M Lab Sonic Tensor Eye Serum review

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Being both a science geek and a beauty product junkie, I was pretty much ecstatic when I found out I’d be testing a product from M Lab. We’ve made no secret about how much we heart M Lab, in fact, they made Stef’s top ten products list of 2010.

M Lab, or Milbar Laboratories, is known as the company who gives their research scientists an uncapped budget to develop an elite line of products, all with an extraordinarily high percentage of clinically active ingredients targeting every sign of aging. They have shared with us one of their new products, the Sonic Tensor Eye Serum.

Formulated with a whopping 72% active ingredients and 11 patented technologies, this powerhouse of a serum targets puffy eyes and dark circles in the short-term, and wrinkles and crows feet in the long-term. This serum is, as all M Lab products are, allergy-free and irritation-free, and it’s for all skin types.

It’s also packed full of peptides and antioxidants – I actually counted 59 ingredients in it – all legitimized by my cosmetic ingredients dictionary (yes, I check my dictionary – like I said, science geek!)

Sonic Tensor Eye Serum ($95) boasts that you will get results in the blink of an eye with its concentrated peptides and corrective skin tighteners (hence the name tensor) to rapidly smooth skin, and visibly lift, firm, and brighten, and improve appearance of fine lines.

Sonic Tensor is to be sparingly patted on with the ring finger (to use the slightest pressure possible on this thinnest skin of the body), under the eye and all the way around in a circle up to the brow bone. Sparingly means don’t depress the pump all the way – I find I only need maybe a quarter of a pump – even half a pump gives too much product.

Since it’s a serum, it should be left alone to do its magic for awhile, I’d say 5 to 10 minutes should do the trick. I have worn it alone, but it’s a bit sticky feeling, so if you need some moisture you’re going to want to reach for some cream next.

The good part? It immediately makes the eyes brighter with light reflectors in it, and within minutes seems to fill in some lines and slightly tighten up the bags.

On two occasions, I tried the one-eye test (science geek!) on myself and my husband (who has LOTS more wrinkles and bags than I do, of course!) Both times we noticed on each other that they eye with the serum did look just a little better – smoother and brighter.

The real test of the Sonic Tensor Eye Serum is in the long-term. I’ve been using it now for a solid five weeks, and I undoubtedly have smoother skin around my eyes – below and my crow’s feet. I don’t have major sagging or wrinkles yet, but enough to noticeably see the difference before and after. They are not completely gone after five weeks of course, but they are starting to look better. When this review posts, I’ll look forward to updating the results even further.

Immediate brightening, tightening, and smoothing to skin around eyes.
Long term smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.
No white gunk to harshly rub in, like many under eye products.
Generous 15 ml will last a long time when used sparingly.

It’s pricey at $95.
It feels a little sticky when first applied.

we heartsters, review team and science nerds – share your results from M Lab’s Sonic Tensor Eye Serum!

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  1. I’m finding that I need a good eye serum more and more as I venture further into my 30’s. This one sounds effective and from a brand like M Lab, I may have to make the splurge! Great review Mel!

  2. M Lab is my absolute favorite skincare line of all-time, and I read your review with rapt attention, @melinda ! Their products are worth every cent, and I will be investing in this serum for sure!

    Ha, I loved your “one eye” test, too! Great post!

  3. Sonic Tensor Eye Serum has been getting a lot of buzz lately and now I see why! I love a good eye serum.. Every women needs to pay attention to this area starting as early as her 20’s! I’ll be looking into this product. Great post @melinda!

  4. This serum is definitely worth the extra look ladies – you’re right! It’s been a few months now I’ve been using it, and my entire eye area has never looked better. The only thing I could take just a half star off for is the sticky feeling – but I don’t even feel right taking a whole star for that, because all serums I’ve tested are pretty sticky, by nature. I’m just not a big fan of the feeling. Another half star I’d minus for the cost. Now I am not one to mind paying good money for a superior product – and this is quite a bit less expensive than other products from this line. Because it’s packed full of quality active ingredients, I think they have a right to charge for it, I just don’t know how often I’ll be able to afford it. So, I have to go 4 stars, but it is the best eye serum I’ve ever tried for sure!

  5. There’s just something that I really adore about M Lab packaging. It’s so minimalist, austere, and sleek. Really classy!

  6. M Lab sounds like one of those companies that I could get addicted to easily. You should post another comment on this in 6 months to let us know how the long term affects are working!

  7. Ok, can I just say how perfect it is that we have a science teacher as a tester? Thanks for this fabulous review @melinda

    I’m joining in on the M Lab love fest. This line is so impressive, from the sleek test lab look of the products, to the impressive list of active ingredients, it’s just one of the lines that makes me go “ooh”. And luckily, the products live up to the “ooh”!

    The eye serum was pretty much the dream testing assignment for me, as I love a good serum. And one specifically targeted for my eyes? I’m all over it.

    The bottle is small, and yes – the price tag large. But you only need a tiny bit for each eye. I don’t even dispense the pump the whole way down. So I’ve been using this for 2 months and it’s still going strong (though, since the bottle is black it’s hard to tell how much is left. I keep bracing myself for the day the I push down on the pump and nothing comes out, sniff.)

    It has a thick consistency to it, slightly sticky which is slightly off putting at first (their face serum is the fast way). But I’ve grown to like it because that stickiness seems to make the product “stick” around on your face longer. Rather then instantly absorbing in to your skin, it remains on your face a bit longer. I only use it at night, so that’s not a problem.

    But does it work? YES. My eyes look smoother and def. more firm. And this is during a time that I have been getting less sleep then usually and have been more stressed. So instead of my eyes looking worse, they’ve been looking better. Yay M Lab!

    5 stars from me. Love the line, love the product – and it is absolutely worth the splurge.

  8. I wish it didn’t cost $95/bottle. My husband actually has chronic dark circles around his eyes. We’re looking into ways to treat it.

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