LUSH Charity Pot and Creme Anglaise body lotions - photos & review

LUSH Charity Pot and Creme Anglaise body lotions – photos & review

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heavenly scented creams by the bucket

LUSH body lotion 

When I received a LUSH gift card for my birthday, what at first seemed like a dream gift became a little bit of a nightmare when I couldn’t decide what to buy. I must have spent an hour in the wonderland of pampering that is LUSH, a tiny space jam-packed with tempting goodies, before I made my reluctant choices.

This will never happen again. My LUSH indecision is over because I’ve tested two moisturizing body lotions, and I love both so much, they’ve become my official favorite LUSH products.

LUSH Charity Pot lotion

LUSH Charity Pot label

The first cream I tried, Charity Pot moisturizer ($22.95, 7.9 oz.), is a scrumptiously appealing pudding of a lotion that – goofy as it sounds – is truly created with love in every dollop. The concept is simple: every single penny of the purchase price (except for evil sales tax, of course) goes to support grassroots organizations around the world.

LUSH Charity Pot ingredients

I would love Charity Pot for its pure heart alone, but the body lotion itself rocks! It’s a light, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter base lightly scented with ylang ylang floral fragrance. Charity Pot absorbs easily, giving the perfect level of moisture for every day, and I can’t get enough of it!

LUSH Charity Pot lotion


I’ll be reaching the bottom of the tub quickly, but just in case, each LUSH product is marked with the date of its creation (and its creator!) as well as an expiration date. It’s these little touches that make LUSH fanatics so true-blue to the company and their products.

Lush Creme Anglaise

If Charity Pot is the best everyday lotion you’ll ever find, the second lotion I tested, Crème Anglaise ($46.95, 7.9 oz.), goes way beyond basic. Don’t let the standard LUSH packaging fool you – there is serious pampering in that black plastic tub.

Lush Creme Anglaise ingredients

Precious ingredients like sweet orange oil, natural butters, and vanilla are blended into an almond/coconut oil base, then infused with saffron (the world’s most expensive spice – it takes 150-170 flowers to get just one gram!).

Stef here: I must butt in and add that unlike many products that boast fancy/expensive ingredients that fall super low on the ingredients list (meaning, they have very little actually used), saffron infusion is the SECOND ingredient in Crème Anglaise! Stef drops mike…

The rich, golden lotion smells just like Creme Brulee (which, of course, smells just like Crème Anglaise, its namesake) and feels truly luxurious on the skin. A little pricey as far as LUSH products go, but it’s so rich that a little goes a long way, and oh, how amazingly soft my skin feels!

Lush Creme Anglaise lotion

Like everything at LUSH, both lotions are handcrafted from the finest fresh, natural ingredients and safe synthetics
Charity Pot’s price benefits worthy organizations
Crème Anglaise makes skin feel like silk and the warm vanilla scent is irresistible
LUSH is a cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly company in every possible way

Might ruin you for ordinary body lotion — both are that nice!

After trying these two pots of loveliness, I believe that LUSH is everything a skincare company should strive to be: unique, relevant, socially conscious, and dependable. Don’t ask me to decide between these creams, though. They’re both desert island choices as far as I’m concerned.

we heartsters – if you received a LUSH gift card, what would you spend it on?

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14 thoughts on “LUSH Charity Pot and Creme Anglaise body lotions – photos & review”

  1. Well, you got me back for making you drool over Philip Lim, because I’m doing the same over these lotions! It would be really hard to narrow down what I’d get with a gift card, but beside the Creme Anglaise, I’d go for the Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie and some Toothy Tabs–there’s a wasabi and peppermint flavor!

  2. I looooooooove LUSH. I want to have a bathroom that is continually restocked with EVERY. SINGLE. LUSH product (except their eyemakeup which made my eyelids all weird…) I especially love their bath bombs, charcoal face soap, solid shampoos, Lustre dust, and Dirty soap and fragrance. I love their philosophy, and that all of their products are good and also FUN.

  3. Oh Lush, how I love thee!

    I can’t wait to check out the Creme Anglaise! I’m a big fan of their Dream Cream, and this sounds even better!

    If a Lush gc fell into my lap, I would blow that baby on that Popcorn Lip Scrub I’ve been dying to try, some Coalface, Honey I Washed the Kids soap, and some solid shampoo & conditioner bars. They are awesome for traveling!

  4. Lush makes fantastic products!! It can get pricey at times but the quality is just outstanding. And in my opinion you can’t beat knowing that this is a company that has excellent business practices. It makes paying more not hurt quite as much.

  5. Crème Anglaise is one of the most delicious smelling lotions I’ve ever used. And it lingers! Hours later I still get wafts of that delicious vanilla on my skin. I’m kind of obsessed with saffron too, so this was a no brainer for me. It’s going to be an ouch of a purchase, but I will absolutely buy this when my tub runs out.

    A friend of mine was recently in Hawaii and got a killer sunburn that Charity Pot SAVED her from. She said prior to it, she was in so much pain. And after that cocoa luxury, she felt fine. This has an amazing scent too. Like chocolate and white blossoms.

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