions, lotions and crèmes in an elegant London Apartment in the 1920’s; her clients were Royalty and celebrities.

Madame Lubatti was elegant as well — think Coco Chanel — with her black dresses and red, red lips. Were she with us today she would no doubt add some of today’s new tricks to her classic potions to make her red, red pucker — as well as her celebrated clients’ puckers — as smooth and ageless as could be.

Anti-age Wonderlip mixes old with new: Beeswax sits side by side with Hyaluronic Acid and Dimethicone (silicone oil) to create a perfectly plump pout. Hyaluronic Acid Complex is found in many high-end moisturizers and serums because it is a naturally occurring lubricator found within the body.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen give the structure and plumpness to our lips. The acid binds water molecules, keeping the surrounding tissue nourished, healthy and protected from the environment. Dimethicone, a silicone, fills lines immediately on the surface, while also creating a barrier to the environment that allows the hyaluronic acid to do its work more effectively.

Lubatti Anti-Age Wonderlip swatch

Wonderlip is a wonderful combination of immediate gratification along with gradual improvement. Application is easy with the slant tip and a little goes a long way.

The treatment is white and creamy but absorbs invisibly on the lip surface. The ultra-smoothness of the silicone is immediately identifiable, though it doesn’t seem to have an overt petroleum scent like many other products of this sort. As soon as the product dries (which is a couple of minutes) lips appear smoother and perfectly primed for color.

Directions suggest using this product three times a day for best results (I tried, but couldn’t manage this…perhaps obsessive lip balm users — I know you’re out there — would be better at this). My lips are already fairly plump but the added moisture (and the pristine surface) certainly made them appear fuller over time.

This is not a substitute for injections or stinging glosses; the effect is subtler. How apropos that this is from a company that harkens to another time, when subtlety of beauty was prized and its promise exalted?

“Her body calculated to a millimeter to suggest a bud yet guarantee a flower.” F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Smooth, easy application
Fantastic primer for lip color
Lips do immediately appear healthy, smooth and full
Over time lips are softer and slightly plumper
Those with dry, chapped lips should love the moisture seal
Scent free

Product does take a few minutes to dry
People with silicone sensitivities shouldn’t try this
It tends to feel as though your lips can’t “breathe”
The effect is not a profound change in plumpness, but rather that of your younger self (hmm…is this a con?)
Expensive (£29, about $45)

Ladies – have your buds blossomed to a burgeoning flower with Lubatti Anti-age Wonderlip?

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  1. Wow, that packaging really reminds me of Juara…

    Anyway, this product sounds very interesting. I’m a huge proponent of lip products with SPF! The price tag is a bit steep though. Does it smell or taste of sunscreen?

    1. To me, the product is virtually scent and taste-free. The tube itself has more scent than the product. I think I was most surprised at how long-lasting the primer is; it doesn’t slide off as you may expect a product with silicone to do. Smooth lips instantly appear fuller. This may not be a necessity for me but I do love it!

  2. I fell in love with Lubatti’s products and story while testing them in the past. Wonderlip is a must-buy for me! Great review, @sherrishera !

  3. Wonderlip hasn’t left my bedside table sine it’s arrival, and I have a feeling the table won’t be without it again. I LOVE this product. It makes my lips feel incredible. Smooth beyond belief. It’s got a thick (but billowy) texture, like your applying a cream to them, Which I guess you kind of are. It’s way more cream than balm. It fills in lines and makes your lips feel very lush and yes, fuller. I apply it very liberally before bed (way outside of the lines!) And now it’s just a part of my night time ritual: RevitaLash, serum or moisturizer, eye cream, Wonderlip, hand and foot cream. Yep, it takes me a long time to get ready for bed! But this is well worth the extra step.

    Love, love, LOVE. 5 stars, even though $45 is a big ouch…

  4. I’ve been using my Lubatti Wonderlip for a good month or two and absolutely love it! Like @stef mentioned, it feels almost billowy on the lips and adds an instand plumpness to them without any stinging or itchiness. In fact, this ‘balm’ is super soothing and makes my lips feel nourished and creamy.

    I love that it is scent and flavor free – in general I don’t like flavored lip products, so this is a big plus for me. I use it all day as a go-to lipbalm and my lips are looking better (are they slightly plumper? I think so – and definitely a little less line-y). It’s great on it’s own for a little bit of shine and moisture and can also be worn over any colored lip product. The UVA/UVB protection is just a big old bonus.

    A five star product, but I’m taking one star off for the $45 price tag – that’s a bit steep for one lip product – even one as wondrous as this!

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