MAC All About Orange – swatches and review

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Orange you glad there’s still time to check out this collection starring the hottest shade of the season?

MAC All About Orange 

If you are scratching your head and thinking, “Didn’t MAC already have an orange collection this year?” you’d be right. It’s a very trendy color right now, especially for summer. “That orange’s so hot right now.” (Imagine I said that like Mugatu from Zoolander).

The 2013 MAC Orange Collection: Part One, also known as the Hayley Williams collection, featured one each of orange eye shadow, orange lipstick and orange nail polish in vibrant shades that were not for the faint of heart. However, the All About Orange collection has shades of orange that will please everyone, and a wider array of products.

MAC All About Orange look

Even if you aren’t obsessed with orange, you’ll be pleased with pastels, surprised by sheers, perked up with peach, and contented with coral. As you can see in the image above, this is a very flattering collection with a few colors to make everyone happy!

MAC All About Orange

The All About Orange collection features seven lipsticks, three Cremesheen Glass, four powder blushes, five nail lacquers in various orangey hues, and one beautifully smokey eyeshadow quad to complete the look. The packaging is all standard MAC black packaging. It’s simple, elegant and practical.

MAC All About Orange Razzledazzler

We got a look at two of these Limited Edition lipsticks:

Razzledazzler – light cream peach (lustre). I would describe it as a pretty, cool toned milky medium peach shade. It’s not too light/mod, which is nice.

Sweet & Sour – soft peach cream (cremesheen). This is very similar to Razzledazzler, just a bit lighter and more vibrant.

MAC All About Orange Double Happiness

As well as one sweet lipgloss:

Double Happiness Cremesheen Glass – frosted light peach-nude with fine silver shimmer.

MAC Double Happiness swatch

Double Happiness is incredibly sheer with just a hint of shimmer.

MAC All About Orange Sweet & Sour swatchRazzledazzler, Sweet & Sour, Double Happiness

We also were able to lay our hands on what many consider the star of the collection, the Rainy Season eyeshadow quad. As expected with a name like that, this quad features four pretty shades of grey for your pleasure.

MAC Rainy Season palette

Rainy Season – lightly shimmered warm cement gray frost (satin). Medium pigmentation.

Arctic Grey – frosted mid-tone silver gray (lustre). A sheer wash of shimmer.

Courtly Grey – matte cool dove gray (matte). A bit light and okay pigmentation. Good for blending out Typographic.

Typographic – asphalt black (matte). A slightly chalky carbon black.

MAC Rainy Season swatch

This quad gives you all you could ask for in neutral shades of soft grey – perfect for creating a sultry, smokey eye to play against vivid orange lips (and soft pink lips too!)

MAC Rainy Season lookSee what I mean?

Finally, we received one of five orange-y nail lacquers:

MAC Ke Ai nail lacquer

Ke Ai – soft pink frost (frost).

MAC Ke Ai nail lacquer

This nail lacquer is super pretty, but very, very, very sheer. Even with four coats, it doesn’t quite look like it does on the bottle.

While a second orange collection seemed repetitive, this one is much better for the average woman. It doesn’t scream, “I’m wearing orange on my face!” It’s subtle, and pretty.

we heartsters – are you wearing the ‘it’ shade (orange!) of summer?

product photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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MAC All About Orange
Razzledazzler – light cream peach (lustre)
Sweet & Sour – soft peach cream (cremesheen)
Tangerine – Dream warm orange cream (lustre)
Flamingo – light milky bright coral (lustre)
Sushi Kiss – mid-tone coral cream (satin)
Tart & Trendy – bright neutral orange cream (lustre)
Neon Orange – bright clean orange (amplified)
$15.00 US/$18.00 CDN

Cremesheen Glass
Double Happiness frosted light nude (cremesheen)
Imperial Light frosted light peach (cremesheen)
Rising Sun frosted bright orange (cremesheen)
SRP $20.00 US/$23.00 CDN

Eye Shadow X 4
Rainy Season
Arctic Grey – frosted mid-tone gray (lustre)
Courtly Grey – matte cool gray (matte)
Typographic – asphalt black (matte)
Rainy Season – light warm gray frost (satin)
$40.00 US/$47.50 CDN

Powder Blush
Honey Jasmine – soft warm coral (satin)
Royal Sunset – soft cool peach (satin)
Immortal Flower – bright peach (satin)
$21.00 US/$25.00 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Ke Ai – soft pink frost (frost)
Sweet Pop – peach cream (cream)
Fiestaware – mid-tone orange coral (cream)
Morange – bright cream orange (cream)
$16.00 US/$19.00 CDN


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  1. Your smokey eyes are killer @lipglossandspandex! What a cool palette…definitely something refreshing from MAC. I like this collection, especially the lipsticks, but I’m not sure if they may be too light for my slightly pigmented lips. I love the Orange kick they have going on though!

  2. I tried the Sweet & Sour lipstick and soft peach cream is a great description for it. It went on a little bit brighter than I anticipated, so on my second try, I opted to dab it on and blend with my finger, which produced a more subtle look. The MAC formula is great on lips though—didn’t bleed onto my skin, which is always a concern with bright lip color!

  3. This is such a pretty look on you @lipglossandspandex
    I love grey paired with orange. And it’s nice to remember that orange comes in many hues. I always tend to go straight to safety cone, but orange sherbet is really pretty too!

    1. Funny you said orange sherbet, @stef — this collection is making me crave a creamsicle!

      These pastel orange shades are really appealing, and wow, @lipglossandspandex , your smokey eye look is gorgeous!

  4. I want t creamsicle now too! These look very pretty on Ms. @lipglossandspandex. Those smokey eyes are super nice! I’m glad orange is still hot.. Why not, it’s just looks great with a tan or not! I’ve been getting better at wearing corals and oranges in general.. it’s been fun! I wish the nail polish didn’t’ take so many coats to cover, I really have a thing about that.. boo to streaky looking nails.. It should take no more then two..

  5. @lipglossandspandex – Excellent rundown on this collection. I am a little apprehensive about wearing orange except in clothing. You make this so approachable. I also love that eye palette.

  6. I love the palette, perfect smokey eye all in one palette. I have been afraid of orange lipsticks in the past but these look beautiful!

  7. The smokey palette is good for any time of year, although it does take a bit more blending than some palettes, I really like how the look turned out.

    @mandabear–I was worried that the lipstick would be too light on me, but it’s quite nice, especially with a little gloss on it!

  8. Just like Stef is the manicure maven…@lipglossandspandex, you are the smokey eye siren! Wow! beautiful job!
    I love the cooler gray hues paired with the ever summery oranges- great collection!

  9. I like Razzledazzler, if only for the name. I’m currently sitting in my living room saying it over and over again…using the voice of Bill Cosby. My husband wants me to stop, but I cannot…and now I want pudding pops…

    1. LOL! With the lipstick, and the formula and the Razzledazzler….

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